The Freebie Round-Up #35

t1h9farIf you’re following my journey on being part of a launching team and reviewing some new books, I’m down to one which is the book of William Boekestein The Future of Everything. I haven’t wrote the review because of I haven’t finished the book, I posted a new book review this time by Flip Michaels titled Five Half Truths. He has no launch team for that book but I post some of the book’s quotes on my social media account and collected them here on this post. Also I started reading Simonetta Carr’s latest book Broken Pieces and The God that Mends Them. Posted some quotes from that book. Last will be Surprised by Paradox by Jen Ollock Michel which will be release on May 14, 2019. So eager to read her book.

Anyways, here’s a new batch of freebies that you can use personally or a resource for the church. If you’re new to this or miss out some freebies, check some previous freebie round-up at the end of this post.



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FREE Bootcamp Guides – These Bootcamp Guides from Blueprint Church are great addition for your church discipleship program. Download the Leaders and Participant guides for free.

FREE e-booklet “Basic Bible Skills” – Need help in your study of Scripture? Check this freebie offer from Knowable Word.


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FREE music resource from Brainerd Baptist Church – This resource page caters two free music resources and if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll be updated to new resources.  

FREE teaching notes and slides from Greg Strand – Waterdam Church makes Stay Sharp 2019 by Greg Strand available for free download. It tackles the doctrine of human condition.


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FREE e-book “A Glorious New Passover Exodus” by John Dunn – A great resource on the redemptive history that tackles the New Covenant as the New Exodus. Christ My Covenant website offers this book for free.


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FREE course from Tim Lane  – Enroll to this free course, Give Us, Today Our Daily Bread that explores the Lord’s prayer and apply it to your Christian life.


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FREE e-book “Sipping on Saltwater” by Steve Hoppe– The Good Book offers this e-book that helps you understand idolatry and how it affects believers.  Get it free by signing up to their newsletter.

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