Comicbook Review: “Samson: Rise” (Daryl Peninton and M. J. Baker)

Summary: This a gritty and dark re-telling of Samson’s life from Judges. As he was locked in a dungeon, he looks back to his life as a judge of Israel. He tells his rise and fall. On his final moments as the Philistines drag him to a party to be mocked, he asked God one last thing.

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Comicbook Review: “Dominion: Chapter 2” (Barron R. Bell)

(This is the review for issue two of the ongoing comicbook series by Terminus Media titled Dominion. You can read my review of the premier issue going to this link.)

Summary: As the kingdom of Saul starts to crumble, Prince Jonathan and Princess Michal, unknown to the king, goes into missions that will spark some hope for Dominion and will prove themselves to the king. But as they go further into their respective missions, things seems are not going to their favor.

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