5 Essential Things to Prepare Before Sunday Service


Preparing for Sunday should be the top priority of all Christians. So before Sunday morning comes, you must prepare these 5 things:

  1. Bible- the Christians weapon and most important thing to bring to church.
  2. Notebook and pen- to jot down important lessons of the sermon.
  3. Clothes- prepare your Sunday dresses so you won’t go into frenzy come Sunday morning.  Take it out of the closet. Iron it. Also include hanky, underwear, socks and towel.
  4. Offerings or tithe- separate it in your wallet or purse.
  5. Your heart- Your prayer to God should be for your heart to be tender in receiving His Word.  Pray it to be spiritually open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and ask the full control of God for you to put it in action.

Do have anything to add? I love to hear your comments.

Used Book Finds: Children’s Ministry Magazine, Group Magazine and Youth Worker Journal

Underneath the BookSale rummage, you can find Christian gold.  Relentless in searching something useful for the ministry I decided to check the back issues magazine rack. Behind Vogue, Cosmo, Vanity Fair and those Men’s magazine you can unravel Christian magazines. I have discovered Children’s Ministry Magazine, Group Magazine and Youth Worker Journal, Christian magazines for youth and children’s ministry. Although I don’t agree to all its content, some articles are biblically useful for pastors, workers and others who are involved in ministering kids and youth. BookSale price these magazines from 75-10 Php. Please try finding them. They are worth the digging…