4 Ways to Serve God with a Thankful Heart

wmzimcpPsalms 116 gives us more than reasons why God is good. It also shows us how, knowing God is good, to pay it forward. The last part of the psalm presents ways to serve God (and eventually others) with a thankful heart. Here are four of them that David did and we should follow these examples.

Acknowledge God’s mercy in our salvation (v. 13) – This is the first step in serving God thankfully. Like the cup people raised in special occasions, we uphold gratitude towards God by remembering His saving grace toward us undeserving sinners. Think about how God planned your salvation way back before the foundations of the world.  Then look at the extend God had done to His Son Jesus for you to be saved. Acknowledging God’s salvation to you might be enough to cultivate a heart brimful of thanksgiving and moving you to serve. Keep that tucked in your heart every time you serve Him.

Consider our commitment and plans for God (vs. 14 & 18)- What are your commitments to God? Do you set plans, ambitions or goals for God? Paying vows is like that. Not only will it challenge your faith to step to the next level but it will make your maturity grow. As vows committed in the Bible takes matured people to think of it and accomplish it, so will you if you seek to consider it. Of course you do pray, worship, read the Bible and share the gospel, having plans for God is intentionally setting aside something that will glorify Him. We look at our lives we plan and set goals for that vacation, that car or our children’s future. Can we do that to God too?

Have a continuous dependence to God (vs. 13 & 17) – If you look closely at the two verses, you can see that phrase “and call upon the name of the Lord” was mentioned twice. This is not just a prayer of supplication but it shows David’s continuous dependence with God.   Do you continue to ask God to help you? You should because He is glorified in our constant asking. The more we ask the more we grow in dependence to God. And that’s already service to God! Will you consistently seek Him in your journey to this life?

Put your involvement with God in public (vs. 18 & 19) – God had shown you the ultimate “public display of affection” through Christ hanging in the cross. Now it’s our turn to show another ultimate PDA. It’s living the life God intended for you to reflect His glory.   It starts by going to church. Show how you want to serve Him by listening, praising, praying and worshiping Him, with fellow believers in the church. As you root yourself in the presence of the believers and God, eventually your “publicness” with God will eventually flow to your family, work and other parts of your life.  As Matthew 5: 14- 16 puts it:

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Service to God starts with the right disposition of the heart. Having that kind of heart will help us navigate in the different phases of our ministry. A thankful heart matters to God as you serve Him and others.

The Quotable Round-Up #93

f11jjqtHeads up guys! time for some 7 awesome quotes from a Christian book. This time we shall enjoy quotes from relatively unknown booklet “What It Means to be “Reformed” by Herman C. Hanko . God bless and Peace!

“What  does Arminianism teach? It is Arminian, and not Reformed, to teach salvation is dependent in some respects upon man; upon the will of man, or upon the choice of man, or upon man’s power to accept or reject Jesus Christ.” – Herman C. Hanko, What it Means to be “Reformed” #calvinism #biblical #reformed #sovereign #salvation  #hermanhanko

“Do we serve one who is unable to save those whom He wishes to bring to heaven; a pleading God, a pleading Christ, while man is sovereign to do as he wills? That kind of God I don’t need and I don’t want. I need a God Who can save a helpless, depraved, corrupt sinner. If I have not that kind of God, it is all hopeless.” – Herman C. Hanko, What it Means to be “Reformed” #calvinism #biblical #reformed #sovereign #salvation  #hermanhanko

That Spirit goes through the length and breadth of this vast creation. He knows who are the elect for whom Christ died, and for whom He shed His blood. He enters into their hearts, overcoming their resistance, battering down the enmity against God. He sacks the citadel of their unbelief. Moving into their hearts, He creates of sinners, saints. Out of blasphemers, He creates those from whose mouth arise praises to God.”  – Herman C. Hanko, What it Means to be “Reformed” #calvinism #biblical #reformed #sovereign #salvation  #hermanhanko

“God not only gives us the power to believe, but He works in us the act of believing itself. The Refromed faith teaches that the gospel, therefore, is not an invitation, not an offer, not an expression of the universal love of God, not a presentation of a pleading Savior. It is rather, as Paul says in Romans 1: 16” The power of God unto salvation.” – Herman C. Hanko, What it Means to be “Reformed” #calvinism #biblical #reformed #sovereign #salvation  #hermanhanko

“What a man believes, determines his life. And if his life is not rooted in his faith, it means nothing at all. In fact, what a man believes concerning the truth of the Scriptures, is itself a way of life.”  – Herman C. Hanko, What it Means to be “Reformed” #calvinism #biblical #reformed #sovereign #salvation  #hermanhanko

“Your rejoicing is different from the laughter of the wolrd. Your whole life is different because there is born in you, by the power of the Spirit of the Christ, the life of heaven. You are a citizen of the kingdom of heaven. You are walking in this life a pilgrim and a stranger in the earth.” – Herman C. Hanko, What it Means to be “Reformed” #calvinism #biblical #reformed #sovereign #salvation  #hermanhanko

“The goal of your life’s journey is your Father’s house. The things of this world only occupy your attention in-so-far as they are necessary for you to continue your calling as“Your rejoicing is different from the laughter of the wolrd. Your whole life is different because there is born in you, by the power of the Spirit of the Christ, the life of heaven. You are a citizen of the kingdom of heaven. You are walking in this life a pilgrim and a stranger in the earth.” – Herman C. Hanko, What it Means to be “Reformed” #calvinism #biblical #reformed #sovereign #salvation  #hermanhanko a pilgrim and stranger in thankfulness to your heavenly Father.” – Herman C. Hanko, What it Means to be “Reformed” #calvinism #biblical #reformed #sovereign #salvation  #hermanhanko

Book Review: None Like Him by Jen Wilkin

Oh boy where do I start with this great book? Oops! Yes I already blurted out that this book is awesome. The character of God as a subject of a book might bring in your mind outstanding authors who made a name out of that subject. Wilkin did admit in her book that authors like A. W. Tozer, R. C. Sproul etc., who wrote books on the attributes of God, did influence her in writing the subject. However consider this book as a take on the attributes of God with a female perspective.

Wilkin discuss the 10 attributes of God (infinite, incomprehensible, self-existent, self- sufficient, eternal, immutable, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and sovereign) and how we finite beings try to live a life that we think we have those attributes. There are lots of things going on in this book but Jen Wilkin manage to gather it up in one place to bring us a one of a kind book on attributes of God. As she goes further and further discussing the topic it goes deeper and deeper to the heart of everyone who is reading the book. She brings forth who God is an intimate level that will not just make us guilty but stand at awe with our sovereign Creator.

“None Like Him” is well crafted book on the attributes of God that will shaken and drive us on our knees. We will get to know our finite self more and trust an infinite God. As for Wilkin, she is an author we should watch out. If you already read books by Tozer, Sproul or Pink on the attributes of God, please include this. This book is highly recommended.

My verdict: 5 out of 5

Review copy of the book is provided by Crossway.

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Who is God? Part 1

” For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.”
–Romans 11: 36
Do you know God? This is one of the essential questions that Christians should have the answer. Because what you know about God changes everything and adds an eternal weight to everything. But where can you find the answer to this question? Well obviously for a Christian it means he or she should pick up the Bible and read certain verses pertaining to who God is. That is our quest in this study. To be able to know God. However, if a Christian will seek which verses that can point him to God, you can find lots of them in the Bible. So we single out one that sums a great deal of who He is. Not that other verses dont matter, but in Romans 11: 36, short it maybe, but the truth that this verse carries about God is massive. So in the following weeks we will seek out to unravel who God is by this verse. Again their are lots of verses that speaks about God and I encourage you to check them out. All are essential. All are truths. After all as 2 Timothy 3:16 states that all Scriptures are “given by inspiration of God.” We will just concentrate on Romans 11:36.
As we look at this verse we can conclude that God can be know for His characters . There are 3 of them in this passage:
1.) for from him
2.) through him; and
3.) to him
In the coming weeks, we will meditate one by one on these three characters. Also we will tackle the right response to these truths presented to us by God as our conclusion.

Dr. Joel R. Beeke on Heaven

In light of Christ resurrection, Dr. Joel R. Beeke writes about heaven:

Heaven will be a place of perfect worship of God, perfect service to God, perfect reigning with Christ, perfect fellowship with saints, perfect education about God and His truth, and perfect rest. It will be a place of gracious reward for faithfulness on earth and abundant compensation for suffering on earth. Heaven will be a place of perfect holiness—an eternal Holy of Holies and a sin-free land. As Rowland Hill says, “If an unholy man were to get to heaven, he would feel like a hog in a flower garden.” Heaven will be pure and clean. There will be no infirmity there and not one speck of dust. All evil will be walled out; all good walled in.


(“How Christ Resurrection Shapes Our Hopes Part 2”, pg. 153, The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth Magazine, Vol. 18, No. 6)


Are you looking forward to heaven? Your comments are welcome.