Gospel Tract Evangelism: Delighting Grace Interviews Andy Lawniczak of Gospel Tract Planet

Evangelism is a duty of every Christian. Coming from the very lips of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we are to go and win people by His precious gospel. Although we cant change the powerful message of the cross, we can however make a creative way in delivering to it. Enter those amazing money tracts that are eye catching unbelievers and encouraging to Christians. We connected with Andy Lawniczak to talk about these cool tracts and about evangelism:

Delighting Grace: Hi Andy. First off, can you share your testimony on how you got to know Jesus?

Andy: I grew up as a Roman Catholic, but was not very devout myself.  My parents were, and my father still is, going to mass every single day (my mother died in 2004).  I was dating a girl in my late teens that was Nazarene, which was a breath of fresh air from my hard-pewed Roman Catholic days.  However, I didn’t get saved in the Nazarene church.  It wasn’t until I met my wife, (who grew up Pentecostal) when we got married, moved away and became Southern Baptist. (Talk about a crazy religious journey!)  In 2003 I heard a revival preacher speak at our church and realized I had never repented and put my trust in Christ.  That night i did and was baptized soon after. I now understand the reality of my sin and continual dependence on Christ for mercy.

 Delighting Grace: What’s your first time in sharing the gospel? How did it went out? How about your first encounter with a gospel tract?

Andy: Soon after being converted, I was surfing the internet to kill some time one day and stumbled upon the Living Waters / Ray Comfort “Good Person Test.” I loved that so much because it made things make sense.  I emailed it to quite a few people (saved and unsaved) and began researching their ministry.  I saw some “Way of the Master” TV shows, and was hooked.  I bought some tracts and went to the courthouse near where I worked at lunch every day.  It took several days before I could even build up enough courage to hand out a Gospel tract, let alone talk with anyone.  By God’s grace I did it, and felt fantastic after handing out those first tracts and speaking to those first people. Later on, I went to an “Evangelism Boot Camp” and open air preached for the first time.  Was great to get out of my comfort zone.  Currently, i try to hand out tracts as I can, but i don’t get out to open air preach much. It’s tough to balance being a husband, father of 4, and foster father of 2… all that and get out to evangelize, but i hope to get out more in the future.

Delighting Grace: Yes Ray Comfort’s ministry is also an influence to mine. What’s your favorite Bible verse about evangelism?

Andy: The key verse for Gospel Tract Planet is “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).  I love that verse, and decided to use that for the basis of the ministry, as well as the name itself (All the world = the whole planet)

Delighting Grace: How did Gospel Tract Planet started?
Andy: Back in 2006, I had designed a gospel tract for a guy named Marv, who is now the owner of “One Million Tracts.”  He showed the design to someone else, who contacted me to design a Texas-themed tract with Sam Houston on it.  When I finished that, the customer asked me about starting a custom tract ministry.  We prayed about it and decided to partner up and start what was then called “Custom Tract Source.”  Then in 2013, we decided to part ways.  I purchased the other half of the business and changed the name to “Gospel Tract Planet.”  I’ve been running the ministry this way since then, and it has been a huge blessing to me and my family.

Delighting Grace: Can you tell us the process of making a tract? How do you get ideas for a tract and placing the right artwork or images?

Andy: Different types of tracts are done in different ways.  In most cases, people will approach us and have an idea for a tract they want to produce.  They usually have the message written out and just a basic idea of what they want to see.  I take these ideas and create a custom-designed tract.  If we like the final tract, many times we will print them and make them available on our website.

For the design itself, I typically start with a high quality stock photo (or several of them).  There are online sites I use for this, where I pay a nominal or monthly fee for access to royalty-free images.  Then I composite those images into a high quality tract.  Typically these images are the pictures on the money tracts, or the graphical portions of folded tracts, or background designs and such.  Then I lay out the text to work best with these graphics.  Money tracts take 5-8 hours or more to design, depending on the complexity. It also depends on whether it’s a brand new design, or a design that starts with an existing design as a base.  Folded tracts take about 5 hours, and most of the card tracts take 1-2 hours to complete.  For a good example of how a tract comes together, here’s a video with a timelapse of our recent “Thanksgiving Bucks” tract.

Delighting Grace: Can you share with us tips on sharing your faith? How can a Christian shake off their fear in evangelism?

Andy: If you find a way to shake off your fear, please let me know!  I continually battle fear, and I am ashamed that it wins more often than I’d like.  I guess I would say, “let love swallow your fears.” Ray Comfort always says this, and I agree.  The more we love people and realize their eternal state, the more we’ll just do what it takes to get out of our comfort zone and warn them.  If you see a child fall into a swimming pool, you wouldn’t even think twice about jumping in after them, even if you’re not a terrific swimmer.  We should do the same with people’s souls, because even more is at stake.

Delighting Grace: We use your awesome tracts and they are an eye catcher. So please invite our readers to check your tracts.

Andy: Thanks for the encouragement! We’d love for your readers to check out our site and try some of our unique Gospel tracts.  The website is www.TractPlanet.com.  We *always* have something on sale, or some special going on.  In fact, for brand new customers, we’ll give you $10 OFF any order $20 or more.  Just use the code 10off20 at checkout. This is good for in-stock tracts, or even custom tracts!

Delighting Grace:Wow! That’s awesome. So guys please do check his website and I’m sure you’ll love the tracts. And happy evangelism!

Four Stages on How an Unbeliever Comes to Jesus Part 3

Wrapping up our discussion of the 4 phases, let us move now to two pointers we should remember as we meet people who we will lead to Jesus:
1.) Setting our priorities
“I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles or the does of the field, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.” Song of Solomon 2: 7
“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33

Always put God on top. Give him prominence in your life. If you want to win people to Christ, put God first. Let not the world interrupt your love for Christ.
2.) Keep on pointing people to Christ
“Go out, O daughters of Zion, and look upon King Solomon, with the crown with which his mother crowned him on the day of his wedding, on the day of the gladness of his heart.” Song of Solomon 3: 11
“And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in him may have eternal life.”For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.” John 3:14-18

Keep on sharing the gospel no matter what is the reaction. Point them to Jesus who is the Savior, not you, the church you belong, your pastor nor your good works. Constantly pray to God to give you opportunity to tell someone the good news.

The Quotable Round Up #15

Books do draw crowds in the recently concluded MIBF last September at the MOA SMX. Bookworms unite as we indulge ourselves over books that are on sale. I bought some and others are complimentary copies for book review. So I have books that will keep me occupy till next year! Anyways, MIBF did deliver the best book event for this year. How I wish I could attend those free seminars and workshop, attend the book signing of my favorite authors and buy more books. Nevertheless we had an amazing time. There are lots of things to improve with the event especially for the Christian publishers. Maybe it’s time for them to give out evangelism freebies to their customers. Maybe it’s time for them to publish books that tackle doctrine that is badly needed today. I think it’s high time for them to think on what they can do to reach other booths that present a false gospel. I want to see also the unity of the Christian publishers to heed in to action to be the light on that event. We Christians will shine brightest in the MIBF in the coming years if we come and unite to reach out those who are lost.
“Our aim in studying the Scriptures is not merely to know more ancient history or to learn useful life principles, but rather to be brought to see in a new way the glory of God in Jesus Christ and to bow our hearts before him in adoration and praise.”
— Iain M. Duguid

“The good news of Christ’s death and resurrection is not merely the power by which dead sinners are raised to new life—it is also the power by which God’s people are transformed into new creatures in him.”
–Iain M. Duguid

“Who does God exalt? He exalts those who fear His name. God exalts those who approach Him with reverence, self-emptiness, and ownership of their spiritual bankruptcy. And when godly fear humbles us, God in His mercy will exalt us.”
–Matt Chandler

“The incarnation was not so much a subtraction as it was an addition; the eternal second person of the Trinity took on Himself a human nature and joined His divine nature to that human nature for the purpose of redemption.”
— R. C. Sproul

“In eternity before creation, the Father initiated the concept of redeeming the creation He knew would fall. He designed the plan of redemption. The Son was given the assignment to accomplish that redemption. The Holy Spirit was tasked with applying Christ’s work of redemption to God’s chosen people.”
–R. C. Sproul

“If it were left to me to persevere in my Christian walk, I would fall and stumble in a moment. The One who really perseveres is God. He perseveres with His children and thereby preserves them. One of the chief ways in which God preserves His people is through the priestly intercession of Jesus.”
–R. C. Sproul

“The Father raised Jesus by the power of the Spirit, not simply for His own vindication, but for us. He was the first to be raised in this manner, being brought forth in a glorified state, but He will not be the last. Everyone who is in Christ Jesus will share in this resurrected glory. This is our hope. This hope is at the very heart and center of the Christian faith.”
— R.C. Sproul

The Quotable Round Up #13

As I have said last week, the recently concluded Manila International Book Fair proves that Filippinos love books and spirituality. It’s a great venue to share the gospel and let Christ shine. Although that is the case, I also observe that majority of teens and young adults go for romance and anime themed books. Adults are more geared towards anything spiritual. With this observation, I think Christian publishers should further strengthen their reach for teens and young adults. I hope and pray they produce more books that are gospel driven. Now for our weekly dose of quotes:
“Every believer is called to ministry. We’re called to see that all of the tasks of the kingdom take place-that the poor are ministered to, the gospel is proclaimed, the Word of God is taught, and worship takes place.”
–R. C. Sproul
“A means of grace is a tool or instrument that God uses to strengthen and nurture us so that we grow in conformity to Christ. We don’t always think about service as a means of grace, but we grow as we serve. The more we are able to serve in the kingdom of God, the more Christ like we become.”
–R. C. Sproul

“We know that God is not restricted to the building, but we are aware that this is a sacred hour that God has set apart and declared to be a holy time of visitation between Himself and His people. So we leave worldly cares and concerns for a while and focus on God. We come to hear a word from God, and it is the pastor’s responsibility to make sure what we hear from the pulpit is the Word of God, not pop psychology. The power is in the Word, for it is the truth.”
–R. C. Sproul

“The primary reason to be in church is to worship the living God, and for this we must bring a sense of reverence and adoration for His transcendent majesty.”
— R. C. Sproul

“Once we believe into Christ and embrace Christ, then we are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, who is, in reality, Christ in us. So the mystical union is that once we are born of the Spirit and are given the gift of faith and move into Christ, then we are in Christ and Christ is in us.”
–R. C. Sproul

“The whole basis for our relationship to God is grace. It is not something we earn or deserve or purchase. It is a gift.”
–R. C. Sproul

“The atoning death of Christ gave us a new, freer kind of access to the Father. Christ won for us peace with God and the end of estrangement.”
— R. C. Sproul

The Quotable Round Up #12

September was the 36th Manila International Book Fair. I was held at the Mall of Asia SMX convention center. Got some books that I’ll be occupied till next year! It’s a good thing that the Christian publishers are active in the event. In fact almost all of the MIBF booth belongs to Christian companies. That’s a good sign. Filipinos are still concern in matters of spirituality. And it will be a great opportunity for Christians to reach out people with the gospel in MIBF. More of my analysis of the recent MIBF next week but for now here are the quotes:

“By continuing to study the Bible, we grow in faith and are able to stand firm in the truth.”
–R. C. Sproul
“The separation of faith from knowledge is the fast train to crazy town.”
–Michael E. Wittmer

“We are to give ourselves to God as living sacrifices. This means we are to give our time, our energy, and our very selves to Him as acts of worship and gratitude. But we must always be aware that God has given us these and all things. Biblical giving, therefore, is done in the context of stewardship, our management of the good things the Father showers upon us.”
–R. C. Sproul

“Worship that pleases God is not given grudgingly, out of a mere sense of duty to show up at church on Sunday morning, but it is motivated and driven by a soul that delights in the presence of God.”
–R. C. Sproul

“Whatever Jesus says we “ought” to do becomes a solemn duty for us to perform. Prayer is one such duty.”
–R. C. Sproul

“Our goal should be to please Christ, not perform merely for the applause of people. People-pleasers cannot be true servants of Christ. We must keep our eyes on Christ and not on the judges of this world.”
–R. C. Sproul

“If we serve out of an effort to earn our way into the kingdom of God, we’re deceiving ourselves. The motivation for Christian service is love for God. We serve not to earn salvation, but because Christ already has pur-chased salvation for us.”
–R. C. Sproul

Leading Kids to Christ: Delighting Grace Interviews EvanTell

photo courtesy of pixabay.com

We are on the last four months of the year and having a blog theme about children is quite a challenge. Now we will focus on another aspect of this theme which is sharing the gospel to children. So I asked Sarah Bowler of Evantell to tell us something about child evangelism.

Delighting Grace: How important is child evangelism?

Sarah Bowler: Studies indicate that as many as 85% of all Christians came to faith between the ages of four and fourteen. That’s a powerful testimony to the importance of children’s evangelism and shows that to be a children’s worker is a high calling.
Additionally, those who come to Christ as children have the blessing of living their whole lives with the joy and peace that come from knowing Christ, as well as the opportunity to influence many others through the course of a lifetime.

Delighting Grace:  Is there an appropriate age that we can say this is the right time we can share the gospel?

Sarah Bowler: All children vary and may come to an understanding of the gospel at different ages, so there is not a particular age that is the so called “right time.” Some will understand the gospel at a much younger age than others.
Try to ascertain where a child is spiritually and begin from where they already are in their understanding. For instance, with young children or children who have not heard any of the gospel before, I often begin by telling them how much God loves them. I might start by giving specific examples such as how God created the world we live in or gives us food to eat. As their understanding grows, you can then take it to the next level by talking about the way God showed he loved us most—by dying for us.

Delighting Grace:  Is it hard to evangelize a child?

Sarah Bowler: On one hand, it is encouraging to know that the gospel message by which we are saved is simple enough that we can explain it to a child. However, children’s evangelism should be approached cautiously, because children can easily be confused by unclear gospel presentations, not understand what they are doing, and thus not actually trust Christ as Savior.

Delighting Grace: What if this kid is the only member in his family that received Jesus. Do you think the kid will have issues to his family because of what he did?

Sarah BowlerYes, it is possible that there will be some hard issues to face with a child’s family, particularly in countries that may be more harsh toward the gospel. I will say, though, that I’ve heard manymore positive stories in which a child who trusted Christ then went on to lead his or her whole family to Christ.
Recently, one of our EvanTell employees visited his home country of Vietnam on a missions trip to work with children and equip believers in evangelism. On a previous trip, he had helped lead some children to Christ. This time many adults in that same village came to listen to the gospelon his return trip because they had witnessed the testimony of Christ at work in the lives of those children.

Delighting Grace: What are the different ways to share the gospel to children?

Sarah Bowler: One of my favorite tools is the Good News Wristband (http://bit.ly/Z7kj2k), which is a gospel bracelet with 5 colors that each correspond to a Bible verse and specific part of the gospel message. Talking about what each color means is an easy way to share the gospel. I also love that it is easily adaptable. If I don’t have the bracelet, I could use construction paper, crayons, or colored beads to tell the same story.

Another fun tool is our CrossTalk tract (http://bit.ly/1rMRSUm), which unfolds in the shape of a cross as you read through the gospel message.
There are several good methods out there, but the key thing to any gospel message is that it contains three things: (1) Our sin separates us from God; (2) Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead; and (3) We must trust Christ alone for salvation.

Delighting Grace: If a kid comes up to you and say “I want to share Jesus to my friends. Can you help me?” what will you tell a child if he wants to share the gospel?

Sarah Bowler:  First, I would offer encouragement and let them know what a great thing it is to share Christ with their friends. Then, I’d probably go over a simple way they could share Christ, perhaps using one of the techniques above.</em>

As you talk with the kid, ask questions while you share your method to make sure that he or she is understanding what you are saying and also has a clear understanding of the gospel message him or herself.

Delighting Grace: If a Christian wants to reach out to kids for Christ, how do they start?

Sarah BowlerI’d suggest taking EvanTell’s free online Seedlings Training for children’s evangelism(http://bit.ly/1tu2CGX). Seedlings is great for anyone who is a children’s worker in a church, or simply knows children (grandparents, parents, caregivers, etc.)

Delighting Grace: Thank you for your time Sarah. Last question: How can we learn more about your ministry or receive evangelism materials?

Sarah Bowler: You can find out more about our ministry by visiting evantell.org or following one of our social media outlets: twitter.com/EvanTell, facebook.com/evantell, pinterest.com/evantell.mTo purchase materials, visit our evangelism warehouse—http://act111.christianbook.com/.

Book Review: UnChristian by David Kinnaman And Gabe Lyons

If CLC has a “published book of the year” , “UnChristian” by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons will bag the award. A wonderful book that is totally blows my mind.

Based on their research, David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons concluded six themes that the outsiders think. Those six themes are: hypocritical, too focused on getting converts, anti-homosexual, sheltered, too political and judgmental. With these topics, surely a concern Christian has something to think about.

Barna is the Christian version of Nielsen ratings or Gallop polls.I’ve heard lots about Barna and how it provides top of the line research. You’ll find this in the book. Kinnaman and Lyons will astound you with page after page of facts and views that will keep you on your feet. Every angle are scutinized. This is the real deal. No hype, no frills. No wonder this book is a bestseller.

Not only does this book majors on what outsiders perceives Christians but also look at the inside. Here and there it was finely discuss. Graphs and charts provides more of visual of the facts presented. It doesnt make the book boring (the book is tremendously readable) with those stuff hanging around but puts alot of credibility. Also insights from Christian leaders who looked at the data are included that is stunning for a well researched book. Online extras are also provided to further discuss the topic. This is a great too give you advice on how we should change not because what the unbelievers think, but what God think.

A very helpful tool to gauge how we Christian should deal with the world, this proves that CLC is serious in providing books that are not just relevant but cutting edge. Read this book then go back to the Bible to carefully look at what Jesus wants us to be.





5 Cool Reasons Why You Need a Planner

[I tried Grammarly’s online plagiarism checker because Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is too weird to plagerize…]

I started this year by getting a planner from Starbucks which is very useful throughout the year in my personal and ministry activities. I recommend that you too get a planner for the coming year and see these five benefits of having one:

  1. To plan – of course that’s why it’s called a planner. Jot down important things to do in advance, events you will attend and dates that are relevant to you.
  2. To take down notes – when listening to a message, lectures or sermon, it’s a good thing to have a permanent place to tuck all of it. Away with index cards or tissues, use your planner to accommodate them.
  3. To write down your messages – if you’re a preacher it will be best to not clutter the pulpit with papers but one professional planner with the outline of your sermon will do.
  4. To pin or stick some important things – Make your planner into an instant scrapbook! Post its, tickets, receipts, mementos or in my case an origami heart from a friend to cherish those moments and make it stick in your minds.
  5. To get inspirations – isn’t great to have some planners with great photography, excellent artworks, Bible verses and inspirational quotes. Something to inspire you to engage in writing and give a positive vibe to make it throughout the day.

What’s your favorite reason in this list? Please tell me….

NightKAP Batangas City

A cup of cappuccino at Starbucks in a rainy August 5 evening is what you call cool. Adding some godly chat with other Christians for the greatest cause for Christ you might as well call it super awesome.  And it has a name, its “NightKAP”. “

NightKAP” is a meet up organized by SEND Philippines that aims to have a friendly and cozy conversation about mission and the great commission. Held at Starbucks Batangas, the venue made the event more laid-back and loose (although some of us are a bit shy). We came from different denominations, age and ministry backgrounds to share thoughts about those two topics that matter to the body of Christ.

Helen Tan of SEND moderates the event as nine of us took turns to introduce ourselves, how we get to know SEND and our perceptions on the different angles of mission.  Each of us shared remarkable stories about how God is moving through our ministry. Blend in some laughter here and there, the hour pass so fast that our two hour affair is not enough. Anyone for round 2?

For more information about NightKAP you can check out SEND Philippines or their Facebook Page.

Joshua Harris on Biblical Conviction

On his down to earth book about theology, Joshua Harris explains what conviction is:

“When I use the conviction, I’m talking about a heart-level, settled belief before God, that doesn’t change with our environment. Conviction is something we believe, not because someone is making us, not because we have to, but because we are convinced it’s what God would have us believe.

Compliance isn’t conviction. Conformity to other people’s standard isn’t conviction. Adapting to a church culture isn’t conviction. Biblical conviction is the result of the study of Scripture, careful thought, discussion, and the search of wisdom. It requires work. It requires the humility to test the result of our choices and change our actions when necessary. Most important it requires a laser focus on God.”

(Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris, pg. 170, Published by OMF Literature Inc. 2010)