Book Review: “Reading the Times: A Literary and Theological Inquiry Into the News”(Jeffrey Bilbro)

As we believers view the media landscape of our times, we get a certain sadness of what mess we are looking at. Some of us their gets turn off of the ugliness or get caught up fighting against its currents. We comment sharing but it spills over to became debates on either the news itself or the media outlets. As the digital age progress it seems that the news has turned into this monster that we Christians want to get rid off or should we? Maybe we should get a little bit of boost on how we deal and navigate the news. Perhaps learning to read it with the lense Jeffrey Bilbro wants us to wear?

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8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Reading The Times” (Jeffrey Bilbro)

Our translatiom of Risk is Right will be submitted to a publishing company for editing and hopefully for publishing soon. In a meantime, I have an upcoming project for an Advent devotional to be translated in Filipino. Please consider praying and supporting these works as we reqch more people for God.

Anyways, here are my favorite quote from the upcoming book Reading The Times by Jeffrey Bilbro published by Intervarsity Press. If you want to support the author, you can pre-order/buy this book by following this link.

“A high view of Providence and a chastened sense of our ability to recognize God’s methods of victory frees us from worrying about whether a given event is good or bad.”

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “A Way With Words” by Dan Darling

Did you missed the first book review of Christmas related books from 10 Publishing? Well scroll down and check it out or click here. You can check the list of other upcoming titles and pre-order links by going to the FB Page of this blog.

Anyways, lets get into these quotes from the book, A Way With Words by Dan Darling published by B&H Books . If you like these quotes, buy the book by clicking here.

“We must sometimes argue, even publicly. There are necessary discussions about public policy that affects real people or debates over doctrinal truth that shapes how we see God and how we see each other. But even as we disagree, we should work to see the humanity of those with whom we have deep disagreements. “

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The Logical Fallacy Endgame


The toxicity level of what we see in social media is at its high. Look at how media, politicians, news makers and celebrities throwing out words to the internet. Whenever there’s news or once you posted something political, sparks flies. Our newsfeed are filled with noise from opinionated folks and politicians on both sides of the spectrum. It’s one thing to say something (it’s part of our freedom) but it’s another thing is the quality of what we put out there.

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Book Review: Will You Be My Facebook Friend? by Tim Chester


I came to know this book late and there are lots of changes in the social media landscape that I believe that wont accomodate thid book in the discussion of social media and the gospel. But I’m glad it got updated and with that it had an appeal to me to read it.

Before you grab this book (or should I say booklet), let me say two things:

One, dont be fooled by the title. It’s not a light hearted “How To” book on using social media as a Christian. Far from it. It’s an examination on the effects of social media and why it undermines our view of self, others, the gospel and God. If youre not in to that kind of thing, don’t get this book. However if you really care about the state of spirituality soaked in social media frenzy, pick this up.

Two, don’t be fooled on how brief this book. It didn’t cover all about social media in light of the gospel but it does deliver some good points for Christians to ponder. It’s enough to drive a believer to be awaken by the message it wants to send. Get a big book with the same theme, peel out the extras and squeeze out the essentials and you’ll get this book. If you dont have time to read books on the same topic, Wil You Be My Facebook Friend?, will give you readily accessible and quick read.

Between 2013 and 2018 there are lots of things that has changed in social media. Like what I have said earlier, I’m glad they revised this book. Some of it were mention in this booklet in tidbits not comprehensively because of the brevity of it. Nevertheless this is a good primer for people who want to grasps how social media and the gospel meet in the crossroad of the Christian life. Getting this book will give you a quarter or half start when you want to access another book with the same subject.

My verdict:

4 out of 5

8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Will You Be My Facebook Friend?” by Tim Chester


I got something on my mind for my blog that is pretty cool. But I dont want to announce it yet. I need prayers from you guys for this and I hope and pray it will bless everyone and glorify God.

Anyways, here are 8 favorite quotes from Tim Chester’s updated book Will You Be My Facebook Friend?published by 10 Publishing. . If you like these quotes, please get yourself a copy of this book by clicking to 10 Publishing or Amazon link.

“On Facebook you do not have a conversation, you have an audience. Your life takes place on a stage and you are your own playwright, creating or recreating yourself through your words.”

“Technology is good. But it readily gets perverted by our sin, and used for selfish ends.”

“What is Facebook’s product? It is you. You are its product, delivered in large quantities to advertisers! “

“many of us find social media so compulsive is that on social media I can recreate my world through my words to gain approval.”

“On Facebook I receive approval and I bestow approval. The result is that many people constantly check their Facebook page because this is where they receive affirmation.”

“Here is the test of whether you are facing this danger: Is your Facebook self more attractive or successful than your real-world self?”

“Some of us have little time for community life and missional endeavour because we are spending too much time on Facebook or watching television or surfing blogs. “

“The Bible is the true Facebook, the book in which we see God’s face. Prayer is the ultimate instant messaging. The church is the real social network.”


Book Review: Competing Spectacles by Tony Reinke

upm5loqLast year Tony Reinke announced that he has a new book coming this 2019. What so sweet about it is that he needs folks for his book launch team. Knowing him from his articles on Desiring God and his books, I had to sign up. Come March I received an e-mail about the new book and then the following e-mail has an attached pre-released copy of his book. Competing Spectacles is the title and I immediately dive in to the book.

Competing Spectacles is “the lust of the eyes 2.0” book that really captures how we Christians live in this media age. Bombarded with distractions and gap fillers it seems that we have a never ending supply of digital candy that will not only compete with our attention but also erode our focus on God. Tony Reinke pour out his wisdom and insight on this new media age and offers biblical answer for the believers.

Reinke’s book tells how Christians spent their eyes on digitally and how it deteriorates our eternal perspective. Whether it our habit of binging over Netflix, mobile gaming or selfies, these earth bound spectacles takes over our unsatisfied cravings that the ultimate Spectacle (Jesus Christ) can only fulfill. Questions about how we Christians and the church should do with this spectacles are discussed superbly over the chapters in this short book.

The part that really got me is the chapter about how the church becomes a spectacle of the world. As Reinke traces the definition and history of this fleeting spectacles, he also did it on the church as she displays the everlasting Spectacle. This part of the book really captures the essence of being a Christian in this media age that sometimes we forget. I wish Reinke could put one more chapter about this because this is the game changer of the book.

The chapters are short that you’ll quickly read the next one and then the next. It’s a accessible and fast paced read that you’ll finish the book in no time completely blown away.  However, I suggest that you have to read it again because you might missed something in this book. Some chapters are solid and some are not that quite striking.  Nevertheless, this is a must read because of the brevity and spot on commentary on the digital media.

Competing Spectacles is a relevant book that will stand out this 2019. If you got tangled with this media jungle let this book guide you back to the ultimate Spectacle.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5


The Quotable Round-Up #114


Upon receiving my pre-release copy of the book Competing Spectacles by Tony Reinke, I immediately dive in to the book. The book is really good and fast paced to read and I want to share to you some of the great quotes from the book. Competing Spectacles will be released on April 30 but you can pre-order it on Amazon by clicking this link. While waiting for the release of the book, here are some great quotes from that book.

“Only the grand Spectacle of Jesus Christ can reach to the bottom of our loves and longings with power to shape us into something whole and beautiful.”

“The Christian’s great problem is not Hollywood or Bollywood; it’s the unchecked earthly desires that operate within our fallen selves.”

“…the greatest problem with video gaming is not that gaming is innately evil, but that it’s addictively good. Gaming taps our social competitiveness, our love of narrative, and our interest in problem solving. As gaming franchises grow, digital dreamscapes are becoming holistically immersive.”

“Our appetite for worldly spectacles gives us a sense of the expanse inside our hearts for divine spectacles. What we do with this gaze-lust of our eyes is another thing but to be fundamentally indifferent to all the visual glory of this world is not to be subhuman but to be unhuman.”

“The spectacle of the cross is an earthquake that reverberates through our lives and breaks the chains of our earthly spectacle addictions.”

The worst of our compulsive social media habits are filling our days and corroding our prayer lives.”

“The rarity of gold and silver once gave substance to the worth of cash. Today, the scarcity of human attention brings value to accrued likes and plays and shares. The ticks of human attention are the new social currency that determine the value of our media.”

The Digital Round-Up #11


Happy New Year to all! May 2018 bring you a more abundant grace from God. Lets focus on Christ as He leads us to this promising year. Here’s a collection of stuff that’s specially curated just for you. And Oh please come back often.

Free ebook: This Momentary Marriage by John Piper – download this awesome book in PDF format free. Check out the whole section of online books that are also free.

The Year in Pictures – Boston Globe’s “Big Picture” presents photos of those people, places and events that went viral in 2017.

Best of 2017 – Pocket app (formerly Read Later) presents the most saved article in 2017 by its users.

15 Signs You Need a Social Media Cleanse – we all need some time off online. Here’s the sign that you need one.

Justice League helps Wonder Woman on the streets of Manila – Wonder Woman is up against Darkseid..on the streets of Manila (Not Tokyo or New York). You can check it out in Wonder Woman #37 with awesome artworks of our very own Stephen Jorge Segovia and Carlo Pagulayan.

5 Most Ridiculous Books to Ever Become Christian Bestsellers – This is my first time to check Tim Challies Youtube channel and this video is very good.

5 Essential Apps A Youth Leader or Pastor Must Have

Being techie savvy youth leader or pastor is not to show your hip or chic but taking advantage of it will make your ministry more productive. Here are apps you must have in your android phone or tablet:

  1. Bible – a no brainer. You must have this for creating sermons and for personal devotion.
  2. Blog – get quick connection with your blog to post or edit your article.
  3. E-book Reader – download Christian books and read them to gain more spiritual wisdom.
  4. Audio Recorder – easily record your sermons and upload them in a jiffy.
  5. Social Media – getting in touch with friends and others you want to reach with the gospel in Twitter and Facebook .

This is my essential list. So what’s yours?