The Freebie Round-Up #32

4rlcevaIt’s so encouraging that I got mentioned for the second time by blogger Tim Challies. His last weekend Ala Carte made me so happy. It’s totally a humbling experience. That’s why I’m praying and if God willing venture to more ideas that will serve Christians with relevant resources.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies that are waiting to be downloaded. And if your new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.

FREE Bible Study, Zechariah “The Lord Remembers” –  It’s a rarity to see a Bible study of the Book of Zechariah but I’m glad Equipping Eve posted this freebie. Aside for the novelty this study utilizes John MacArthur’s sermons.

FREE guide “30 Days of Prayer: A Heart Fully Devoted to God” – Desiring to know more about God is the duty of every Christians. This guide will lead you to a challenge for praying for it for 30 days. Download this guide with access to a Facebook group and two introductory videos all for free.

FREE devotional “Finding Freedom from Anxiety” – From blogger Lara Dentremont this is free 5-day devotional to help you cope anxiety by focusing on the five attributes of God.

FREE members only access library from “Whole Magazine” – Get tons of freebies like screen lock images, e-books, Scripture plans and more by signing up to their free members only access library.

FREE access to the resource library of “She Shall Be Called” – If you enjoyed the Whole Magazine freebies, then prepared for some more from She Shall Be Called.   Lockscreens, study materials, worksheets, and more can be download for free.

FREE devotional “Rooted” by Jasmine Holmes – Failing from expectations? The get this 5 day devotional that will point your to find your identity on Christ and defeat fear and shame of failing. Just sign up and you’ll get the freebie.

FREE journal “Kerux: A Journal of Biblical Theology “ – Check to the archives of all the issues of this journal that prints biblical-theological materials. Enjoy the free digital downloads of journal from 1986 to the present.

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dn2ajmv1What are you doing as preparation for Christmas? What things do you do to prepare your hearts for this coming holiday? If you ask me I’m reading an Advent devotional by John Piper and Tony Reinke’s #IsaiahChristmas Bible reading plan. Are you doing that too? I think it really helps you more in appreciating what Christmas is all about and focusing your eyes to our Savior. Anyways, its freebie time and I hope you’ll enjoy these free stuff!

FREE ebook “The Promises of God” by R. C. Sproul – Posting this on my Facebook account got quite a clamor. If you missed that on my FB, be sure to get that here.

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FREE audiobook “The Confessions of St. Augustine” from Christian Audio – This classic book is a must read for Christians but rarely does it go to the reading list of the believers. Thanks to Christian Audio its now free to download and listen to all this month of December.

FREE digital audio of “The Resurrection of Jesus” by Gary Habermas – It’s back and its free courtesy of Creado Courses. Evidential apologetics still matters even to a presuppostionalist like me.

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FREE ebook “Big, Bold, Biblical Prayers” from Truth 78 – Want to pray for the next generation? Truth 78 prepared this free prayer guide to help you focus your prayers to the next generation.

FREE ebook “Empire of Dirt” by Douglas Wilson – So OK I was wrong in the last post about his ebook being the last freebie. Wilson was generous this whole November and I hope (…I hope) there are more to come. Click here to get the freebie.

FREE special edition of “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens – To lit the coming seasons, Trinity Reading Forum offers this free classic novel with a special introduction by literary scholar  Karen Swallow Prior.

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FREE ebook “Emmanuel: Readings for the Advent Season” from Morning by Morning – Another Christmas freebie that will prepare your hearts for Christmas. This freebie focuses on 10 classic Christmas hymns that proclaims Jesus Christ birth and His second coming.

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