A Call for Contagious Praising (Part 2)

adwdafejfdy-raul-petri_zpspm1kvcf1“Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together!” Psalms 34: 3

Before we list out the 3 things we should consider in having a contagious praising, we must first detour and remind ourselves of why we want others to come and praise God. In this way we can fully understand why praising is contagious.

Of course we can praise God individually. We can actually have a personal dealing with God that will overflow with joy that is acceptable with God. However, we shouldn’t limit it as a personal experience only. We are lead to come and praise together.

Why Praise Together?

  • Because Christianity is an accountability religion.

We are accountable to lead people to salvation. We are accountable to lead people to sanctification. If we consider that Jesus Christ is the ultimate joy and we express our joy to Him by praising Him, the logic will flow that we are accountable in leading people to praising Him.  Salvation and sanctification are the gates to see Christ as joyous and praiseworthy.

(to be continued next week…)


The Quotable Round Up #15

Books do draw crowds in the recently concluded MIBF last September at the MOA SMX. Bookworms unite as we indulge ourselves over books that are on sale. I bought some and others are complimentary copies for book review. So I have books that will keep me occupy till next year! Anyways, MIBF did deliver the best book event for this year. How I wish I could attend those free seminars and workshop, attend the book signing of my favorite authors and buy more books. Nevertheless we had an amazing time. There are lots of things to improve with the event especially for the Christian publishers. Maybe it’s time for them to give out evangelism freebies to their customers. Maybe it’s time for them to publish books that tackle doctrine that is badly needed today. I think it’s high time for them to think on what they can do to reach other booths that present a false gospel. I want to see also the unity of the Christian publishers to heed in to action to be the light on that event. We Christians will shine brightest in the MIBF in the coming years if we come and unite to reach out those who are lost.
“Our aim in studying the Scriptures is not merely to know more ancient history or to learn useful life principles, but rather to be brought to see in a new way the glory of God in Jesus Christ and to bow our hearts before him in adoration and praise.”
— Iain M. Duguid

“The good news of Christ’s death and resurrection is not merely the power by which dead sinners are raised to new life—it is also the power by which God’s people are transformed into new creatures in him.”
–Iain M. Duguid

“Who does God exalt? He exalts those who fear His name. God exalts those who approach Him with reverence, self-emptiness, and ownership of their spiritual bankruptcy. And when godly fear humbles us, God in His mercy will exalt us.”
–Matt Chandler

“The incarnation was not so much a subtraction as it was an addition; the eternal second person of the Trinity took on Himself a human nature and joined His divine nature to that human nature for the purpose of redemption.”
— R. C. Sproul

“In eternity before creation, the Father initiated the concept of redeeming the creation He knew would fall. He designed the plan of redemption. The Son was given the assignment to accomplish that redemption. The Holy Spirit was tasked with applying Christ’s work of redemption to God’s chosen people.”
–R. C. Sproul

“If it were left to me to persevere in my Christian walk, I would fall and stumble in a moment. The One who really perseveres is God. He perseveres with His children and thereby preserves them. One of the chief ways in which God preserves His people is through the priestly intercession of Jesus.”
–R. C. Sproul

“The Father raised Jesus by the power of the Spirit, not simply for His own vindication, but for us. He was the first to be raised in this manner, being brought forth in a glorified state, but He will not be the last. Everyone who is in Christ Jesus will share in this resurrected glory. This is our hope. This hope is at the very heart and center of the Christian faith.”
— R.C. Sproul

The Greatest Need of Man Answered and Settled by God Part 1

Praise is due to you,a O God, in Zion,
and to you shall vows be performed.

O you who hear prayer,
to you shall all flesh come.

When iniquities prevail against me,
you atone for our transgressions.

Blessed is the one you choose and bring near,
to dwell in your courts!
We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house,
the holiness of your temple!

By awesome deeds you answer us with righteousness,
O God of our salvation,
the hope of all the ends of the earth
and of the farthest seas;

the one who by his strength established the mountains,
being girded with might;

who stills the roaring of the seas,
the roaring of their waves,
the tumult of the peoples,

so that those who dwell at the ends of the earth are in awe at your signs.
You make the going out of the morning and the evening to shout for joy.

You visit the earth and water it;
you greatly enrich it;
the river of God is full of water;
you provide their grain,
for so you have prepared it.

You water its furrows abundantly,
settling its ridges,
softening it with showers,
and blessing its growth.

You crown the year with your bounty;
your wagon tracks overflow with abundance.

The pastures of the wilderness overflow,
the hills gird themselves with joy,

the meadows clothe themselves with flocks,
the valleys deck themselves with grain,
they shout and sing together for joy.
–Psalms 65:1-13

While having my daily meditation, my reading came to this chapter. It was a blessing to me that I shared it as my message on our prayer meeting. Because the chapter was so good, I didnt concentrate on just one text but the whole chapter. I can see the goodness of God providing man the ultimate answer he needs.
Psalms 65 is a psalm of thankgiving for the providencial goodness of God. The chapter reaks with why God is good and praise worthy. As we study further, this psalm gives us the glimpse of what man is really longing for. As man looks for meaning and purpose we can see that God already gave it. Man by nature is sinful and doesnt want anything that has to do with God may trample these precious gifts. He might not need it because he find it worthless. Only the power of God can open the spiritually blind men to see these treasures.
If we look at the world, we see all unplesant things that get us down. Man is searching for some sort of relief for these miseries. The world may say “Love is all we need” or “Peace is the answer” yet those answers cant fill the void.
A Christian knows better on what is the real answer. God provided His children the lasting and satisfying answer that this world cant offer. Psalms 65 made mention the two important things that God gave to man which are salvation and prayer. Having these two, God responded an end to the search which brings comfort and assurance.
Next week we shall discuss the two greatest need of man that God provided already.

The Right Response to an Answered Prayer (Part 2)

(I preached this message during our Prayer Meeting last February 29, 2012. This is part 2 of it. Our text is Acts 12:10-17. I hope and pray you’ll be blessed!!!)

Last week we got hold of the two right responses to an answered prayer. They are expect it and don’t doubt it. Here are the rest:

  1. Accept it. Verse 16 we read that instead of letting pastor Peter in, Rhoda didn’t let him in. the members of the church in Jerusalem didn’t believe that Peter was outside. They wouldn’t accept it at first. As we pray to God we must accept the answer to our prayers. As I have said the two important thoughts on prayer it may not be gain or we may not be dependent on the outcome that’s why  we don’t accept God’s reply. How many times did God gave you answers? How did you react upon it? how many times did we overlook it for something else? Remember this: we are letting opportunity pass by when we don’t accept it. we are letting the blessings of God slip away. As Peter knocks on the door so is our answered prayer that keeps knocking to us. So my beloved, open the door for that answered prayer to fill your life.
  2. Tell it to others (verse 17). Answered prayers are blessings filled with joy and gladness to the soul. We should proclaim our God’s goodness in His response to our prayers. Why? Here are two reasons:

 aTestimony– the living proof that despite of who we are there is a living God that answers our prayers. Also it is an evidence of our strong faith in Him. It will reinforce others to earnestly pray too.

b. Praise– telling others is a form of thank you note towards our Creator. Do you want to praise God for His loving kindness to you? Then tell it to others.

Now as we close, how’s your prayer life? Any answered prayer lately? Or isn’t about time to expect, have faith, accept and tell others your answered prayer? May God move you to have the right response to your answered prayer!