7 Biblical Response To “Kill Culture”

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

In the recent news that startled the nation, we see in a viral video of a Tarlac policeman shooting an elderly mother and her son. The murder happened in broad daylight in front of many witnesses including the policeman’s daughter. This gruesome crime brought up the fiery topic of our nations “kill culture”. This culture has been permeating in recent years as we approve and justify allegedly extra judicial killings. Add to that is the constant word wars over social media by prominent figures or celebrities that spew murderous threats.

When society allows and accept killing as a norm, it won’t take long till we reap what we sow. We conveniently turn our backs to people who are suffering because of apathy. Now in our social media age, it makes it even more easy to turn a blind eye on these crimes. We in this society never think about of such implications until we become victims of this horrible culture ourselves.

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