The Digital Round- Up (Freebie Edition #7)

myptv2kBooyah! Freebie fanatics unite! Here we are again for another freebie edition of “The Digital Round-Up”. So gather up and delete some space on your gadgets and make way for these free stuff that will help you walk with God.

FREE audio and video downloads of “Textual Criticism” by Dan Wallace – Credo Courses made this offer for a very very limited time so get it now.

FREE e-book “Be Equipped” by Warren W. Weirsbe-This freebie too is fleeting away so better download this book that help Christians get to hold God’s best for their lives .

FREE e-book and audiobook of “The Pilgrim’s Progress” This classic work from John Bunyan is generously uploaded by Monergism in this modern English version.

FREE album download “Instruments of Mercy” by Beautiful Eulogy. Im digging this group that mix biblical truth and experimental hip-hop creating a unique sound that is organic. You can check them also on Spotify.

FREE “Preparing for Marriage” by Joel Beeke – A very short book on seeking and preparing for a spouse biblically.

FREE sermon e-booklets from “Gospel Trumpet”. Downloadable sermon booklets from Joel Beeke and David Lipsy.

FREE e-book “Come To Me!: An Urgent Invitation to Turn to Christ” by Tom Wells. An engaging look at what it means to come to Christ.

Used Book Finds: Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

You won’t be surprise if I’ll feature it here in Used Book Finds. Next to the Bible, this is one of the most read books in Christianity. The allegorized adventure of Christian, easily understood by children and theologians alike. The reading is engaging and I love how Bunyan tells this beautiful story. This edition of “Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan” is published by Zondervan Publishing House 1974 with a groovy cover art. I have another copy of this book, published by Moody Press, but for some unknown reason I lost it. But anyways, I got this book at BookSale ((a second hand/used book store in the Philippines) for 30 pesos. Hope in your digging you’ll find this book and be touched by its message.

Hey guys, have you read Pilgrim’s Progress? Please post it on the comments.