The Quotable Round-Up #47



Here are some of the quotes from the book “Awe” by Paul David Tripp and “God’s Promise of Happiness” by Randy Alcorn  . If you enjoy these quotes, please buy the books at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon.  Feel free to share this post over your social media. God bless you and enjoy your week!


“Creation is awesome. God designed it to be awesome. And God designed you to take in creation’s awesome display. You are meant to be inspired and to celebrate the awesome things that come from the Creator’s hand.”

“The gospel offers an exchange of misery-generating sin for happiness-giving righteousness provided by Jesus. That’s an incredible bargain—and startlingly good news!”

“When we lose ourselves in God’s purposes, Jesus says we’ll find ourselves—and also happiness.”

“Countless people in worse situations are happier than those in better situations. This demonstrates that happiness is dependent not on circumstances but on perspective, which is determined by our focus.”

“Christians see the world seeking happiness instead of holiness, so we assume we should not seek happiness at all. But this false contrast between holiness and happiness is both unbiblical and impractical. The devil’s lie is that embracing holiness brings unhappiness. But God says duty and delight are connected.”

“The happiest people in the world are those who have a deep, gratitude-drenched relationship with Christ.”

“Happiness is impossible without repentance, forgiveness, and a right relationship with Christ.”

The Quotable Round-Up #45


Happy New Year guys! Here are some of the quotes from the book “Awe” by Paul David Tripp. If you enjoy these quotes, please feel free to share this post over your social media. God bless you and enjoy your week!

“It’s wrong not to be in awe of what God created, but it’s even more deeply wrong when you can look at created glory without remembering God.”

“It is hard to accept that God knows better than we do.”

“Once awe of God is lost, the loss of a heart to obey isn’t far off.”

“Your admission of awe amnesia is a confession of your continuing need of your loving Redeemer.”

“Here’s the reality: most people who are angry with God are angry with him for being God.”

“If you’re not living in awe of God, you are left with no higher agenda than to live for yourself.”

“Awe of self, worship of self, underlies every form of self-destructive living.”

Book Review: Marriage Matters by Winston T. Smith

PicsArt_1368350130673If you’re on the internet not just for Facebook updates but checking out Christian blogs, you will find that the people of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) have a good web presence. With the likes of Ed Welch, David Powlison and Paul Tripp making waves over the blogosphere and social media, counseling is not concealed in a four cornered room but available to everyone thanks to the internet. Also if you check the awesome resources in the CCEF website (, you’ll get handfuls of biblical counseling from articles and downloadable podcast. And of course, don’t forget to praise CLC Philippines for getting this book out for the Filipino readers.

Winston T. Smith place a sort of dilemma on the preface of the book that we might also be thinking: Why do we need another book on marriage when there are lots of them already? What can I learn from a book that is 300 pages long? My answer: a lot! Marriage Matters is a well thought and well planned book on what God considers important: marriage. The book focuses on ordinary moments, those day to day life of couples. Seeing God in those moments of married life, defining that those are important blocks of a healthy relationship that it is also a place where the enemy attacks and struggles sets in, Christian couples should ground themselves together to a biblical perspective that will bring out the extraordinary. Drawing from counseling to personal experiences wrapped with biblical teachings, this book will be a stand out.

Pop psychology has no room for this book as it unravels how to live that extraordinary life on God’s dream marriage for us. Topics like conflict, honestly, forgiveness and intimacy are tackled with depth and a compassionate heart. The chapter “Growing in Grace” will imprint your heart with the message that we need God’s grace in every aspect of our lives. Because we are limited beings we need grace especially to couples to have a strong relationship. Without grace our lives will be full of failure and regret that will result spiritual weakness. We need to have a continuous dependence to God because he is always present and active in our life.  God is most important in the marriage relationship because he will restore and make it beautiful when it’s broken.

So why get this book when there are marriage books by Henry Cloud, Gary Chapman, or Harold Sala, Ed Lapiz and so on and so on? Because “Marriage Matters” makes God matters in your marriage. Whether you’re married or single please don’t miss this book!