5 Important Things to Do Before Starting to Read a Book

Before you say CHARGE! in reading the newest book, keep in mind the following:

  1. Will this book help me? – Ask that important question. Will this book help my Christian life and glorify God? If not forget the book your about to read.
  2. Check reviews and comments to the book – great appetizer to know what you’ll expect and get with it.
  3. Know at hand the pace you’re giving this book-you have many important gigs to do so why not chart the time and day you’ll read the book.
  4. Get a pen and notebook- these two weapons, when nearby will help you dig up the book and unearth unexpected treasures.
  5. Does it have other formats- probably you might have other things to do than carrying a physical book. Carry your latest reads on your tablet or smartphone by checking it on digital formats you can read or listen.


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6 Essential Things to Surprise Yourself

Start your day with some surprise. Boost some exceptional prance to your life. Open the gift of surprise for yourself. Prepare to get blown away with this list:

  1. Have interests on other peoples likes – take time to get to know more about friends and relatives. Have log talks with them over coffee. Ask them their hobbies and talents. Find something in common. Ask if they can help you try it or collaborate.
  2. Carry a Notebook or camera everyday – jot down things that you find. Take snapshots of strange and common places. Try to bring out the zest in the ordinary. Then set to check it every week of the things you have discovered. Celebrate what you have found out.
  3.  Ask people things about you – have an afternoon chat with your relatives. Talk about things about you like when you were born and how is life then. Ask them what you always do and want that you forgot when you grow up then think of things that will somewhat bring it back (if it’s possible).  You’ll find interesting stuff that will amaze you. Discovery yourself in the eyes of others.
  4. Break from the routine –try to commute rather than drive to work. Go to a different route to your office or school. Go to the gym of the evening instead in the morning. Don’t go online to research but try going to the library. Cut the usual coffee break. Try other kinds of clothes. Put on some accessories. Bring your life back by breaking the routine.
  5. Buy yourself unusual presents– even if it’s for you, gifts still delivers a surprise. But give it a twist. Buy cookbooks of foreign foods then try cooking it. Get packs of seeds of unknown plants and plant them. Bring out the awesomeness in you by extraordinary gifts for yourself.
  6. Don’t have a planned adventure – set a getaway now. Explore places that you sometimes ignore because of its familiarity. Have an unscheduled stay at your friends’ house. Ask your buddy if they can come along with you without advance notice.

Anything surprising that happened to you lately? Post it on the comments.

5 Essential Things to Prepare Before Sunday Service


Preparing for Sunday should be the top priority of all Christians. So before Sunday morning comes, you must prepare these 5 things:

  1. Bible- the Christians weapon and most important thing to bring to church.
  2. Notebook and pen- to jot down important lessons of the sermon.
  3. Clothes- prepare your Sunday dresses so you won’t go into frenzy come Sunday morning.  Take it out of the closet. Iron it. Also include hanky, underwear, socks and towel.
  4. Offerings or tithe- separate it in your wallet or purse.
  5. Your heart- Your prayer to God should be for your heart to be tender in receiving His Word.  Pray it to be spiritually open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and ask the full control of God for you to put it in action.

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