Book Review: “A Taste of Asia” (Reuben Grace)

No this is not a cookbook. Lol

But just like food in Asian countries, its comes in different variety, colors and taste.

A Taste of Asia is a combination of a devotional, prayer list, bios and interactive book that is geared for children. Topped with vibrant and colorful illustrations, this book is an sparkling gem to the eye and it can be treasured by the heart for it’s aim to get our young ones get to know missions. If that doesn’t whet your appetite then read on.

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “ Peoples On The Move ” by Anthony F. Casey

There’s another God given opportunity for me to minister folks online. I’ll be contributing articles for Driven By The Gospel (DBTG). I hope you’ll check not just my articles soon but also stuff they already dished out.

Anyways, sample these quotes from the book, Peoples On The Move by Anthony F. Casey published by Wipf and Stock. If you like these quotes, buy the book by clicking here.

“we use the research to develop an appropriate ministry strategy for the specifics of the community. We seek to answer questions such as who lives here, what languages do they speak, what spiritual beliefs do they have, what family structures are, what needs do people have, what resources might already be present to meet these needs, what churches are at work, and what is the most appropriate strategy for ministry?”

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission ” by Daniel Akin

Had a blast with my family for a 4 day staycation over my parents house. Minimal online time, had a short road trip, chatting, watching TV together, ate Ramen noodles and long sleeps. I thank God for the quality time we had.

Anyways, sample these quotes from the book, Raising Kids With A Heart for Mission by Daniel Akin published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, buy the book by clicking here.

“Obeying the Great Commission should begin in the home, though it should certainly not end there.

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Book Review: Hudson Taylor and the Great Impossible by Jojie Wong and Jether Amar

This is a first of its kind commemorative children’s book about one of the greatest Christian missionary, Hudson Taylor. The story of how God calls Taylor is one story every kids and adult should not miss. Read how God guides Hudson Taylor’s trial and triumphs as steps to fulfill what the Lord has imprinted in his heart: to bring the gospel to China.
Indeed this book explicitly celebrates how God used Hudson Taylor to China. Accompanied by stunning artwork by Jether Amar, the story came to life in bursting colors and dramatic scenes.
Looking forward for more of this kind of biographical books for children. This book is badly needed in these times were kids look for superheroes. Hiyas presented more than a hero but a man of God that made ripples for the gospel for generations to come. I hope they will publish more of like this.


Teachers Can Make an Impact
I once read a T-Shirt that somewhat reads “Teacher’s Makes Impact to a Student for Eternity”. Indeed, teachers does have that ability. They are the ones that build up a person that will also make an impact to others. Do you remember your teachers in elementary and high school? What kind of teachers do you remember that really did influenced you? Is he the kind one or the terror you dont want to attend the class? Who every he or she is, you should be thankful because of that teacher, you were able to read this article.
Speaking of teachers, Galatians 3:24 states that the law (specially the 10 Commandments) is a teacher (schoolmaster or tutor in other Bible translations) that leads us to Christ. Without this law we will not know that we sin against God (Romans 7: 7-13). Have we examined ourselves in the light of the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20). Are you good enough for heaven? Have you lied? Took something that doesnt belong to you? You’re a thief if you have done that. Have you been angry with someone? According to Matthew 5, Jesus says thats murder. Thats only 3 of the 10 Commandments which is enough for God to punish us. And the punishment of our sins is eternity in hell.
The 10 Commandments of God serves as a mirror to see our filthiness (sins) and it also says that we should come to Jesus to wash us clean. God is holy and we cannot come to Him because of our sins. But being merciful, God made a way so that we can come to Him by sending Jesus Christ to save us (Juan 3:16). Doing good works, being charitable, having baptized and being a member of a church wont make us righteous to God. If we insist in doing that to be accepted by God, we are like a criminal trying to bribe a good judge. Only through the blood of Jesus Christ he shed in Calvary can wash our sins. Why not repent and trust in Jesus today (Efeso 2:8-9, Romans 10:13) and receive His free gift of salvation? Call on Him today and He will save you.

Book Review: A Vision of the Deep by Susan Scott Sutton

PicsArt_1367745051934Checking this book out reminds me of two of my favorite authors, J. Oswald Sanders and Oswald Chambers. Sanders placed in my heart the vision for Christ and a deeper look in following God. While Chambers keeps on pressing me to not seek mountain top experience but a valley of trials and challenges where we will grow and get more blessings from God. And that is truly finding eternal treasure from above.

A Vision of the Deep provides page after page gentle affirmation that we need to get serious in Christ if we want to follow Him. The book is like a castle and as you face its gates you are already challenge on how you view Christ in terms of serving Him. Sutton writes that we need a heart with an anchor. Anchor it to the Lord and no matter what happens in your ministry or personal life you won’t be moved. Wow! What an inspiring thing to read from someone who led a life serving in Africa.

Part Two gives you a shovel to dig more deeply to the infinitely preciousness of God. Let me give you samples for your taste buds. Chapter 3 is on “Treasuring”, which is finding the genuine will of God for every Christians. Chapter 4 titled “Emptying” ask us in times that we don’t have anything are we willing to serve for God. In those phase our faith is measured on how we are grounded to God. In “Soaring” in hopelessness we still need to look only to God and deem Him beautiful.  Are you craving for more of this? Then go and buy the book!

This book brimful of biblical meditations and Sutton’s testimony will encourage every Christian in pursuit of his God. Relatively an unknown author, A Vision of the Deep will put Sutton on the map of Christian authors who will inspire this generation of Christians who search for a deeper meaning in coming to terms on how to abide in God.

Used Book Finds: By Searching: My Journey through Doubt into Faith by Isobel Kuhn

In an interview chapter of the book “Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints”, Helen Roseveare was asked who is her missionary heroes. She named Isobel Kuhn to be influential to her. Reading her account on that book, I was impressed by her missionary adventures. And by pointing out named Isobel Kuhn, I got interested with this person. It’s a good thing that God didn’t suppress it long enough that my interest faded away. While having my monthly digging at BookSale (a second hand/used book store in the Philippines), I found Isobel Kuhn’s autobiography (published by Moody Press) at the display rack of one of its stall. For P15.00 (incredibly cheap) this 160 pages book chronicles her life of skepticism, Bible college days, meeting her lifetime partner, etc. As I read her story, you can easily relate because it closely resembles doubts and dilemmas of our time particularly what young women go through. The autobiography is inspiringly moving read. Check it out in BookSale or in the Internet.

By the way, what are your favorite biography books of heroes of the faith? Please post it in the comments.