The Freebie Round-Up #133

TGIF! Let’s welcome the weekend with some freebie finds from the internet specially curated just for you!

FREE Basic Bible Study Skills booklet – Knowable Word wants to help Christian study God’s Word. In keeping with the commitment, click this link to get this booklet and other tools that are free to download.

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Book Review: “Balik Tayo Sa Church” (Collin Hansen and Jonathan Leeman)

As we slowly see the “light in the tunnel” of this pandemic, we believers are excited to once again be physically present to our churches. Or is it? We Christians might have been through the thick foliage of this global crisis and about to reach the road to civilization, so to speak, but do we really want that “road” again with all its old and new nuisance?

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Balik Tayo Sa Church” (Collin Hansen and Jonathan Leeman)

Happy Monday! Here’s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished. Balik Tayo Sa Church by Collin Hansen and Jonathan Leeman is published by Treasuring Christ PH and you can get your copy by following this link. Purchasing your copy enables you to support the author, publishing house and ministry to further push the gospel of Christ.

“Gusto ng Diyos na makita tayo ng mundo at maintindihan nila ang pagkakaiba natin sa kanila, para maipaliwanag natin nang lubos ang kagandahan ng ating pananampalataya.

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The Freebie Round-Up #85


Aside from the Word for Word Bible Comics, I’ll be reviewing comics, hopefully new stuff from Kingstone, the Christian Marvel Comics. As a comicbook fan, I’m so so stoked! If you check their app on either Google Play or at the App Store, they’re offering some of their comics for $ 0.99 only on digital format.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies for the week. If you’re new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.

Also since I’m not 24/7 monitoring the latest freebies of publishing companies, I’m posting their e-mail sign up page, so you’ll be in the loop whenever they give out freebies. You can find it at the end of this round-up.

FREE e-book “Money Counts” by Graham Beynon  – This free ebook is The Good Book Company’s free book of the month.

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “How Do I Love Church Members With Different Politics?” by Jonathan Leeman & Andy Naselli


We now have the manuscript for the Tagalog translation of John Piper’s book Coronavirus and Christ. In the few days it will be available for free download. Meanwhile, the Tagalog audiobook will start recording next week. Again keep us in your prayers.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from the booklet from a new series, How Do I Love Church Members With Different Politics? by Jonathan Leeman and Andy Naselli published by Crossway. If you like these quotes, please get the book by clicking here.

“Love those who differ with you by respecting them, not disdaining them. Don’t assume that anyone who is stricter than you is legalistic or that anyone who is freer than you is licentious. When you are convinced that a certain political strategy is just, you may be tempted to treat it as a matter of first importance, but that would be a grave mistake because it would imply that those who disagree with you on that issue cannot be Christians.”

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