The Quotable Round-Up # 60

paper_zpshrjhwlqwHey people its a new again and heres your favorite post. Hot and fresh quotes from the book”Preaching Killer Sermons” by Lane Sebring. If you enjoyed these quotes, please buy the book at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon. Feel free to share this post over your social media. God bless you and enjoy your week!

“When you do not adequately prepare your sermons, you ensure you will deliver an aimless sermon. Lack of preparation leads most preachers to ramble, to preach longer than they should, and to struggle to define and clearly communicate the point of the sermon.” — Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“The people who fill your church every week are desperate—in some cases even dying—to be inspired. They are eager to be given a sense of hope and reassurance that life can be lived better. When you lack passion you reinforce the feeling some of your people have: “There is nothing in this for me.” — Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“Nothing will hinder our ability to improve as a preacher more than thinking we have nothing more to learn.” — Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“Every sermon needs a purposeful objective. If you have not clearly defined the objective for your sermon, you will not know whether you have hit it. The objective is not the same as a main point. Your point(s) should correspond to your objective, but your objective rises above your point to another level. The objective is what your sermon does, while your point is what your sermon teaches.”– Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“Sermons must have all three of these elements to be effective. Information without inspiration is boring. Inspiration without application is useless. Here is a simple equation to make sense of it all: Information + Inspiration + Application = Killer Sermon.”– Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“Consider the people you are speaking to and factor in their specific life-stages, needs, educational levels, backgrounds, and preferences. Communication is about the listener, so you should avoid having a one-size-fits-all approach to sermon structure.”– Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep

“Begin your sermon by presenting a problem and helping everyone see they have a stake in it. You want to make every listener know that your sermon is going to be helpful and add value to his or her life. Perhaps they should be interested regardless, but this is not usually the case.”- Lane Sebring, “Preaching Killer Sermons” #preachingkillersermons #lanesebring #preaching #sermonprep


5 Cool Questions We Christians Should Ask and Think About

Before we get bog down by the hustle and bustle of the day why don’t we stop and ponder the following questions that will bring some Christ changing transformation we need:

  1. Have I read and meditate God’s Word today? God commands us to do so because He knows it’s the only spiritual food that will guarantee to satisfy us.
  2. Have I inspired and encourage someone? Your friends need some uplifting words from you that will get them through tough times. Be sensitive to others who are hurting inside. Do it today and make a difference to someone.
  3. Have I done the things I have planned? Have you check your calendar or planner and see what needs to be done? Does it need some immediate attention? Don’t let anything distract you and stick to the plan.
  4. Have I been breaking promises lately? As a Christian we should be building some trust to others not just to be exemplary but that Christ might be magnified in things we promise. Maybe it’s time to consider doing what you have promised. You might have gone to the “point of no return” because of unfulfilled promises but it’s not too late to do what is right.
  5. 5.       Have I come to Christ to confess my sin today? 1 John 1:9 states “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Are their hidden sins we need forgiveness from Christ? Sins not be brought to the feet of the Master will forfeit blessings and our fellowship with Him. Kneel down and ask for mercy today.

Are there any questions worth considering you can add to this list? Please post it on the comment section.