True Mythology

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Fans of fiction writings can easily see traces of the biblical gospel in the literature they read. They may not be aware it or they might not admit it, readers gets suck into the stories that have been told over and over again. As Christians, we need to be aware of two things. One, God implanted those stories in our very being and two, although we see the glimpses of the redemption story of Christ, those stories wont save us. They’re merely pointing us to the gospel itself that we need for the forgiveness of sins and salvation.

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8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Love Story” (Glen Scrivener)

I have a new quote cards collection involving the this post over my FB page and also a fresh translated article from Joe Carter now live at the Driven By The Gospel website. Hope you’ll check those updates.

Now here are my favorite quote from the book Love Story by Glen Scrivener published by 10 Publishing. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

“Christians insist on telling a story – all about God coming to earth to die for his creatures. More than its creeds or rituals or moral codes, it is the Easter story that is central for Christians.”

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The Freebie Round-Up #105

I have two new articles on Driven By The Gospel. One is a translated article from Desiring God about Valentine’s Day and a quote collection from an author I recently interviewed here on this blog. Plus a new quote card collection over the FB Page of this blog.

Now that those have been taken cared of, lets proceed to our freebies. If you missed the previous one and some of the old round-up, just scroll down and you’ll find them at the end of this article.

Also since I’m not 24/7 monitoring the latest freebies of publishing companies, I’m posting their e-mail sign up page, so you’ll be in the loop whenever they give out freebies. You can find it at the end of this round-up.

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(Interview) Author Robert J. Nash on Preparing for Lent

It’s February and a few days more, Lent or Holy Week will start. It will be a time to commemorate Christ death, burial and triumphant resurrection. As much as Christmas is important, so is Lent for Christians. But how do we celebrate this event? We ask Robert J. Nash, author of Last Words: Seven Sayings from the Heart of Christ on the Cross, on how we can make Lent an occasion that will last through the year and the coming years.

Hello pastor! My first question is how important is Lent for a believer?

That is a great question. While Easter was important when I’m growing up, Lent wasn’t. For many of the people I knew, all Lent meant was cutting out sugar for forty days. Now, as a pastor, husband, and father, I realize a new value of Lent. Lent offers us the opportunity to prepare our hearts as we remember the sacrifice Jesus made for our souls. It helps us slow down and be honest about what we have done and not done, what we have said and not said, what we have thought and not thought. We can take a good look in the mirror and see our sin for what it is. That look reminds us of our need for a savior and builds appreciation and reverence for what he did.

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Vintage Prayers for Lent

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There are lots of things that we can learn in our own prayers. One of which is how theology goes through the different challenges that we encounter in our lives. We might feel joy, lost, doubts and depression. In our prayer we will discover not just what those truths mean to us but how it will shape us in the process. We cannot escape the fact as part of our theology, also reveals our view on God. Knowing God provides our prayer life a fervent devotion to Him and how our human experiences find context with this kind of knowledge.

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