The Freebie Round-Up #19

mnjtgskHello people! I can still feel the impact of the Sunday message and the Tim Challies conference that I just want to put in my heart that I need to focus on Christ goodness in my life. Will you include me in your prayers that I may give my best for God? All of us need a prayer and encouragement to go through this crazy world. Anyways, its freebie time and I hope you’ll enjoy these free stuff!

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FREE Douglas Wilson e-books – Wilson is at it again with his free stuff all November. His books Same-Sex Mirage and Joy at the End of the Tether is free on Kindle in a limited time.

FREE e-book “The Story of Redemption” by Greg Gilbert – From Genesis to Revelation, God reveals a narrative story that centers to His Son, Jesus Christ and His obedience to the cross to save the elect. Join Bible commentator, Greg Gilbert explore this theme in this free e-book simply by signing up Crossway’s newsletter.

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FREE e-book “39 Awesome youth group games, ice breakers and activities” – Fervr is a site for the Christian youth and part of being a youth is hanging out with fellow Christians. Here’s a 16 page free e-book that will jazz up your youth group.

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FREE e-book “Doing Life Together” from Joni and Friends – This freebie is about reaching out people of disability who are isolating themselves and building a meaningful relationship.

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FREE online course on Apologetics from 1517 Academy –  Dr. John Francisco of 1517 offers this free course by e-mail on defending the Christian faith.

FREE e-book “Come Unto Me” by Tony Reinke – In this free book, Reinke focuses on how God draws the world to by the gospel.

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FREE “Gospel of John” from The Preacher’s Bible – Get to sample this great Bible by download and print the Gospel of John (NASB) from the Preacher’s Bible for free.

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The Quotable Round-Up # 66

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Hey people here’s your favorite post. Hot and fresh quotes from the books “Preach: Theology Meets Practice” by  Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert;  and “ The KJV Only Controversy ” by James R. White . If you enjoyed these quotes, please buy the books at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon. Feel free to share this post over your social media. God bless you and enjoy your week!
“Conspiratorial thinking tends to see the “facts” in such a way as to always support one’s preconceived notions. Once a person has accepted the idea that the “modern versions” are somehow in league with one another to “get” the KJV and to “hide” God’s truths, every instance of variation between the KJV and those versions is filled with great importance. Rather than examining the facts and gaining a proper perspective on the issue, KJV Only advocates find in the most innocent scribal error a grand scheme to rob Christ of His deity or deny that salvation is by grace through faith.”

“Modern translations of the Bible as a matter of standard practice Greek include textual footnotes to indicate to the reader uhere the or Hebrew manuscripts contain variants. KJV Only advocates, generally, dislike such footnotes, feeling that they can “confuse” the reader, and that they are, in fact, faith-destroying. If a version dares to note that a word, phrase, or verse is questionable, it will be accused of “attacking” the Word of God by those who defme the KJV as the Word of God. Unfortunately, many defenders of the AV seem to be unaware of the fact, noted previously,” that the King James Version contained 8, 422 such marginal readings and notes when it was first published. A High quality printings of the King James to this day, such as those printed at Cambridge, contain these references, though many printed in America omit these items.”

“God has indeed the KJV, for which we can all be very thankful. And I do not doubt for a second that He will continue to
bless those who read it and obey it. But God blessed the Septuagint,
too. And the Vulgate. And translations in dozens of different languages as well. God has blessed the NASB, and the NIV and many others. God blesses those who seek His will and follow it. Those who fmd His will in the NIV are just as blessed as those who find it in the KJV. Limiting God’s blessing to a particular translation of the Bible is historically untenable and spiritually dangerous.” 

“The KJV was not the first English translation, nor the last. Hence, it is perfectly logical to ask, “Why should I use it as the standard by which I am to test all others?” Yet the reason, almost always, is found in the equation, “The King James Bible Alone = the Word of God Alone.” That’s the starting point, the foundation of the entire system.”

“The King James Only controversy, by its very nature, brings
disruption and contention right into the pews of the local Christian
church. KJV Only advocates, due to the nature of their beliefs, are often disruptive of the fellowship in churches, feeling that their message of “God’s one true Bible” needs to be heard by all. Anyone who does not “know what they know” needs to be told quickly, and 
most often, forcefully. And since much of the KJV Only material
alleges grand and complex conspiracies on the part of the modem
translations, distrust of others who use (or would even defend) those translations often results in schisms within the fellowship and a debilitation of the local body.”

“The Holy Spirit uses the preached word to give spiritual life to those who are spiritually dead, and He uses the preached word to conform God’s people more closely to the image of Jesus. As preachers of the Word, we should have no less confidence in it than God Himself does. When we preach we should do so with the full conviction that God will accomplish His purposes through His Word. It will not return to Him empty.” — Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

“Scripture is useful for doctrinal instruction, both positively and negatively, and it is useful for ethical instruction, again both positively and negatively. Taken together, all that provides a pretty comprehensive map of what is required to edify a church and build Christians up in Christ.” — Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

The Quotable Round-Up # 62

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Hey people heres your favorite post. Hot and fresh quotes from the books “Preach: Theology Meets Practice” by Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert, “Young, Restless and Reformed” by Collin Hansen,  . If you enjoyed these quotes, please buy the books at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon. Feel free to share this post over your social media. God bless you and enjoy your week!

“Christian preaching, though, has at its heart the desire to make a change, to say something the world does not hear from anywhere else and does not even want to hear. It’s not that Christian preachers are looking for ways to be contrarian. It’s that the message we have been given to preach is the countercultural, status quo challenging, and offensive declaration that the human race is in rebellion against our King, and that our choices are to be judged for that rebellion or to accept love and forgiveness from His hand.” — Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

“Too many churches today have preachers who look to the culture around them not simply for the most effective methods of communicating their message but for the most effective message to be preached.” — Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

“Understanding that theological truth about preaching can make all the difference between a milque-toast preaching ministry that just makes suggestions about a few things “we might want to think about” and a preaching ministry that heralds the good news, direct from the throne of God, that those who trust Jesus and confess Him as Lord will find mercy, forgiveness, salvation—and new life!—in His hand.”– Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert

“Humanly speaking, God’s sovereignty seems to threaten human responsibility. But Scripture affirms both truths. Even when we don’t understand, we can thank God that he does not limit himself according to our understanding. God gives Christians all the motivation they need to share their faith. We evangelize for God and his glory, out of love for our neighbors. We have confidence because there is no greater evangelist than the Holy Spirit.” — Collin Hansen

“Christians must seek not a return to the Reformation or the First Great Awakening but a return to Jesus Christ, the founder and perfecter of our faith.”– Collin Hansen

“Mere knowledge is not the end of Calvinism or any other theology. Theology should drive a Christian toward transformation—toward greater worship of God and more powerful service for his sake.”– Collin Hansen

“Maybe you can only survive so long on a self-help diet. Eventually you get pretty sick of yourself. A biblical understanding of God—big beyond description, active, perfectly holy—tastes much better than junk-food pop psychology.”– Collin Hansen