Comicbook Review: Babylon by Art A. Ayris and Mario Ruiz

Now we come the last graphic novel for our Comicbook January (and I hoping there will be more of this kind to review).” Babylon”  is a biblical and historical fiction of the story of Daniel (check the below the pages for the chapters and verses it came from).For some biblical and historical fiction may raise eyebrows but as you read this graphic novel, Art Ayris is very careful in handling the different element of the story.  Follow his life from the Fall of Jerusalem to his predicament in the lion’s den. See how he is faithful to God in any circumstances he is facing. Not only that but it also highlights God’s faithfulness to Daniel as he serve three kings in his lifetime. God used Daniel to show how merciful He is even to the enemy of His chosen people.

Art Aryis story telling is superb and he made it easy to digest the story. One thing though, he left out the prophetic parts of the Daniel and concentrated to the narrative. Of course, we all know the Book of Daniel is the Revelations of the Old Testament. Nevertheless, the story is engaging.

Mario Ruiz did a good job on the artwork. He made the highlights of the story unforgettable. Some panels contain the usual images that have been used in other format of the story of Daniel but there are a few surprises in store for the readers as well.

“Babylon” is a good read for those who are in the faith and wants to have a visual of the story. Enjoy this comicbook and share it with others to help them appreciate the Book of Daniel.


Comicbook Review: 101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity by Art Ayris 

Another ground breaking comicbook from Kingstone Comics, “101 Questions…” sets to visualize questions people ask about the Bible and our Christian faith when there are gazillions of books about it. I can certify you, those books left a space for this graphic novel to fit in.

It is refreshing to see a Kingstone Comics to bring out apologetics comicbook were other companies do not. Art Ayris writes answers to questions that will benefit both believers and unbelievers. From the evidence for the existance of God, answering evolution and many more this graphic novel reminds me of the books like “The Answers Book” or apologetics books by Josh McDowell. Different artist collaborating with the artwork which I think its hard to flesh out art in a book that is not the usual story-telling stuff. But I have to admit they did a swell job doing it here.

“101 Questions….” delivers accessable Christian apologetics in a very unique format. With this kind of book, I’m excited with Vol. 2! Paging CLC Philippines!

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