The Rebel’s Dictionary: Swoonies

The Rebel’s Dictionary injects humor and satire to made up words. TRD’s goal isn’t to poke fun on individuals or use these words to label a person or entity.  By using funny words as jump off point, TRD aims to discuss serious issues concerning Christians, the church and Christianity at large. At the end of every entry, TDR includes biblical and practical answers to such inquiry. That’s what TRD is aiming for. 


The Rebel’s Dictionary Entry #1

Swoonies (noun) – Refers to a group of people who believes in the swoon theory. It’s a combination of swoon as in the swoon theory (the belief) and Moonies, followers of the Unification Church, a religious cult lead by Sun Myung Moon (that’s were the Moon in Moonies came from) from Korea. Although swoonies doesnt adhere to the teaching of the Unification Church, the number of followers holding to such belief, is enough to call them as a cult. Some of their holy books are Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The DaVinci Code.


Reality Check: Sometimes lies never dies. But so is truth. In fact truth, has a eternal imprint that can outlive lies. Lies are only temporal. Truth can stump it out. We just need to boldly stand and proclaim it. If swoon theory gives you problems in reaching out skeptics, here are some links that will help you:

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Used Book Find: Cheap Apologetics Books

Apologetics (defending the faith) has never been this cheap! If you’re like me, I spend time digging books at BookSale (a second hand book store chain in the Philippines) and always find books that engaged you in defending the Christian faith. The price may be cheap but the books are not. In fact, what I find are classics and bestsellers from leading Christian apologist. Authors like Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel rings a bell to everyone who knows apologetics. So I’ll bring their books to the spotlight in this article for your search and enjoy the book.

First is the classic book (and I think the most popular) “More Than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell. This little book is the summary of his search to refute the claims of Christianity. As a student, he was challenged by Christians to examine the faith.  This book is a must read and a must have for Christians who is starting out with apologetics. It can be use as an evangelistic tool.  It was such a bestseller it was turned into a film. For years now it seems every time I visit BookSale I find this book. I make it a point to buy a copy (since they are price P10-50 only), stock it in my cabinet and donate it to schools. The book tackles topics like the deity of Jesus, reliability of the Bible, prophecy etc.  The book ends with a personal testimony of Josh McDowell.

If you want  more meat and fast pace read about apologetics I’ll direct you to the next book feature. It’s from a former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, Lee Strobel. The titles are “The Case for Easter” and “The Case for Christmas” (which sells from P10-P45 only). Both books are excerpts on a bigger book titled “The Case for Christ”. The reason that they released it on a smaller volume is for mass evangelistic outreach. Definitely, those two books are awesome for seasonal give away or simply what I do, donate it at a school library. Having read his books (especially “The Case for Christ” which I got also from BookSale) I can say that Strobel gave skeptics a run for their money.  Using his journalistic writing style (which I love when he opens a chapter of the book) and his legal expertise interviewing Christian scholars that makes the book like a thriller novel!

So there you have it. Books that is best for apologetics.  I would like to end this article with appeal to Christian books stores here in the Philippines. If your own, work or patronized Christian bookstores please put or ask to stock these books. I’ve been checking out their shelves and I can’t find works by Josh McDowell and Lee Strobel (I stand corrected if you find one). We need such books to protect us from cults and false teaching prevailing and stand against the attacks of atheist and skeptics that undermine the truth in Christianity. God bless you as you do it not only for believers but also those who are seeking the truth.