8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “The Believer’s Paradox” (Arthur W. Pink)

This is the second serving of #ReadingTheClassics on this blog. This is for the celebration of the 504th Protestant Reformation, coming this October 31.

This time I would like to share something from A. W. Pink titled The Believer’s Paradox. Like the previous post, these books are available at Chapel Library for download or you can get it through mail free. My aim is for you to have a taste of what a feast you’ll enjoy when you read the entire book.

“…if you are not plagued with and burdened by unbelief, if you do not humbly confess the same to God and seek His help about it, then are you of all men most miserable.”

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5 Essential Christian Books for Your Skeptic Friends

Now you have no reason for not defending your faith and not giving a special gift for your skeptic friend. Here are 4 books about why Christianity is true and will diffuse any atheist or agnostic:

  1. More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell-a classic that sets the standard of apologetics book. I think this book gave a “pop” flavor for defending the faith. Finally book for the skeptical masses from a former skeptic himself. Short but compelling this is the zenith of all McDowell’s apologetic books and still a great giveaway for your unbelieving buddy.
  2. The Signature of God by Grant Jeffrey- the late Grant Jeffrey maley left us scratching our heads in a flop over the Millennium bug, but putting that aside this book is truly something for even believers to dig. It combines “More Than A Carpenter” arguments (with of course Jeffrey’s take) and an outstanding look at numerology in the Bible. Not just convincing but thought provoking.
  3. One Heartbeat Away by Mark Cahill-Cahill and Comfort paved the way for what is evangelism in the last decade. This book can be considered the “More Than A Carpenter” of that decade. Cahill is an evangelism machine and I think that’s why he wrote this book is for follow up for those who learned evangelism through his 1st book “One Thing You Cant Do In Heaven.” He took different subject from the existence of God, evolution, the reliability of the Bible, heaven, hell etc., and answer it this very helpful book.
  4. A Case for Christ by Lee Strobel- Lee Strobel, an award winning legal editor and a former atheist, didn’t just penned an apologetics book but by utilizing his journalistic expertise, a book that feels like a page turner of the latest bestselling novel. In his quest to know the truth, Strobel interviews prominent Christian scholars by throwing hard hitting questions against the faith. This very compelling book will reinforce your faith and make your skeptic friend consider Christianity.
  5. God Doesn’t Believe in Atheist by Ray Comfort-with a quirky title like that; this book shouldn’t be missed. The arguments are blend in a very friendly (and sometimes funny) manner as if Comfort is talking to you personally. This book doesn’t just provide logical point of view on Christianity but also lays the gospel and answers to common objections in Christianity. You’ll find this one enjoyable of all the books I mentioned in the list.


Anymore books you would like to add here?