Used Book Finds: Discipleship: Ministry Up Close and Personal by Chuck R. Swindoll

      God used Charles Swindoll in my writing and preaching ministry. I love the way he explains verses then make it very practical. I copy some of his writing techniques so to make messages clear and simple. His books are the best specially on Christian living. Truly I’m in debt with this Bible teacher.

Through the help of BookSale (a second hand/used book store in the Philippines), I have collected books from this author. His Bible Study Guides (companion to his radio teachings) are very useful especially in Sunday School. I gave Discipleship: Ministry Up Close and Persona l (copyright 1990 Charles R. Swindoll) to our pastor then he used it in our Sunday School. Then he lends it to me for my personal study of discipleship. What a blessing it is.

If ever you find a book of his in BookSale to recommend that you get it. Many will benefit on his teachings.

So what’s your favorite book on discipleship? Please post it on the comment.