8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Fixated: Advent Meditations from the Book of Hebrews” by Tim Chester

Someone is staring the holidays by releasing books that are geared for Chistmas. 10 Publishing’s upcoming books will keep you focus on the birth of our Savior. This blog will keep you company by giving you reviews and share quotes from each new titles. You can check the list of titles and pre-order links if you like what you see by going to the FB Page of this blog.

So enjoy these quotes from the book, Fixated: Advent Meditations from The Book of Hebrews by Tim Chester published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, pre-order the book by clicking here.

“The writer of the book of Hebrews has an answer to those questions and it’s one that might surprise you. It’s not a set of rigorous spiritual disciplines. It’s not a three-month discipleship programme. It doesn’t involve going to Bible college or locking yourself away in a monastery. His answer is simple – fix your eyes on Jesus.”

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The Freebie Round-Up #32

4rlcevaIt’s so encouraging that I got mentioned for the second time by blogger Tim Challies. His last weekend Ala Carte made me so happy. It’s totally a humbling experience. That’s why I’m praying and if God willing venture to more ideas that will serve Christians with relevant resources.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies that are waiting to be downloaded. And if your new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.

FREE Bible Study, Zechariah “The Lord Remembers” –  It’s a rarity to see a Bible study of the Book of Zechariah but I’m glad Equipping Eve posted this freebie. Aside for the novelty this study utilizes John MacArthur’s sermons.

FREE guide “30 Days of Prayer: A Heart Fully Devoted to God” – Desiring to know more about God is the duty of every Christians. This guide will lead you to a challenge for praying for it for 30 days. Download this guide with access to a Facebook group and two introductory videos all for free.

FREE devotional “Finding Freedom from Anxiety” – From blogger Lara Dentremont this is free 5-day devotional to help you cope anxiety by focusing on the five attributes of God.

FREE members only access library from “Whole Magazine” – Get tons of freebies like screen lock images, e-books, Scripture plans and more by signing up to their free members only access library.

FREE access to the resource library of “She Shall Be Called” – If you enjoyed the Whole Magazine freebies, then prepared for some more from She Shall Be Called.   Lockscreens, study materials, worksheets, and more can be download for free.

FREE devotional “Rooted” by Jasmine Holmes – Failing from expectations? The get this 5 day devotional that will point your to find your identity on Christ and defeat fear and shame of failing. Just sign up and you’ll get the freebie.

FREE journal “Kerux: A Journal of Biblical Theology “ – Check to the archives of all the issues of this journal that prints biblical-theological materials. Enjoy the free digital downloads of journal from 1986 to the present.

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Book Review: The Joyful Heart (Daily Meditation) by Watchman Nee

A collection of bite size messages of Watchman Nee made into a 365 daily entries, “The Joyful Heart” that will not just inspire you with its deep and thought provoking meditations but will also stir your soul. Nee’s writing ministry proves that word’s of this man of God is commanding to the inner being of a believer. This book is a cross between Oswald Chambers and T. Austin Sparks, a delectable food saturated with Nee’s passion for God.

Every entry are climax of a sermon. Thats how this book is written. Novice or veteran to Nee’s writings will get their heavenly treat day by day. Taste something soul satisfying. Turn every page of this devotional and find God as source of true joy. This book reminds us everyday even their is testing and challenges, God is our true happiness. Through His Word we can be transformed and walk blessed through out the whole day. Let “The Joyful Heart” enrich, complete and satisfy our pursuit of God.

“The Joyful Heart” brings you a pace setting of true joy of a Christian that has a willful and obedient love to follow God. If you have gone through “My Utmost for His Highest”, “Morning and Evening”, “Streams in the Desert” put this in your devotional list.

Writing With A Purpose: Delighting Grace Interviews J. M. Farro

Previously we featured a book review of J. M. Farro’s devotional “Life on Purpose for Women”. You can check it by clicking here and buy a copy from CLC Philippines. We got bless by the messages of the book. But the DG book review team got a suprise when Joanne M. Farro posted a comment complimenting our book review. Not only that she even agreed to have an interview for this blog! And here it is guys!Enjoy!!!

Delighting Grace: Can you tell us why write a devotional book when there are lots of them out in the market?

J. M. Farro: Actually, I never set out to write a devotional book. In fact, I never set out to write a book at all! It all came about when I joined the staff of my son, John’s, internet ministry,Jesusfreakhideout.com . My original assignment on the website was to answer prayer requests. But after being on the JFH staff for a year, my son asked me to write some devotionals for his site. At first, I was indignant because I thought my son was asking too much of me. But then I prayed and asked the Lord if this was what He wanted me to do. When He said yes, I began writing, and I’ve been writing ever since. That was in 1999, and since then, Jesusfreakhideout.com has become one of the largest Christian music websites in the world. Eventually, a publisher offered to put my devotionals from the site in book form, and this is how my “Life On Purpose” devotional books came about. It was totally God’s idea, not mine. Because as you say, there are plenty of devotional books on the market already.

Delighting Grace: How about the whole process of producing a book? Please give us a sort of “behind the scenes” of it.

J. M. Farro: When Harrison House contacted me about putting my devotionals in book form, they said that before the whole process could begin, they would have to sit down with their Marketing people to determine if it would be worthwhile for them to invest in a devotional book of mine. Weeks later, they contacted me and asked me to sign a contract with them. I earnestly prayed about it and felt like this was God’s will for me, so I did. After pitching my book concept to their distributors, and receiving such a positive response, Harrison House called me and said that they wanted to publish three books of my devotionals, instead of just one. Also, instead of waiting two more years to publish, they were putting a rush on the project and releasing it in only a few short months. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy, and I thanked God for His incredible kindness and generosity.

Delighting Grace: Any memorable experience while giving “birth” to “Life on Purpose” devotional books?

J. M. Farro: After writing devotionals for my son’s website for two years, and sending out a weekly email devotional to my subscribers all that time, one of my readers urged me to submit my writing to publishers. So I did. But all I got back were rejection notices. I got very discouraged, but with God’s help, I continued to write and mail out my weekly devotionals. Then, exactly two years later, I felt led to begin writing publishers again, and one of the editors that had rejected my work two years before became very excited about my devotionals and offered to publish them in book form. That was Harrison House, who eventually published several of my books, including the “Life On Purpose” series.

Delighting Grace: How has writing and releasing a book changed you?

J. M. Farro: Having my writing published in book form has been a very exciting and enlightening experience for me. It is very gratifying when others are excited about your work, to the point of wanting to invest their money in it. But for me, it has had its disadvantages, too. Now, I can hardly write anything without wondering, “Is this good enough to be published? Would anyone want to buy the rights to this?” In other words, it has been a distraction for me in some ways. I have to remind myself that my main focus must always be obeying God with my writing, and doing my best to use my God-given skills to help others, and to lead them to Christ.

Delighting Grace: How important to you is quiet time with God? How do you do your devotional time for the Lord?

J. M. Farro: My quiet time with God each day is my number one priority. It is literally my lifeline, and I could not live or function without it. No matter how busy my day will be, I get up early enough in the morning to spend time praying and reading the Bible before I do anything else. I often start out by praying, “Lord, show me where to go in Your Word today. Speak to me, and help me to hear and to heed Your voice.” I usually read at least one or two devotionals which lead me to a specific passage of Scripture. I ask the Lord to show me how it applies to my life. I’ve discovered that if we read or hear the Word of God, but fail to apply it to our own lives, it won’t do us much good. The real power is in the doing. Another thing I often pray is, “Lord, send me revelation from Heaven, and help me to apply it to my own life, and to share it with others in life-changing ways.” I know that when God shows me or teaches me something, He doesn’t do it just for my benefit. But He expects me to share it with others so that it can make a difference in their lives, too.

Delighting Grace: Indeed its our lifeline from God. What is your advice to Christians who want to stay focused on God, even if they are busy in their studies and work?

J. M. Farro: I tell people that if they are serious about keeping their focus on God, they are going to have to make numerous sacrifices on a regular basis. They must make spending time alone with God each day their number one priority. If they don’t, they will be constantly distracted by other people and other responsibilities. It’s a matter of priorities. The Lord will always help us to give Him first place in our lives and our schedules if we will sincerely ask Him to, and if our motives are right. We simply cannot fulfill our God-given purpose and potential unless we spend regular, unhurried, and undistracted time alone with the Lord each day – praying, reading His Word, and asking Him to speak to our hearts. When we do, He will bless us and use us in exciting ways for His glory. And we will have a tremendous impact on the world for Christ.

Delighting Grace: Thank you Joanne for your time. It so nice to have a you over my bog. Please do invite our readers to get your book, and also, please tell us what we will expect with you in the future?

J. M. Farro: Last year, I released a new book entitled, “The Promise-Powered Life: How to See the Promises of God Fulfilled in Your Life”. It is a new collection of my devotionals based on the promises of God from Scripture, and they are filled with personal experiences and anecdotes from my own walk with the Lord. For more than 21 years, I have prayed and claimed the promises of God for myself and my loved ones, and I have discovered firsthand how they can transform people and circumstances in amazing ways. This new book can be purchased on Amazon.com in paperback or in digital form. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from readers on this book, who have told me that it has radically changed their lives. Your readers can use this link to check out this new book. I hope that this book will be the first in a series of more to come in the days ahead.

Delighting Grace: I’m checking the new book and I must say that its another godly bestseller from J. M. Farro. So guys please drop by the bookstore to get one and also the Life on Purpose series. Thank you again Joanne and more power to you!

Book Review: Life on Purpose For Women by J. M. Farro

“Life on Purpose For Women” is one book included in the bestselling “Life on Purpose” series by author J.M. Farro. It dishes out meditations and Farro’s personal experience to add more flavor to this book. Well this is a devotional but not the typical “365 day” stuff. Actually, the entries are not dated so you might as well consider every entries as chapters of this book. You can read it even you dont use it for you quite time.

“Life on Purpose For Women” sends a message that God created us for a purpose. We need our life to be useful and live everyday for God. In our life many struggles, temptations and trials that comes in our way. To be a successful Christian we need to ask for God’s guidance, wisdom and courage. God wants us to be satisfied and be content for what we have, and He want us to seek first God daily.

The book reminds us that God will provide and He knows whats best for us. We need to wait for God’s will. Just trust Him because He is powerful and nothing compares to what He can provide us. So now, we need to decide and choose to “live everyday for a better purpose…that is God’s purpose.”

What stands out and I’m praying that it will make an impact with everyone is the part which says “we can live without the things in this world but we can’t live without God.”

Make your quite time abiding on a purpose that God wants us to have. Have this book handy not just for devotional but for a pleasureful spiritual read.

Book Review: Daylight by Andrew Kuyvenhoven

CLC is not running out of great devotional to publish for the Christian. Just when you think you have the devotionals from Oswald Chambers and Chuck Swindoll, here comes another stand out. Enter Daylight by Andrew Kuyvenhoven. It’s a 366 daily devotional readings that will surely start your day with God.

As I check out the entries of this devotional, this wont be just an appetizer for your spiritual breakfast. Kuyvenhoven will serve you a hefty meal of the Word of God. This is not just a “one day one inspiration” turf of pop Christianity. This is more of a sermon stuff in a concise manner. I can visualized Kuyvenhoven going to the pulpit to deliver these messages. So you get a sermon per day in this book. And because the author is Reformed, prepare for deep understanding and meditation of God’s Word. Also let me add that every month has certain theme which I find odd but for me a very radical thing for a devotional. This should also be read like a book, but for its purpose a daily intake of this classic devotional will set the pace for the whole day.

This updated version is as fresh as 30 years it was published and gone in ten printings and I’m highly recommending it to Christians who wants more in their quite time. Straight forward, biblically solid and tackles topics that is essential to the believers this devotional is worth waking up and seeking God.

Book Review: A Table In The Wilderness by Watchman Nee

When you hear the name Watchman Nee what comes to your mind? Probably an oriental sage with mysterious teachings only the chosen few can understand. Or a Chinese version of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who in became a hero after he was killed. Or for some, he is completely unknown. But checking this book of his titled “A Table In The Wilderness” you wont just get fun size of his teachings but a sumptuous meal for the soul.

This is Watchman Nee’s devotional book drawn from his writings (like many of his books). The entries are short but packed with spiritual insights that will challenge and bless the believer every time he opens this book. Nee constantly reminds us in this book that Christians should seek God, know who we are in Him, heed His warnings and the privilege we have in knowing Him. “A Table In The Wilderness” is written for the Christians daily walk in Christ.

This book can be likely compared to “My Utmost for His Highest” but with a deeper personal touch. Sampling some of its entry, we can almost find “I”, “we” etc., pertaining to Nee as he injects personal experiences and struggles. Its a combination of meditation of the Word of God and sort of diary like writing that makes this devotional uniquely delightful for readers. You will truly be bless by this book as you read it for your quite time.

Turn every page of this devotional daily and you will be captivated by God’s message and Nee’s personal account. Highly recommend for believers who wont settle for snack food spirituality. Prepare to feast on this.

Book Review: Bedside Blessings by Charles R. Swindoll

If you don’t know who Charles or Chuck Swindoll well you won’t be able to read this post. This blog won’t exist either. He is one of my writing heroes and also in the line of writing down a sermon. He has this gift to explain Bible text and gives practical application on it. That’s why his books is on my top list (even if he is not a Calvinist).

Beside Blessings is a daily devotional with a very short inspirational message. What I like about this devotional, it short but the message still have this profound impact to readers. That’s what I call the “Swindoll Magic”. Taken from various Chuck Swindoll books (which I haven’t read) this is such a treat for those who are not familiar to his works. With bite size of godly wisdom I’m sure you’ll look for his books.

I think Beside Blessings is geared for people four kinds of people. One, those who are new to devotional and wants something short. Two, for those people who are so busy and tired. So they will have no excuse for not having a quite time before they sleep. Three, old people who can’t read that long for a devotional. Four, for older kids who you want to teach to give time for God every evening. In either ways this devotional delivers inspiration and encouraging thoughts that will wake you up blessed and refresh the next day.

Highly recommended this devotional is truly a blessing to everyone who has a desire to seek God in a very precious minute of the night.

Book Review: Daily Grace for Teachers

If someone asked you who is the most influential person in the planet some might say it is the teachers. Not just in the secular place but those humble Sunday School teachers. Their influence to shape you to who you are today is indispensable. The way you will view the world is gradually created by teachers who imparts wisdom and knowledge you need to know. And hey who won’t forget your terror teacher who pushes you to be the best.

Daily Grace for Teacher is fitting devotional to teachers to reflect and ponder God provision to them on the daily basis. When I open this book, the format and how it looks remind me of the Early Light Devotional that comes from In Touch Magazine by Charles Stanley. Filled with encouraging stories related to teaching, this devotional knows what a busy and a tired teacher needs. Something to teach the heart and soul of the teacher who seeks spiritual food.

Spiritual insights from Christians giants from yesteryears (Charles Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, John Bunyan) and contemporary ones (John Maxwell, John MacArthur, Warren Wiersbe, Charles Stanley) graces the Week Ending section. Truly this is a special section you will always look forward in the weekend. Not only that but the quotes section on most of its daily offerings is striking to the heart. Grace For Today gives quotable that will surely cheer you up and make you think.

Daily Grace for Teachers is the perfect devotional for teachers who need spiritual and biblical strength. As our Sunday school teacher commend on this it really helps her especially when she is teaching the children. A devotion that is not trying to jump in the devotional bandwagon but true to its commitment to nurture the needs of one of the most influential profession on earth.

Book Review: Lift Up Your Eyes by Christopher Shaw


A pastor once told me that not all Christians are called to be pastors, preachers, Sunday school teachers and missionaries. But all Christians are called to be leaders. We are leaders with a servant leadership.

“Lift Up Your Eyes” is a devotional geared for those Christian leaders in either ministerial or secular settings. There are lots of Christian books that are for leadership. We have tons and tons of it already. However, a devotional solely for leadership are but few. That’s were “Lift Up Your Eyes” comes in. A day by day meditation of what really matters most for leaders. Is your leadership in the spotlight? This devotional will cater to you and empower your leadership.

One of the things that caught our attention on this devotional is on prayer. We should make it a point to consider prayer as the most important and most powerful thing that God has given to us. But sometimes we neglect it maybe because we don’t really know what prayer truly means. As Christian leaders we need to bow in prayer everyday and set a vision to pray.

Leaders, are you looking for something to energize your day spiritually? Pick up “Lift Up Your Eyes” to know the heart of God in every phase of your leadership.