Printed Copy of “Coronavirus at Si Cristo” by John Piper, Now Available!


After almost a month of the digital release of the Filipino version of John Piper’s latest book Coronavirus and Christ, Treasuring Christ PH is now making the printed or physical copy available for churches to order. It’s one thing to have it on a digital format and it’s another to have it in paperback. As we all know not everyone likes digital formats of books or own a gadget to read it, a physical copy is the best thing you can have.

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Pinoy Preacher List #1

qvfpy4dIn this series, Delighting Grace will feature Filipino or Pinoy preachers that you should consider watching or listening.  I hope and pray that by this small effort, these preachers will widen their reach and glorify God through preaching.

Ramen Caliwag – I’ve been listening to this preacher from Pampanga and I’m benefiting to his sermon. His church, Scripture Alone Baptist Church has an account at SermonAudio which includes not only his sermons but other preachers in that church. You can check his messages by clicking this link.

Derick Parfan – Found this pastor over Facebook by an article he post over his blog. Yes he is a blogger and his blog is Treasuring Christ PH . Check his blog which yield great stuff from free e-books and books he authored available for purchase. And of course, available on his blog is his sermons. So go over there and listen or watch to his messages.

David Anthony Chan – Pastor David hails from Cebu. I first encountered him over Facebook because of his novel he was promoting. I interviewed him on my blog about topic on fiction. And I’m glad that my brother-in-law (which is a preacher) has been seeking advice from him. You can listen to his sermons over Youtube along with other preachers of his church, New Covenant Church Cebu.

So that’s my list for now and if you know pastors or preachers who are Calvinistic or Reformed and has sermons online, please do e-mail me at