Book Review: Understanding Your Bible In 15 Minutes A Day by Daryl Aaron

To have a good relationship with God, we need to have a healthly communication with Him. God gave us praying as a means to communicate to Him. We all know praying is talking with God. But how do God in return talks to us? The Bible is the only way that God communicate to us. He speaks to us through His written Word. Therefore praying and reading the Bible should go together. They are inseparable.

Our featured book is “Understanding Your Bible In 15 Minutes A Day” by Daryl Aaron which attempt to examine questions about the Bible. In an easy and short chapters (questions) of this book, it is the perfect companion on learning what the Bible is all about. No complicated explaination or confusing jargons. That is a common complain for not attempting to get to know this important book. With this bbok by Daryl Aaron, its comforting to know that this kind of book exist. There are tons of books out there that has this kind of topic. Some are pure apologetics and some are for Christian living. This thin book covers both which is really cool. Bulky books on this subject may overwhelm you and eventually turns you off in reading. Worry no more. This inviting book will call you to come back for more.

Take a small dose of this book everyday to nurture you not just trivial information about the Bible but essential springboard to read and love the Bible more. With its 40 questions about the Bible, it will end you queries. Grab this book. You will definately love this.