Book Review: Just Do Something By Kevin DeYoung

Finally a book that will make you run to an open space and scream on top of your lungs. “Freedom at last!” Yes freedom indeed. Freedom to the never ending question every Christian has been pondering: What is God’s will for my life?

“Just Do Something” blows the conventional way of thinking of so many Christians about finding God’s will which according to DeYoung is simple and not so difficult to look for. First, Ptr. Kevin clearly gives the three kinds of will of God. Then he points out the five reasons why we fret about God’s will. After that, he listed why the conventional approach wont work and strike them all down.

“Just Do Something” brings us back to Matthew 6:33 and reinforce it like we never had it before. In the latter part of the book, he lead us to hold on God’s wisdom in what we want to pursue which really matters in knowing God’s will. Finishing this book will give you a feeling of relieve that God’s will is not “Where’s Waldo?” cartoon. Yes you can know God’s will!

A never to miss book on God’s will, “Just Do Something” will get you gear on action to do what God intents us to do. This short book packs up some biblical and truly practical lessons for us Christians who are seeking God’s will. Its readable and you’ll love share it with someone. Highly recommended. Prepare for liberation. “Just Do Something” is here!











5 Essential Things to Do After Finishing Reading a Book

Before putting your recently finished book down and telling it on Facebook, here are some tips to do after devouring a book. Bona petit!

  1. Catch the lesson it is driving- not just knowing the theme of the book but what additional wisdom can it give us and put us in action.
  2. Think of someone who will benefit in reading it- if it really made a great impression to you why not share it to someone and make an impact to that person’s life.
  3. Put it in your giveaway list- keep it on the list so when a friend’s birthday, Christmas or any occasion will come, it will be a great gift.
  4. Promote it- write a book review; post in on Facebook or Twitter make some noise about this newly read book.
  5. Re-read it- if you won’t get the lessons of the book or some parts still doesn’t sink in, re-reading it will make a difference.

Does anyone have #6? Please post it on the comment.

5 Important Things to Do Before Starting to Read a Book

Before you say CHARGE! in reading the newest book, keep in mind the following:

  1. Will this book help me? – Ask that important question. Will this book help my Christian life and glorify God? If not forget the book your about to read.
  2. Check reviews and comments to the book – great appetizer to know what you’ll expect and get with it.
  3. Know at hand the pace you’re giving this book-you have many important gigs to do so why not chart the time and day you’ll read the book.
  4. Get a pen and notebook- these two weapons, when nearby will help you dig up the book and unearth unexpected treasures.
  5. Does it have other formats- probably you might have other things to do than carrying a physical book. Carry your latest reads on your tablet or smartphone by checking it on digital formats you can read or listen.


Unsatisfied with the list? Add yours on the comment

Eric and Leslie Ludy on Godly Contentment

In their ground breaking book “When God Writes Your Love Story”, couples Eric and Leslie Ludy shares what it means in having contentment in Christ in your singleness:

A relationship is not meant to make us into a whole person—only Jesus Christ can make us a whole person. Marriage should never become that gold medal we strive for that will finally make us ‘enough’. We must learn to be ‘enough’ right now, just as we are, in Christ alone.

While getting married someday may bring us great joy, we truly do have a reason to be happy and content no matter what season of life we are in—because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. True contentment can only be found in intimate love relationship with the Lord, not in anything else, including a romantic love story. Singleness can teach us thus contentment. In this season we can learn what it means to have peace and joy in Christ, no matter what our circumstances may be. And in a culture that is always longing for something more, ‘…godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Tim 6: 6 NIV).

(When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy, pg. 134, Published by Lighthouse Inspirational Books and Gifts 2002)

Book Review: Every Teen Girl’s Little Pink Book (Special Gift Edition) by Cathy Bartel

Just had this funny thought. Since “Little Pink Book” is for girls (and its colored pink) I might as well consider “Little Black Book” is for boys J (well they didn’t get the color right, it should be blue not black). But kidding aside, with the success of the “Little Black Book” series by Blaine Bartel who else should write a specific version for girls. This collected works of Blaine Bartel’s better half, Cathy Bartel is on one side similar to Blaine’s book and on another, it stands out from “Little Black Book.” Both have a catchy name and have capitalized on the “Little Book” brand. The content however in case of “Little Pink Book”, Cathy added more “spice and everything nice” to this volume for teen girls who wants to be what God wants them to be. It is more of a devotional book unlike the “Little Black Book” although it includes some top list. And as I scan the pages, I can see the heart of the author on two things the book carries: salvation and Christian living which has more emphasis that the “Little Black Book”.

Cathy Bartel penned a book that is a product of being partner with Blaine Bartel for two decades couching teens. You can read the whole story on the end part of the book. As I have said about Blaine Bartel on my book review of “Little Black Book”, Cathy knows what teens want and what teens need to know.

Opening the book, a big burst of pink (or should I say P.I.N.K. or Pray, Initiate, Note, Keep) comes out along with beautiful designed interiors, inspiring quotes, Bible verses, godly and delightful stories. “Little Pink Book” is not just an eye candy of a book but something that will inspire and encourage teens and young adults. “Little Pink Book” will bring out the positive and godly vibes to every teen who will read it. This volume is a worth read and oh don’t wait someone gives it to you, just grab a copy now!

NightKAP Batangas City

A cup of cappuccino at Starbucks in a rainy August 5 evening is what you call cool. Adding some godly chat with other Christians for the greatest cause for Christ you might as well call it super awesome.  And it has a name, its “NightKAP”. “

NightKAP” is a meet up organized by SEND Philippines that aims to have a friendly and cozy conversation about mission and the great commission. Held at Starbucks Batangas, the venue made the event more laid-back and loose (although some of us are a bit shy). We came from different denominations, age and ministry backgrounds to share thoughts about those two topics that matter to the body of Christ.

Helen Tan of SEND moderates the event as nine of us took turns to introduce ourselves, how we get to know SEND and our perceptions on the different angles of mission.  Each of us shared remarkable stories about how God is moving through our ministry. Blend in some laughter here and there, the hour pass so fast that our two hour affair is not enough. Anyone for round 2?

For more information about NightKAP you can check out SEND Philippines or their Facebook Page.

Book Review: Upgrade: from Adequacy to Abundance by Michael Catt

        One question: Why do we need to stick “Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church” or “Executive Producer of Fireproof and Courageous” to Michael Catt’s name (which he is) every time it comes up when in fact he wrote a superb book on living a victorious life?  You might say it will boost sales because of that. Ok fine. But “Upgrade…” proves that he is not a mere producer but a true blue Christian author.

You might have read similar books of its kind about living the Christian life the way God designed it. However, Michael Catt wrote it in a more “in” way for Christians (having references on technology) to understand. He didn’t have to sell out. Nor throw out the biblical stuff. Actually he maintained with it a pastor’s heart and kindness to those people who are not realizing how God wants them to be (I think he is greatly influence by the writings of Warren Weirsbe). Biblical but easy to digest and you can finish this book in the breeze but still maintaining the “dare factor” to obey God.

This not a prosperity gospel (as he points out in page 141) book. But a call to a victorious life that is yielding to the Holy Spirit. Sadly Christians neglect that they already have the “upgrade”. Let this book remind you the necessity of the upgrade, grab hold of it and let God continue the fire burning for the rest of their lives.

Catt divided this book into 3 sections which at first glance will give the impression it’s not a hard read. Nor it will be a predictable book that you might put it down unfinished. It will be a book that you will enjoy reading which ever part you want to read first. One part that I love is chapter 5 “Stop Wandering! Recognize God’s Promises”:

“The term “victorious Christian life” can be misleading because it sounds as if it’s some special form of Christianity, when in reality it’s the Christian life.”

Christians, are you prepared for the best God has to offer? Are you ready for the “upgrade”? I recommend “Upgrade: from Adequacy to Abundance” by Michael Catt for new or seasoned in the faith who wants a new and vibrant look at what it means to be obedient and living victoriously for God.

CLC Bestselling Books January 1 to June 21, 2013 (based on quantity sales)

            MY Utmost for His Highest                     Oswald Chambers

            Little Pink Book SGE                                  Cathy Bartel

            Little Black Book SGE                                Blaine Bartel

            Personality Plus                                         Florence Littauer

            Leadership Smarts                                   Ken Blanchard

            KJV Bible for Toddlers

            365 Read Aloud Bedtime Bible Stories


            You Are What You Think

            500 Clean Jokes & Humorous Stories

CLC Bestselling Books based on revenues

            Willmington’s Guide to the Bible                          Harold Willmington

            The Warren Wiersbe Bible Commentary 2V     Warren W. Wiersbe

            My Utmost for His Highest                                    Oswald Chambers

            Personality Plus                                                         Florence Littauer

            365 Read Aloud bedtime Bible Stories

            Illustrations That Connect

            Little Pink Book Special Gift Edition                    Cathy Bartel

            KJV Bible for Toddlers

            Little Black Book Special Gift Edition                   Blain Bartel

            The Speaker’s Quote Book                                     Roy V. Zuck


5 Essential Things to Do to Finish Reading a Book

Some of us are struggling in finishing a book. At first we got fired up in reading a new book. But as we go through a few chapters, our flame diminishes. The book could be boring, very long or we already know what the book is leading us. In any rate, before the fire of reading goes out, here are five things to do to finish devouring a book:

1.       Randomly pick chapters or sections to read- chapter or section jumping is very helpful especially if the book’s chapters and sections are stand alone. Select parts of the book that appeals to you first. Read shorter sections or chapters. As you read this way you’ll finish the book in the breeze.

2.   Have a reading buddy or participate on blog “read together” method– asks someone to read along with you. It will be encouraging to have a friend sharing a book. He may tell the content of the book to you and create an appetite for you to read the book for yourself. Also there are blogs who are having a “read together” campaign that encourage followers of a blog to read a chapter of a book and have a weekly discussion on it online. Tim Challies has one on his blog and fans of his blog read classic Christian works with him which is cool. He also provides beforehand where to get the book and what format it is available. Try to find blogs with similar scheme.

3.   Read positive things on the book- check the blurbs, reviews, interviews, book trailer or additional resources of the book. It will ignite you passion over and over again to go on reading it.

4.   Listen or read sermons and articles the book came from- Christian books sometimes evolved from a smaller work of an author. Try to find sermons and articles which are tidbits of the book. It will give you a push to read to till the end. It also may help you read the book easy because you already know some parts of it.

 5.  Read it in an unusual pace and place- you don’t have to set a specific time and place for reading a book. Don’t read it every day do it every other day. Try to squeeze it in your idle time. Get out of the school library or your reading den (if you have one) try reading it while riding a bus, waiting for someone or eating a snack at a convenient store.


Any more you could add? Please include it on the comment.

CLC Philippines Book Card

Open your wallet and what do you see? Aside from the money bills, a picture of you and a 10 year old Starbucks receipt, an endless collection of cards. Discount cards, ATM cards, membership cards, ID cards etc., etc…Let me add another more to the list. How about a discount card for Christian books? And not only does it gives discounts but entitles you to be a part of God’s mission to reach out others? Is that a great deal? If you said yes then be a member of CLC Philippines “Book Card”.  Get discounts, freebies and exclusive privileges’ only from CLC Philippines.  If your passionate for books that will help you grow spiritual then this card is for you. How can you be a member? By simply by submitting a completed application form and pay the required fee you are in. Yes that is so simple!

In addition to that you’ll be added to the growing number of Book Card Connect, a book club and support group of the Book Card holders. The purpose of this group is connect Christians (member of the Book Card) to have fellowship and met new friends.  Now that’s something! So run to nearest CLC Bookshop to join or check CLC Philippines website, Facebook and Twitter for more info.

Matt Chandler on Church Membership for Spiritual Growth

“If you view church as some sort of ecclesiological buffet, then you severely limit the likelihood of your growing into maturity. Growth into godliness can hurt. For instance, as I interact with others in my own local body, my own slothfulness in zeal is exposed, as is my lack of patience, my prayerlessness, and my hesitancy to associate with the lowly (Rom. 12:11-16). Yet this interaction also gives me the opportunity to be lovingly confronted by brothers and sisters who are in the trenches with me, as well as a safe place to confess and repent. But when church is just a place you attend without ever joining, like an ecclesiological buffet, you just might consider whether you’re always leaving whenever your heart begins to be exposed by the Spirit, and the real work is beginning to happen.”


(9 Marks E-Journal May/June 2011 pg. 7)