Book Review: Sa Puso at Diwa by Elizabeth Sonto-Mendoza

Another one of those Achilles’ Heels book review, “Sa Puso at Diwa” is a kinder curriculum published by CLC Philippines. This is out of the usual books CLC publishes but as far as I can tell this is one great curriculum. Mendoza is a veteran in writing textbooks with a Christian view so expect that she knows what children should learn and what teachers should teach.
Using methods like reading, writing and singing, “Sa Puso at Diwa” lets you learn different subjects like English, Math, Filipino and Values. The lesson is easy to be taught and easy to be graps. If the content is polish then the over all design of the book is commendable. Although Mendoza should have put some more biblical stuff, she left some crumbs to compliment the nationalistic side of the book.
Both teachers and student will benefit from this curriculum. The essential stuff that kinder level children is presented in this book. Schools should not look further. Here is a kinder curriculum that will be of great use to shape the minds of the students.


Book Review: Willmington’s Guide to the Bible by Dr. Harold L. Willmington

I have to admit there are two of Achilles’ heels when doing a review. One is big bulky books and two reference books. A big bulky book overwhelms me and a reference book makes me unworthy to review such category. Now here comes my greatest fear. One book has both of my weakness. Nevertheless, I will face my fears and give my opinion on this book.

“Willmington’s Guide to the Bible” is a colossal book that claims to be “all in one Bible resource”. Well it is and it should be considering the size of this book. This volume boast 8 books in one.

This reference tool is not a Study Bible meaning it doesn’t include the actual Bible. So you have on one hand on a Bible and the other one the “Willmington’s Guide to the Bible” (and I hope it won’t break your bones). With its bulkiness, you might ask yourself, when was the last time you used a hefty volume like this? It would be nice if this book comes with a CD version so it can be use over a PC. Maybe the size does overwhelm the user but one should not. Aside from the typical content of any reference books about the Bible, this book sure does give you much more. You might just stick with some online and free study Bible, but I tell you the “Willmington’s Guide to the Bible” has its own content you won’t find online. Also it is worth noting, this reference book covers some controversial issues (Calvinism and Arminianism, young earth creationism and old earth creationism etc.,) with a fair and balance look.

Dr. Harold L. Willmington did give us a dream book that carries the essentials in studying the Scriptures. Good for personal study and preachers preparing a sermon, “Willmington’s Guide to the Bible” will add some superb background. Get this excellent reference book at CLC Philippines.

Book Review: The Portable Seminary by David Horton (Editor)

Reference book is not my turf in reviewing books, but “The Portable Seminary” blows me away. Not too bulky of a book, this book packs definitive entries that a true seminary carries.

Some contents here reminds me of “Fast Facts…” apologetics book. Enough information to let you grasp the topic but leaves room for you to crave for more. It gives you an overview of what a seminary teaches without giving all of it away. “The Portable Seminary” is not too technical to read that you might think scholars who live in ivory towers can appreciate. An average Christian joe will like this book. The word “seminary” on the title doesn’t equate as being too boring to read. Nor does it mean it will be a complicated smorgasbord of information you need to digest. Catalogue neatly in one volume, this one will not overwhelm you.  In fact I enjoy this book like any other book I read.

With “The Portable Seminary” you can take the seminary anywhere. It is a very useful reference tool for people who want to get much needed information in one book. This book is user-friendly for everyone. One of the best gift you can give to a seminary students and church workers. But for me, you owe to yourself to have a copy of this essential material to equip you. This wont collect dust on your book shelf. Highly recommended!

Book Review: Getting Into God by Stuart Briscoe

Everything has a beginning and the Christian life is no exemption. That’s why to be a Christian, one must be born again. And like a physical birth, spiritual birth starts with the basic in order to grow. Babies drink milk. So do new believers. Babies crawl then eventually takes small steps. Christians also has to crawl and do some baby steps. “Getting Into God” gives us some guide in order to grow in our newly found faith in Christ.

Briscoe divided this short book into two parts. It might be a familiar territory for some but the treatment of every part of this book comes with freshness that is why it’s a good read. Briscoe gave us a not-so technical approach to the first two chapters of the book. The lion share of the book goes to Part 2 and Part 3 which is about prayer and witnessing respectively. I find odd considering that reading the Bible, praying, going to church and witnessing which are essential for Christian growth should be treated in equal parts n a book. But as you dive in the book, you’ll appreciate what Briscoe did. Every chapter ends with something interesting.

Although this book is geared towards the new believer, it does however give something for seasoned believers. Dip in to this brief boom and you’ll benefit from it. The book ends with a personal Bible study that immediately sets the reader to benefit from God’s Word.

This beginner’s guide is a good tool for new Christians. Practical and insightful, get this book for yourself and someone beginning his Christian walk.

Book Review: Led to Lead by Marty Berglund

When you think about leadership books, sometimes it’s synonymous with the name John Maxwell or a powerful book written by J. Oswald Sanders. Most likely they will draw leadership lessons from characters in the Bible. It could be from the life of David, Solomon, Nehemiah, and of course from our Lord Jesus Christ. But I havent yet encounter a leadership book entirely centers in the life of Moses. “Led to Lead” is fill to the brim look at the faith AND leadership of Moses. I put the emphasis on “and” because both faith and leadership goes hand in hand especially with Christian leaders. With its 22 chapters, I think every aspect of faith and leadership are tackled in an easy to read manner. Journey along this book as it discuss relevant issues pertain a Christian.

This book has a nice and informative content, very inspiring to everyone not just for leaders but also to every believers. When I start reading this book, I feel that I can’t stand up until I finish it till the end. My favorite favorite chapters in “Led to Lead” are Chapter 7, 8, and 15. I learned here that in times we don’t know our future “Don’t Give Up” because in times like this, when we can’t see what instore in the future, it’s a great opportunity to trust God. We need to “Get Prepared” and always willing to obey, rely on God’s plan and when we trust in His plan in our life we could share it to other people this marvelous things God did to our life. When we want to be “Happy in Following God”, we need to take heed to His plan and be ready to listen to His voice.

“Led to Lead”

Comicbook Review: 101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity by Art Ayris 

Another ground breaking comicbook from Kingstone Comics, “101 Questions…” sets to visualize questions people ask about the Bible and our Christian faith when there are gazillions of books about it. I can certify you, those books left a space for this graphic novel to fit in.

It is refreshing to see a Kingstone Comics to bring out apologetics comicbook were other companies do not. Art Ayris writes answers to questions that will benefit both believers and unbelievers. From the evidence for the existance of God, answering evolution and many more this graphic novel reminds me of the books like “The Answers Book” or apologetics books by Josh McDowell. Different artist collaborating with the artwork which I think its hard to flesh out art in a book that is not the usual story-telling stuff. But I have to admit they did a swell job doing it here.

“101 Questions….” delivers accessable Christian apologetics in a very unique format. With this kind of book, I’m excited with Vol. 2! Paging CLC Philippines!

Marianito “Nitoy” Gonzales is a 30 something blogger who wears many hats. But his passion is to preach the gospel and make God know to all men. He blogs at Delighting Grace ( You can reach him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Comicbook Review: Eternity by Randy Alcorn

Excitement took hold of me as I unseal this graphic novel from its plastic prison and began reading it. I love the works of Randy Alcorn both fiction and non-fiction. I’ve also participated at the Facebook party for the launch of this comic. Recalling the launch, Randy told us it’s his first time to have his work in that kind of medium. As participants, we were encouraged to ask questions. I asked many questions but the only time Alcorn answered me is when I ask if the artist (Javier Saltares) is a Christian and in which a he answered yes. I had a great time with that launch

“Eternity” retells the story of Lazarus and the rich man is a unique and refreshing perspective. Randy Alcorn weaves the tale by integrating the story with fictional details and biblical backgrounds then blending it with the story of Jesus. If we consider that the story in Luke 16 a true event and not a parable then, most likely this could had happened. This is an astonishing tale not to be missed. If you’re not into historical fiction I think it will bug you a little, but as the story unfolds, you will get the hang of it. As I read the dialogues especially the ones with Abraham and the rich man, I can’t help but remember some lines from fiction books of Alcorn. In this graphic novel, Alcorn explores topics like the afterlife, heaven and salvation served in the way a non-fiction cannot. Javier Saltares gave his talent to make “Eternity” come alive with artworks that are at par with Marvel and DC comics.

The story of “Etenity” is enjoyable as well as unforgettable. This graphic novel will leave its readers a challenge to follow God. Highly recommended.