Catechizing My Daughter

Last year I shared a post on Driven By The Gospel on Scripture songs album that your kids might want to listen to. It’s a short list but these are albums we play from Spotify in our car. But what I didn’t share in that post is that there is an album that stands out and what my daughter (and of course our family) really loved. We play that every time we go out together especially going to church on Sunday. My daughter likes it a lot and sings along with it. In fact, she memorized some of it already and the message that these songs carries that are important in her spiritual growth. She might find this fun and entertaining but I pray that these songs will open for more biblical truths that she should know and stand for when she gets older. She easily picks up the song and catechizing her with the actual catechism for children speeds up the process of memorization.

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8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World” (Eliza Huie)

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Here’s some great quotes I got from a book I recently finished, Raising Kids in a Screen-Saturated World by Eliza Huie published by 10 Publishing. You can get your copy, both physical and digital by following this link.

The biggest enemy parents have in raising kids in a screen-saturated world is the same enemy who continues to seek to destroy the work of God in your and your children’s lives. Don’t focus so much on fighting technology. Rather, fight against the ways Satan sneaks in to deceive and destroy.

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8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Why Children Matter” (Douglas Wilson)

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Now here are my favorite quote from the book Why Children Matter by Douglas Wilson published by Canon Press. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

Your purpose as parents is ultimately to be the instrument of your children’s salvation. You are not the ground of their salvation, but you are commanded to imitate the One who is the ground of their salvation.

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8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Parenting God’s Way” (Alistair Begg)

If you haven’t been on this blog’s FB Page lately, there are some quotes card collections that are waiting for you to check out. These are from books I read and I hope you’ll like it to share it with others. There’s more to come, but for now check some albums from the books A Poetic of Orthodoxy (Benjamin P. Myers), Blogging for God’s Glory in a Clickbait World (Benjamin Vrbicek & John Beeson), Confess (Trevor Bates), Being a Small Group Leader (Richard Sweatman), The Everyday Gospel (Tim Chester) and  Last Words (Robert J. Nash).

Now here are my favorite quote from the book Parenting God’s Way by Alistair Begg published by 10 Publishing. If you want to support the author, get a copy of this book by following this link.

“If spirituality is not a particular priority in the balanced diet of a family, we cannot expect our children to gravitate toward spiritual values for sustenance as they begin to grow and reach out to feed themselves.”

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission ” by Daniel Akin

Had a blast with my family for a 4 day staycation over my parents house. Minimal online time, had a short road trip, chatting, watching TV together, ate Ramen noodles and long sleeps. I thank God for the quality time we had.

Anyways, sample these quotes from the book, Raising Kids With A Heart for Mission by Daniel Akin published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, buy the book by clicking here.

“Obeying the Great Commission should begin in the home, though it should certainly not end there.

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Nancy Leigh DeMoss on the Greatest Need of Women

Nancy Leigh Demoss unravels what is the greatest need of every women of God:

One of our greatest needs as women is to become women of the Word, so that our prayers, our responses, and our words are saturated with God’s way of thinking. The world does not need to hear our opinions. When friends approach us for advice about dealing with their children, their boss, their finances, their fears, their depression, or other issues, they don’t need to hear what we think. We should be able to take them to the Word and say, “I don’t have the answers you need, but I know Someone who does. Here’s what God’s Word has to say about this situation.”

God didn’t intend for pastors to be the only ones who point people to the Word. Each of us should be able to use the Word effectively, not only in our worship and our own walk, but also in ministering to the needs of others. If we’re going to be women of the Word, we must make a priority of spending time daily in the Scripture—reading, studying, memorizing, meditating, personalizing, and praying it back to God—letting Him teach us His ways.


(“Biblical Womanhood in the Home” copyright 2002 by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, pp. 73, published by Crossway Books)

Teen Level Up! Delighting Grace Interviews Rachel Blom of Youth Leader Academy


Isn’t time for teenagers in your church to be leaders? Do you want their voices be heard? If your answer is ‘yes’ then read on. Delighting Grace caught up with Rachel Blom of Youth Leader Academy. Rachel graciously answered our questions about youth ministry, empowering teens and more:


Delighting Grace: Rachel, tell us why youth ministry matters to the church?


Rachel Blom: I think youth ministry matters to the church for several reasons. First of all, each person matters to God no matter how old or young you are. Society tends to see young people as kids, but they can contribute so much. Look at how God uses teens in the Bible, like David, Mary and Timothy. I’m convinced teens and youth can play a crucial role in the church – if we let them and help them in this. Secondly, it’s proven that it’s important to solidify your faith when you are a teenager. People who have a strong faith as a teen tend to keep their faith as an adult. That’s why we should invest in youth ministry to bring young people to Christ.


Delighting Grace: What can you say about churches that somewhat undermines youth ministry? How do we show that youth ministry is important?


Rachel Blom: I think the Bible should always be our starting point. It’s important to show how God has used teens throughout the Bible. God can use teens and young people in a mighty way if we allow Him. Often, current testimonies of teens about the impact of their youth ministry do wonders as well.

Most of the times churches who are somewhat against youth ministry are afraid of something. They may be afraid youth ministry will become its own church, that they will preach a different gospel, that the teens won’t come to church anymore, etc. In such occasions it’s very important to just talk with each other and get a clear picture of what these fears are. Youth leaders need to be understanding here and need to be humble and submissive to the ‘big church’.


Delighting Grace: What are the common problems do we encounter when we minister to teens?


Rachel Blom: I think the most important problem is to help them realize what truth means. Teens often pick and choose their own truths based on all the info they get, but we need to show them the only Truth who can save you. Also, I think that as witnesses, we often have the problem of not practicing what we preach. Our life, our actions, has to match our words otherwise our testimony and ministry is powerless.


Delighting Grace: Is there a way to determine that this one teen will be big someday? If I bring you to our youth ministry and line a group of teens, if you have to choose, who will it be? Is it possible to do that?


Rachel Blom: Most of the times it’s fairly easy to pick out the leaders, but that doesn’t mean they will be the ones to be ‘big’. God has a funny way of picking unlikely candidates for big jobs, people who at first glance don’t seem to be a good fit at all. So I don’t think you can make such a prediction, it really is up to God. But often those who have servant’s hearts will go far…


Delighting Grace: Do we need to really empower teens because for a fact they are young for it?


Rachel Blom: I think teens aren’t too young for anything. I wouldn’t entrust them full responsibility and they may need

adult supervision, but I’m convinced they can do much more than we often think. The Bible tells us that God gives spiritual gifts to each and every believer. It doesn’t say these are only given to adults, so teens who are committed to Christ have them as well. So yes, we do need to empower teens and install in them a great sense of purpose, a knowing that God can and will use them if they are willing to obey and follow.


Delighting Grace: Personally, how do you shape teens fit for leadership?


Rachel Blom: This is a tough question. I think it’s a combination of knowledge, practical skills but above all character that you’re going for. You can teach certain practical skills, like leading a Bible study or holding a meeting. Those aren’t that hard to teach. You can also share knowledge about leadership, the Bible, etc. But the most important part is character, because without a servant’s heart a leader isn’t any good. Character is hard to teach, that’s a matter of discipleship and mentoring in small groups, preferably one on one.


Delighting Grace: What about the parents? Some will take this leadership thing as a burden? How can someone avoid this assumption?


Rachel Blom: I think it’s about convincing parents of God’s calling. Again, look to the Bible for examples of parents like the parents of John the Baptist, Samson, or Samuel. Their child received a calling by God and as parents, we need to obey. The parents need to support their teen or youth in this and help them become the man or woman God wants them to be. In that way, parents can share some of the burden.


Delighting Grace: As a mom, how can someone employ leadership to their own children? Is there a difference in strategy for that kid from your church and your own?


Rachel Blom: In your own home, being a good example is of even more importance. Your kids will do what you do, not what you say. So as a parents, as a mom, you need to be very aware of this. My son is four years old and I’m trying to model the kind of relationship with God to him that I want him to have. So we don’t just do standard prayers, we talk with God and about God and involve Him in everything. I’m trying to show him who God is from a very early age on.


Delighting Grace: Before we end this interview, please invite our readers to your blog. Your blog is such a blessing especially for those of us who are ministering the youth.

Rachel Blom: I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share what God has taught me throughout the years with others, especially with regards to youth ministry. I’d love for you to come and visit my blog on May God bless you where ever and how ever you are serving Him!


Delighting Grace: Thank you Rachel, God bless you too!!!

God with Us (Matt. 1:23)

(This is the sermon I delivered on our Sunday School Christmas Fellowship last December 18, 2011)

Matthew 1:23 “Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.”

Kids, notice the two persons mentioned in the text. Who are they? First, is God and second is us. Notice again the word “with”. God wants to be near us. God wants to be close to us. I can go to one of you then say “I’m near you” or to one of your friends and say “I’m close to you.”

Kids, who among you have a daddy? Who among you have a daddy working abroad? Do you want to be with him this Christmas? Who among you sleep with your parents? Do you know why they sleep with you? Because they know you and love you. Do you want to sleep with a beggar? A jeepney driver? A complete stranger? Of course not. Why? Because you don’t know them and they don’t know you. Our God is a father and he knows you and loves you. And as a father He wants to be near you.

That’s what God wants. The real meaning of Christmas is God wants to be with us or near us. He doesn’t want an angel, animal or plant to represent Him to you but He wants Himself to be near you. But there is one problem. God can’t be near you because of sin. Suppose I will give you a toothbrush. But first I used it to a dog and brushed it to the dog’s teeth. Then I gave the toothbrush to you. Will you use it? Will you accept it? Of course not. It’s yucky. That’s what sin is. God doesn’t like sin.

Who among you children wants God, please raise your hand. I’m not asking if you want to go to heaven. Satan wants to go to heaven too. Again who wants God, please raise your hand. Remember kids, God is holy. That means he doesn’t sin. He doesn’t want sin near Him. Kids, do you know sin? It is breaking the 10 Commandments. Who among you told a lie? If you told a lie you are a liar. Who among you took money from your parents? That makes you a thief isn’t? Who among you kids disobey your parents? You disobey your parents when you don’t study, when you are lazy. That is sin. You’re a liar, thief and you disobey your parents.

And where do sinners go? Yes, in hell. Imagine you and your mommy went shopping. Then a bad man snatches your mommy’s bag. The police caught the bad man. What do you think the policeman will do to the bad man? Yes, he will put him in jail. What if the policeman let go the bad man? Is that OK? No! That will make the policeman bad also.  What if a policeman caught someone over speeding? Then the man will say to the policeman “Please let me go I’ll be good for now on!” What should the policeman do? The policeman should say “That’s good that you’ll be good for now on but you need to pay the fine to get out of jail.” Again the man pleas” Please let me go, I’m sorry.” The policeman replied “Being sorry is good but you need to pay the fine to get out of jail.” The man answered back” But I don’t have the money to pay the fine.” The policeman said” I’m sorry but you have to go to jail.” Suddenly, a friend of the man came and said” I want to pay the fine my friend can’t pay.” He paid the fine and his friend is free to go. That’s what Jesus died for you and me. He paid our sins in the cross so that we don’t have to go to hell AND God can be near to us.

Jesus broke the barrier between God and man so that God can be near to us. That’s good news isn’t it kids? So we should repent and believe the gospel so that God can be near to you and me. The true meaning of Christmas is that God gave His Son, Jesus Christ, so that our sins can be forgiven and God can be near us forever. Jesus is that gift that God wants to give you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!