The Freebie Round-Up # 47


Got caught up with that Facebook “post a book cover” challenge. It’s a great way to show (off ☺) the books you read and encourage others to pick up a book. Some of my friends arw doing it. However the some of my friends I tagged didn’t do it or post for 7 days, still for me its a fun way to promote literacy and get to know what youre friends are reading.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies that are waiting to be downloaded. And if your new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.

FREE e-book “History of the Reformation”- Get ready to study the rich history of the Reformers with the free e-book by J. H. Merle D’Aubigne on various digital formats.

FREE e-books download– Reformed Baptist Publication has a couple of sample of their products that are downloadable for free. Authors include Richard Barcellos, Philip Schaaf and Walter J. Chantry.

FREE “Digital Puritan” digest– Want some selected and modernized Puritan works on Kindle format. Check out this free annual digest that breaks free from PDF and has some great features.

FREE “The Blessed Way” devotional– Subscribe to Christianity Today’s newletter and get this free 30 day devotional written by leading Christian women today (including some Reformed authors which is why I included it in this list).

FREE study materials for Westminster Confession  – Pilgrim Covenant Church offers some resources that will aid you in studying the Westminster Confessions for free.

FREE digital publications – Women of the ELCA has 3 free publications you can sign up including their new newsletter Interchange. 

FREE e-book “12 Ways You Phone Is Changing You ” by Tony Reinke– I’m fresh off from Reinke’s latest book and I think you’ll love this one now its free (for a limited time!). Take a short survey and you’ll get this e-book.

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The Quotable Round-Up #103

hbyjrfcIt’s already December and as that Christmas song goes “…its beginning to look like Christmas.” Are you excited for Christmas? We’ll I do! I’m not really looking forward for the gifts but the opportunity to share the gospel to my family and relatives. And I hope you already have something to give to someone that is not just meaningful but has an eternal value in it. Why not give a book? How about this booklet from Tim Challies Set an Example? I’ll give you 7 awesome quotes to consider buying this.

“…this is your challenge as a young person in the church today. You are to have faith, faith that is rooted and grounded in God as he reveals himself through the Word. Fill yourself with the Word. Be a man or woman of the Word. Devote yourself to Scripture. As you do this, your faith will grow, and as your faith grows, so too will your faithfulness.”

“The deepest faith leads to the most faithful Christian living.”

“Your church needs you to be an example of a Christian marked by love, a Christian who displays inner transformation by outward actions. Your church needs you to serve Christ by serving his people, the people he bought with his blood.”

“Each of us has a comfort zone. Each of us has a group of people who make us comfortable and other groups that make us uncomfortable. Within the church, our love needs to extend beyond any comfort zone.”

“You, too, are called to love. You are called to love the people in your local church and to serve as a model of what it means to love them well, to love them creatively, to love them thoroughly, to love them even—especially!—if they are hard to love.”

“The love we extend to others is the very same love God has extended to us through Christ.”

“Loving others is the kind of challenge that tests the best of men. It is a challenge because of sin—we are sinful and they are sinful, and there is always trouble when sin meets sin. Yet loving the hard-to-love is how we demonstrate our obedience to God.”


5 Vital Things to Remember in giving Tracts at School

Evangelism in school is a great idea. I have done it for the past years and I love it. So here are some tips in evangelizing a school.

  1. Time- in passing tracts should consider the time. Is it morning where students are still fresh or
  2. Permit- do you need a permit to do it. I think the best way is to give out tracts outside the campus. No permit needed.
  3. Occasion/event-what activities that will gather much students that you will be able to give tracts or do some one on one evangelism? Check the school calendar of activities and grab that opportunity to share Christ.
  4. Place- is it inside or outside? If its outside make sure it’s near the gate. If its inside you can do it at a lobby, gym or consider you evangelism team to go room to room.
  5. The tract-it will be nice if the gospel tract has a theme about schools or related to school. Think of a gospel tract that will stimulate their thinking or a cool tract that they will easily accept. How about a tract on evolution or the latest controversies that you can give a religious bent?

Any more things we should remember? Please add it at the comments.

Our Daily Devotion: Delighting Grace Interviews Dave Branon of Our Daily Bread

What a blessed opportunity to talk to one of the contributors of Our Daily Bread, Dave Branon and learn  more about the most beloved devotional in the world. Here’s my interview with Dave. 

Delighting Grace:  How did you get started in Our Daily Bread? Did you apply or what?

Dave Branon: I started working for Our Daily Bread as an assistant editor for the publication. I had been teaching high school English and coaching basketball, but when the opportunity to become a part of RBC Ministries opened up, I felt that God was calling me to leave one profession I loved (working with kids) and move to another (writing and editing Christian literature). Once I started here, I was given some writing assignments with other RBC publications, and I guess I did okay with those articles. Eventually, I was asked to write articles for ODB and the editors have stuck with me. I’ve been writing for Our Daily Bread since 1988. Almost 1,000 articles!

Delighting Grace: Wow incredible 1,000 articles! Our Daily Bread is the most famous and longest running devotional in the world. Can you tell us the process or steps in making or writing it before it can go to the readers.

Dave Branon: Each month, the writers are asked to submit a number of articles to the editor, Anne Cetas. These articles are collected by the ODB staff, copied, and distributed to our evaluation committee. This committee reads each article ahead of time and then meets together to discuss each one in detail. We look at the illustration to see if it is a good one; we examine the Bible reading and the teaching to make sure they go together. We think about the ending and whether it works. Occasionally, we send an article back to the writer to do additional work. Sometimes, we have to say that the article simply won’t work.
All articles that make it through the committee are then edited for length, clarity, grammar, punctuation, biblical accuracy, and a bunch of other things. The articles then have to go to translators, who turn them into the other languages we produce. The entire process takes a year from beginning to end.

Delighting Grace: Do ODB staff have a devotion time in the office? How do you do devotion with the staff?

Dave Branon: RBC Ministries has many departments. The ODB staff is part of the publishing team. We meet each Monday morning for devotions. We take turns sharing whatever the Lord lays on our heart.  The entire RBC staff meets together each Wednesday for chapel. And, of course, we all have our churches we attend for additional time in learning and worshiping and service.

Delighting Grace: In your opinion, why is Our Daily Bread became well loved by millions?

Dave Branon: I think the fact that the ODB staff is very careful to present articles that are solidly based on God’s Word is the key. Also, we stay away from side issues that divide believers needlessly. The essence of what we want to say is based on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the clear teachings of Scripture. Also, having an illustration/story based devotional is a high-interest element that keeps people coming back for more, I think. It’s a great combination of human interest and biblical teaching. 

Delighting Grace: How can readers make most of their devotional time using Our Daily Bread?

Dave Branon: Make sure you read the Scripture. If you read that and absorb the teaching of Scripture, then anything we say is just a little bonus. Focus on the Word. And then see if that last paragraph can be applied in your life. We try to give you an action point or a way to focus on God at the end. That’s your homework for the day.

Delighting Grace: Personally, how did Our Daily Bread influence you as a Christian?

Dave Branon: ODB was a part of our dinner devotions every day as I was growing up. My dad read it to us after each meal. Also, we listened to the Radio Bible Class on the radio each Sunday. So the concepts and teachings of RBC were part of my formative years as a youngster.

Delighting Grace: How about you, how do you do your devotional time?

Dave Branon: It’s a mixture of things for me. One advantage I have is that I spend eight hours every day immersed in spiritual teaching with my writing and editing. Also, I try to read the Bible through each year (often, I don’t make it through, but that’s okay). And, I teach a Sunday school class at my church, which keeps me in the word for hours a week. Worship and devotion are a part of all of life for the Christian.

Delighting Grace: Please invite our readers to check ODB out and other stuff RBC can offer to us?

Dave Branon: If you go to our website, you will find that RBC has so much more to offer than  ODB. Feel free to use our other tools. I spend most of my time working for Discovery House Publishers—and I even have a book available from DHP. It’s called Beyond the Valley. It’s just one of hundreds of things you can get from our ministry to help you grow. 

Delighting Grace: Thank you Dave for giving us your time for this interview. Also I would like to acknowledge DHP Publicist Katy R. Pent for making this interview possible. God bless you Katy and Dave and more power!