8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “Blogging for God’s Glory in a Clickbait World” (Benjamin Vrbicek & John Beeson)

I have a newly translated article over Driven by the Gospel that might interest you specially if your eyeing for church membership.

Anyways, here are my favorite quotes from the book  Blogging for God’s Glory in a Clickbait World by Benjamin Vrbicek & John Beeson, published by Fan and Flame Press. If you like these quotes and want to support the authors, consider grabbing a copy of the book by clicking here.

“Blogging can be an isolated calling. Do everything you can to remain in the community. Encourage other bloggers, and be real enough to experience the encouragement that can come from those in the trenches with you.”

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8 Favorite Quotes from “Struggle Against Porn” by Benjamin Vrbicek


Hey the weekend is upon us and it’s time to take a chill pill. Better yet, get a book and indulge. If you need a recommendations, then this is a great place to find one. But before you head over your bookstore or to Amazon, check some favorite quotes to pump you up. Here are 8 favorite quotes from Benjamin Vrbicek’s latest book Struggle Against Porn.

If you like these quotes, please get yourself a copy of this book by following this Amazon link. 

“The allure of sex will push us further than we want to go. Always. “

“Right now you might have a line that’s off-limits. Just thinking about crossing this line grosses you out. I’m not a pervert, you think. If you let sexual sin do its thing, tomorrow you will be closer to that line—and eventually you’ll need to create a new line that’s further away. “

“Porn isn’t about enjoying and honoring beauty. It’s about self-serving consumption: Want it. Take it. Consume it. Move on.”

“Lust makes real women—sisters and daughters and mothers who bear God’s image—into flesh for consumption, pixels for pleasure. It’s a crime against humanity and the God who lovingly created us.”

Porn isn’t about enjoying and honoring beauty. It’s about self-serving consumption: Want it. Take it. Consume it. Move on.”

“The Christian life begins when, by the power of the Holy Spirit, you repent of your sins and trust in the good news that Jesus died to take away your sins and rose to restore you to God.”

“First and foremost, we must not tolerate sin in our own lives. If we do, our equivocations will have casualties”

“We pursue sexual sin not because our hedonism is too strong but because our hunger for pleasure is so small we settle for a cheap imitation of the real thing: porn.”

The Freebie Round-Up #30

kqkfcelI’m thankful for Tim Challies for mentioning me on his Ala Carte last January 29. It made my stats (visits, views and sign ups) spike up for a couple of days not just on The Freebie Round-Up #29 but to other postings on my blog.  Hoping I’ve served many believers with freebies that they can freely use personally and for the ministry.  Also I’ve updated and added some content to my 2016 post, renamed How to Create an Instant Digital Christian Library Without Breaking the Bank, which garnered more than 100  views. Again I’m hoping some Christians will be bless by it.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies that are waiting to be downloaded. And if your new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.

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FREE One on One study on the Gospel of Mark – A 14 session study of the Gospel of Mark for a one on one setting at a coffee shop or at home, Bruntsfield Evangelical Church offers this resource for free.

FREE “Journal of Theology” of Mid-America Reformed Seminary – This annual magazine is filled with articles and book review from Mid-America Reformed Seminary. Click this link to access the archive of past issues, read  and download them for free.

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FREE “Bible Study Resources” from St. Helen’s BishopgateDownloadable free studies of a couple of books of the Bible for personal and small group use.

FREE e-book “More People to Love” by Benjamin Vrbicek – From the author of “Don’t Just Send A Resume”, Vrbicek is offering his other book for free by simply signing up for his e-mailing list. Once you do sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail with a few more free e-books. That’s way so cool! Just scroll down till you find the subscription box.

FREE e-book “New Testament Greek for Laymen” by Michael A. Merritt – If you want to study NT Greek here’s something that will help. The Daily Dose of Greek is an excellent site for beginners who wants to know the language of the New Testament. This free book is now part of their growing resource page that will assist you achieve that goal.

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FREE e-book “Philippians for You” by Steven J. Lawson – Lawson is a great expositor preacher and getting this book for free is such a blessing for those people who are looking for solid exposition of the Letters to the Philippians.

FREE audiobook “Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan – Christian Audio’s freebie of the month dishes out the classic book by John Bunyan. Nuff said!

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