Community Research As Part of the Great Commission

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Peoples On the Move is primer on community reasearch need to understand your “neighbor”. And when I say “neighbor”, it might not be the ones who you grew up with. Many factors can contribute to the constant shifting of society and culture. Immigations has the big share of this shift. This change will greatly affect how to will interact to people who we want to share the gospel. The “neighbor” might be down your street you grew up with, an city in Southeast Asia or an isolated tribe in Africa. All of them are changing but what is not changing is for these folks to hear the gospel. Community reasearch can be the answer to navigate us through those changes.

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8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “ Peoples On The Move ” by Anthony F. Casey

There’s another God given opportunity for me to minister folks online. I’ll be contributing articles for Driven By The Gospel (DBTG). I hope you’ll check not just my articles soon but also stuff they already dished out.

Anyways, sample these quotes from the book, Peoples On The Move by Anthony F. Casey published by Wipf and Stock. If you like these quotes, buy the book by clicking here.

“we use the research to develop an appropriate ministry strategy for the specifics of the community. We seek to answer questions such as who lives here, what languages do they speak, what spiritual beliefs do they have, what family structures are, what needs do people have, what resources might already be present to meet these needs, what churches are at work, and what is the most appropriate strategy for ministry?”

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