The Freebie Round-Up #34


Yesterday, I started teaching our youth’s small group. I’m a bit nervous and excited. It’s been almost 3 year that I wasn’t able to teach a group in a church. Thank God for this opportunity to teach and see these teen grow in Christ. Can you pray for me and our small group?

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies that are waiting to be downloaded. And if your new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.


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FREE e-books John Gresham Machen – Log College Press recently included in their catalog one of the great preachers of the last century by making some of his books available. Enjoy J. Gresham Machen e-books free scanned from vintage editions of the book.

FREE e-book “Practical Truths” by Archibald Alexander – Monergism provides this collection of forty articles of Alexander presented in this one of a kind volume that is a free download.


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FREE “My Journal” e-book George Mueller – Chapel Library has a new free e-book on one of the giants of the faith. It’s a short book containing some excerpts from the journal of Muller but it’s worth it.


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FREE e-book “Gospel Deeps” by Jared Wilson – Faithlife offers this e-book from Jared Wilson for the whole month for free. Open this e-book by downloading their app (which is also free).

FREE “Everyone’s A Theologian” e-book by R. C. Sproul – It’s back and I think many are glad they made it available again. Get this e-book for free for a very limited time and enjoy it’s great content.


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FREE audiobook “Absolute Surrender” by Andrew Murray – Christian Audio by far has a winning streak on providing excellent free Reformed audiobooks this year. I hope it will continue the whole year. So download this classic book free that I read long ago and I’m considering to listen to this audio version of the book.


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FREE e-book “Expositional Preaching” – This e-book belongs to an excellent series Building Healthy Churches by 9 Marks  and Crossway brings it to your digital device for free just by completing this brief survey.

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The Digital Round-Up #13

zkorsnzHello there! Here’s “The Digital Round-Up” to give you some of my favorite freebies, articles and everything in between. What do you think of it? Eclectic? Weird? Interesting? I want just want to know. So please, please, please do me a favor and post your comments about this post at the comment section. Thank you and God bless!

Free Audio Books and Why You Should Try Them – This article is awesome. It gives you reasons why you should love audio books and gives out a dozen links to websites that carries free audio books.

Free “Absolute Surrender” by Andrew Murray – Read this book years ago and I was stoked. I hope to re-read this classic again if time permits.

Why Christians should strive for academic excellence – Ptr. Noel Espinosa writes that Christians should not hesitate to academic excellence and explains why.

Mayor Sara Duterte gets a Duterte gospel tract –  Read how a Duterte gospel tract by NeedGod Ph gets into the hands of the Presidential daughter. And for those who are wondering how to get those neat 1M Pesos gospel tract please contact NeedGod Ph over Facebook. The gospel tracts are 150 pesos per pack of 100.

How to Write Better Blog Posts with a Simple Template –  Michael Hyatt teaches us how to write a blog post with these easy to follow templates.

Inside Amazon’s Surveillance Powered, No Check-out Convenience Store–   We have seen the promotional video of this unique store by Amazon. Now someone tried out how this cashierless store works.

R. C. Sproul’s Final Sermon


Andrew Murray on the Power of Prayer

How now does Satan hinder prayer? By temptation to postpone or curtail it, by bringing in wandering thoughts and all sorts of distractions; through unbelief and hopelessness. Happy is the prayer hero who, through it all, takes care to hold fast and use his weapon. Like our Lord in Gethsemane, the more violently the enemy attacked the more earnestly he prayed and ceased not till he had obtained the victory. After all the other parts of the armour had been named, Paul adds: ‘with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit’ (Eph.6.18). Without prayer, the helmet of salvation, and the shield of faith, and the sword of the Spirit which is God’s word, have no power. All depends on prayer. God teach us to believe and hold this fast!

4 Must Read Books on Prayer

Prayer is a Christian duty of praising, confessing, and petitioning to God. Many (including me) struggle with prayer. But there are books out there that encourage us to pray powerfully. Here is my list of the best read about praying:

1. Prayer: Asking and Receiving by John Rice- the first book I read about prayer. This book is soaked with powerful Biblical teaching and personal experience on praying. Simply engaging read.

2. In Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray– a classic from this Reformed pastor. Teaches that we should be humbly willing to be a student in prayer and asking Jesus to teach us the basics of it. It’s a not so easy read but the content is tremendously inspiring.

3. Power Through Prayer by E. M. Bounds– I think this book is a sermon turned into a book. This book belongs to a collection books of Edward McKendree Bounds on the subject on prayer. This one stands out for me. I find this book preaching not only to the people of the pew but also on the pulpit. Truly soul stirring. Great book!

4. How to Pray by R. A. Torrey- Torrey exhorts us the not just how to pray but the importance of praying in different circumstances. Very basic but very helpful.

Do you have a book about prayer in mind? Please post it on the comment section.