The Freebie Round-Up #31

ejl8205I made two wrong assumptions in blogging. One is an old post wont make a good comeback and the second is readers are not interested in a worn out topic. I’ve updated and added more content to a few old blog post in the past months and I see that those assumptions are wrong. I underestimate old post and it turns out they garnered lots of views and shares from other social media. I learned my lessons well. Thank you Lord for showing me this. Praying that those old post serves the Christian community well. Now I’m updating another one and I hope to finish it today.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies that are waiting to be downloaded. And if your new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.

FREE mission magazine “Glad Tidings” – The Women’s Mission Society of Canada is doing something for the gospel and they want you to know it.  You can know more about in this free magazine containing uplifting articles and news about WMS.

FREE seminary journal – Detroit Baptist seminary offers their journal for free in digital format. Whether you’re a prospective student, seminarian, pastor, missionary or scholar, you’ll find something worth your time in this freebie.

FREE e-book “Lessons from Nehemiah” – How could I miss out this book that was posted in 2010? Anyways, Aaron Armstrong still offers this free e-book about the faith of Nehemiah.

FREE conference messages “Redeeming the Gift” – A not so well known conference but I think you’ll be bless with the messages here including some from Tim Challies. Download for free and please do share with others because it focuses on sexuality.

FREE Scottish theological classic e-books – This is a gem of link because it has some of the rare and out of print books by the likes of Adam Gib, Samuel Rutherford etc., that you can enjoy for free.

FREE checklist and guides for children’s ministry –  Gospel Centered Family has a free download sections that has 3 checklist and guides that are useful in ministering children.

FREE slides lectures on Romans – St. Columba’s Free Church of Scotland made these slides on some chapters on the Book of Romans free to use.

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The Freebie Round-Up #21

8jhreirWe are still having a hangover with the Rivers and Robots last Saturday. My wife and Joan are now hardcore fans of the band (my wife’s music to fall asleep is Jonathan Ogden’s EP and Joan listens to the band while doing the laundry.) I’ll posting our experience next time here on my blog. For the meantime, its freebie time and I hope you’ll enjoy these free stuff!

FREE e-book “Angels in the Architecture” by Douglas Wilson – I think this is the last hurrah of Douglas Wilson. Download this freebie and make your Kindle happy.

FREE MP3 messages of R. C. Sproul – Ok Thanksgiving is over but hey it Sproul. Who doesn’t want it? Grab these 2 free messages courtesy of Ligioner Ministries.

FREE Music Resources from Grace Baptist Church – Hymns and songs composed and arranged by Grace Baptist Church where Tom Ascol is senior pastor. Get the lead sheet, chord sheet and MP3 of the music absolutely free.

FREE e-book “Raising Resilient MKs” by Joyce M Bowers –  a collection of essays on handling the needs of missionary kids. It’s interesting that this stuff exist. This e-book is available on PDF.

FREE printable “Isaiah Christmas” Bible reading plan by Tony Reinke –  Join Tony Reinke on a conversation as he dives in the Book of Isaiah this Advent season. Download this freebie and tuck it in your Bibles.

FREE to watch “I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye” by Joshua Harris– It’s been a year since Harris set to make this documentary about his best selling book I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Now it’s out and you can buy it or watch it for free.

FREE e-book “Did Jesus Really Have to Die?”  by Aaron Armstrong – What a great question and Aaron Armstrong provides the answers in this free short booklet.

A Big List of Christian Websites and Blogs That Serves Curated Content You Can Subscribe

Whether its daily or weekly, we love blog post that rounds up the best content every Christian would love. Videos, freebies, articles, deals, promos, webinars etc. they have it on one post. To make sure you wont miss a thing, I recommend that you sign up on their e-mail newsletter (if its available). Now lets roll my list of Christian blogs that shares curated content:

Ala Carte by Tim Challies – It’s no surprise!  This one of the popular round ups post from a popular Christian blogger. Its a mix of great Christian articles, deals and a quote. Aside from the daily post, it has this weekend special that you’ll surely love.

Links I Like by Aaron Armstrong-  Armstrong (like Tim Challies) faithfully post curated content on a regular basis. The choice links are the best!

The Barn Owl Newsletter by Nicolas McDonald – This feature belonging to the blog, Scribble Preach delivers a weekly buffet of the best article, podcast, deals and more. Subscribe to the newsletter and get Nick’s new book “Read This Next” for free!

Links to Make You Think and Grow by Kevin Halloran- Another blog which I enjoy through e-mail. Living up with the title, Kevin Halloran dishes out articles, videos and audio. You’ll appreciate the smorgasbord of links.

Social Media Highlights by Ligonier Blog- as the title suggest, this is a weekly round up of updates on the Ligionier Ministry posted on Facebook and Twitter. Still it delivers the punch of interesting and useful content.

Read This! by Mike Leake – Subscribe to his blog,  get fresh articles and of course a curated content post named Read This! Leake gathers links from Christian and secular source that he enjoyed reading and dishes it out to his readers.

Worldview and Apologetics in the News by Truthbomb Apologetics – This blog is not just collecting a massive apologetics library of free reources but also gives out links on atheism, ethics, post modernism etc., that are related to apologetics. Subscribe to their e-mail list to get this curated post.

Weekly Brew  by Gospel Relevance – The weekly e-mail of this blog got upgraded. Aside from the usual promotion of articles, now subscribers will receive link recommendations that Christians should check out.

Your Weekend Worldview Reader  by Theolatte – Author Dan DeWitt post links to articles, essays and reviews that might stir some interest to the readers.

Nuggets by Counseling One Another – Got interested to this blog because it’s about biblical counseling so the curated post is related to what the blog caters. Paul Tautges is really good on picking what to include in his Nuggets.

Reagan’s Roundup – If you like Reagan Rose’s podcast Redeeming Productivity (which I do), you’ll love what he dishes out on the podcast blog.  Go ahead and check this blog.

Saturday Selection – This is the web extension of the magazine Reformed Prespective which sometimes first feature an item in this curated content before they consider it to be published on the printed magazine.

Links for the Church – This is a weekly blog entries from the For the Church or FTC home of Midwestern Seminary and Jason K. Allen.

New Links – Mongerism provides the best Reformed articles and freebies.

Q Marks the Spot – Usually a curated content goes out daily or weekly. But not this one. Author Mark Meynell gathers some of the best content and release it every month. But is it worth the wait? Check the link to read the sample and scroll down to subscribe.

Tools of the Trade For the Week – Peter Bogert’s blog, For Younger Pastors collects articles he finds useful for young pastors (hence the name of the blog). It comes out every Monday and Tuesday.

 Top 5 Christian Blog Post of the Week – For folks who need something in biblical counseling, Truth & Love Blog by Dr. Bob Kellemen offers this weekly post.

Saturday Snippets – A pastor and blogger from the UK, Alaistair Chalmers delievers his picks for the week for his readers that are worth reading.

Musicgoon Mail –  Aside from posting his latest projects or book reviews, Aaron Lee aka Musicgoon, puts out great contents which he calls Lightning Links,  in every edition of his newsletter.

SOLA TGIF – Another Musicgoon related list is this from SOLA Network, which serves a weekly dose of links, recommendations and their latest articles.

Looking to the Harvest – Brianna Lambert has a monthly newsletters of her articles as well as a list of recommendations you probably might like too.

Laura Washer – Get updates with Laura every month and check out cool links that are lit your interest and keep you busy.

Field Notes Another UK pastor, Dan Green is on the list that you should subscribe. His is blog impressive, loaded with resources.

Glenna Marshall – Keep up with Glenna’s latest picks on books, articles, podcast and everything in between.

Resource Round-up Harbor Network is all about helping churches flourish their impact in the community. Aside from that, I discover theur mailing list is pretty nice by delivering great curated content. They dont post it on their website but its available only through e-mailing list. Go to their website, scroll downa nd subscribe.

Rooted’s Top Ten – Each month Rooted Ministries compile a Top 10 list for youth workers. According to their mailing list “This list represents ten articles from various sources that we believe will encourage you in your ministry to students and their families. Some give explicit instruction on gospel-centered ministry, while others are included because there is a message of common grace that is helpful to youth workers.”

What other blogs do you know that has curated content post? Please mention it on the comment section.

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