The Freebie Round-Up #15

tz1vcc7Heads up! Time for some freebies that will complete your weekend. And as usual Delighting Grace assures your 100 % satisfaction by bring free stuff that you can use to help your personal growth and the ministry that you are apart of. Praying that these resources will point you to Christ goodness and to prepare you to serve others.

FREE “The Legacy of Luther” e-book – Just in time for the celebration of the Reformation Day, Reformation Trust is offering this e-book for free.

FREE “Be Responsible” by Warren W. Wiersbe – This commentary of 1 Kings is free for a limited time courtesy of David C. Cook.

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FREE audio download of “World Religions” by Rober Bowman – Credo Courses has a new course and its free for a limited time. If you have some extra money, try getting some of their paid courses.

FREE e-book  “Women of the Word” by Jen Wilkin– Crossway is giving out this superb e-book just by filling out this short survey.

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FREE digital audio of “Apologetic Boot Camp” from Credo Courses –  Still available from Credo Courses. Learn how to defend the faith by downloading the audio format of this course by Michael Patton and Tim Kimberley.

FREE “5 SOLAS” e-booklet by Nick Jones – CrossHope Bible Ministry is offering this brief booklet on the 5 Solas of the Reformation.

FREE “Battling Baptist Bogus Beliefs” by Zigfred  M. Diaz– This free paper will be published soon that tackles Baptist Landmarkism and Successionism heresy.


Book Review: Why We’re Protestant by Nate Pickowicz

u6zfemtWhen writing reviews, there are lots of thing you can say about a thick book. This is because a bulky volume can cover lots of grounds in a given topic. However in this new book of Nathan Pickowicz it’s not just an introduction to the 5 Solas we affirm. But it’s a mix bag of everything for everyone’s need done in a clear, understandable and orderly manner.  This book is for a.) A believer who is confused with what he believes b.) A Catholic who wants to know the difference doctrinally between a Protestant and Roman Catholic church c.) A believer who wants to know the historic background of the 5 solas d.) A believer who wants a concise biblical response to Roman Catholicism’s beliefs and e.) A seeker who wants to know how to get right with God. That’s why I love reading this short book of because every angle is covered to satisfy different readers.

Reading this as we celebrate the 500th of the Reformation will reinforce the biblical and historical belief that we hold as a Christian. And it’s a gentle reminder for us that we should not compromise what believe. I highly recommend this book.

My verdict:

5 out of 5