Book Review: “To Fly To Serve” by Adrian Reynolds


Getting this book and starting to read it I was puzzled on what this book is about.  The word Bible talk didn’t help me grasp what To Fly To Serve  is all about. In my mind I thought this book, is about sparking a talk about the Bible while on board a plane. I also thought this book is about how pilots or crews can live up being a Christian in their profession. Well it took me a couple pages before I realized that its not striking a spiritual conversation on a plane nor Christians in the workplace. To Fly To Serve is book about sermon or message preparations that will make an impact to your listener.

To Fly To Serve Reynolds is so spot on in trying to convey the message of the book. Using how airlines works all through out the book is a very creative, unique and it makes it easy to digest in the mind. Reynolds really nailed it and manage to glue you till the end of this book. Reading it at the initial pages you might not connect on what Reynolds is talking about, but you’ll get the hang of it as you read further.


To Fly To Serve is focus on how to deliever your message and not about the content of your sermon. Reynolds provides the step by step and also the ups and downs in preparing a good message that will stick to your hearers.

A quick guide on how to prepare for preaching or teaching in the ministry, To Fly To Serve is a great resource for Christians. This short book definitely will decluter the preparations of a message that sometimes we find complicated and messy. Both seasoned and novice will benefit from this book.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “On My Way To Heaven” by Mark Ashton


It’s July and at the very first day of the month rain came to kill the dry spell of the past months. Rainy day has come and expect book sales and fairs here and there.

Anyways, here are 8 favorite quotes from Mark Ashton’s book On My Way To Heavenpublished by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, please get yourself a copy of this book by clicking to 10 Publishing or Amazon link.

“…for a Christian believer, (death is) not bad news but good; it was not the end of the story, but the beginning.”

“Having the pleasure taken out of so many of life’s joyful experiences reminds us that they were all a gift to us in the first place. I never had a right to them. They never belonged to me. And I need to remember the Giver. “

“When we talk about the hope of healing and the relief of physical pain, our contemporaries love it and they flock to our ‘healing services’ with high hopes. But when we talk about glory lying beyond the grave and our sure hope of eternal life, they are brought up short and are forced to face their own eternal destinies.”

“Having the pleasure taken out of so many of life’s joyful experiences reminds us that they were all a gift to us in the first place. I never had a right to them. They never belonged to me. And I need to remember the Giver. “

“Every one of us will face up to God to answer for our lives, and every one of us will hang our heads in shame as we realise that we have to be condemned for the way we have lived in God’s world as if it was our own world. “

“It is my relationship with him that can take me through death and which is the only hope we have of eternal life. “

“My death may be the event with which my physical life on earth ends, but it will also be the moment at which my relationship with Jesus becomes complete.”

“Our salvation is not the record of our deeds on earth, but the intervening action of a loving God, who has saved us despite who we are and what we’ve done. And, if he can save us, then he can save anyone!”



Book Review: Raising Kids in a “You Can Do It!” World by Paul Tautges


Raising Kids in a “You Can Do It!” World explores the importance of affirming your kids self-worth by pointing them away from themselves to God.  The secular world may praise our children for their talents and look,s but as parents what does the Bible say? How can we show the biblical view of who we are (sinners) in such away it won’t turn our kids to chase the world for affirmation but reinforces parents that these truth will draw them near to the one who trully awesome, God.   It’s an important subject and you might say it’s a tricky one to answer. However, Tautges superby gives biblical truths and practical through it 8 signpost. This brief book is well though out map that will help you see that God is concern with nurturing our kids self-image.

I haven’t read the whole series and I can only say my opinion on Paul Tautges book. However, by just reading this book, you’ll consider the books in this series.

You can actually read Raising Kids in a “You Can Do It!” World in one sitting and then apply it immediately. It’s brief enough not to get you overwhelmed by the wisdom Tautges shares, but not short that finishing the book that will leave you scratching your head  and wondering what you just have read. Tautges is spot on unpacking biblical truth and excellent in giving practical tips for parents. You’ll get excited reading and applying this book.

Short, clear and biblically solid, Raising Kids in a “You Can Do It!” World is a must read for every parents who wants to rear their children in biblical principles without being a complicated map that will leave you in confusion. Paul Tautges laser focus book will do a great job for parents who doesn’t know where to start or in a middle of a parenting maze.

My verdict:

4.5 out of 5

8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Rooted” by Edward Rhodes


Hey happy Monday and belated Happy Father’s Day to all dads reading this. We had a blast yesterday as we celebrate the Lord’s Day and Father’s Day. All the dads in our church was recognized and were given some gifts.  We are so thankful for the church who annual recognized the dads and to God for giving us an opportunity to be a father and a husband.

Anyways, here are 8 favorite quotes from Edward Rhodes book Rooted, published by 10 Publishing. If you like these quotes, please get yourself a copy of this book by clicking to 10 Publishing or Amazon link.

‘Justification through faith alone’ became the watchword of the Reformation and the teaching which most set Protestants (as they became known) apart from Catholics.”

“Christian belief doesn’t involve sidelining your brain, as some allege, but instead can involve hard thinking, especially about matters which are controversial or cause disunity.”

“Grace is not simply God’s pardon but also God’s power and God’s presence.”

“Athanasius writes that God himself, not wanting humanity to perish, has himself become a human being in Jesus Christ, in order to reunite us with God and thus with eternal life.”

“The church is first and foremost a worshipping community. If then we want to understand the early church, it makes sense for us to pause for a while and take a look at their worship.”

“Being thoroughly rooted in the past helps us, I believe, to stand stronger in the present, to know who we are and what we are about, even in the midst of great change.”

“For the early church, becoming a Christian meant starting to live a totally new life, no longer focused on yourself but centred on serving God and others.”

“If God is essentially unselfish love, if God loves us so much as to become one of us and suffer for our sakes, then what sort of people should we be? What sort of love for God and for other people should we have?”

The Freebie Round-Up #33


I’m in the process of writing something similar to 7 Awesome Ways to Learn Church History Online for FreeI think this upcoming post is so needed specially for Christians who are engaging about the faith to others. Please pray for wisdom that God may grant me to finish it and help other Christians to have an effective apologetics that is God honoring.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies that are waiting to be downloaded. And if your new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.


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FREE Hymn album and chord chart – Matt Boswell has a couple albums available on Spotify and iTunes and if you want to try play it, he provided a free downloadable chord charts.

FREE e-book every week for a year – 10 of Those is offering free e-books by subscribing to this link. The first free e-book will be released on March 5.


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FREE Addiction Proof Parenting hand-outs and slides –  Presented to Brad Merchant’s church, this free hand outs and slides are based on Dr. Mark Shaws message entitled Addictions and Addiction-Proof Parenting.

FREE e-book “Fruitfulness and Faithfulness: God’s Mission and Mandate for Every Christian” – Jacob Gerber is offering this interesting free e-book from his website and plus a bonus discipleship assessment tool.


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FREE course on the Reformation – 1571 Academy has an brand new course titled A Brief History of the Reformation, that you might want to try. It’s free and you can receive it immediately just by signing up.

FREE e-book “The Case for Life” by Scott Klusendorf – This free book for pro-lifers is brought to you by Redeemer Fellowship Kansas City and Crossway.


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FREE online film “What Hath Darwin Wrought?” – Wretched is bring you this film for free as the result of the generous funding of it’s listeners. They have an optional donated section on the link but still the film is free.

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The Quotable Round-Up #78

tpn6bjcHello! I hope you’re having a great day as you dive in this brand new collection of quotes! This time we are featuring quotes from the book “The Art of Turning” by Kevin DeYoung. And as always if you got stoked with these quotes, please get the book at your nearest Christian bookstore or on Amazon.

“When we first do something we know we should not, we feel that twinge of conscience. We feel pain in our extremities like we do when we are outside in the cold. Yet if we persist in doing what is foolish, there comes a time when we start to feel better about engaging in such behavior. We no longer consider that it is wrong. The bad stuff doesn’t feel so bad anymore, which is when we are in great spiritual peril. This is the danger of having a seared conscience.”

“Are you kicking against the goads? Are you grieving the Holy Spirit? What is your conscience telling you? Is the Holy Spirit pleading with you to see what you have refused to see? When conscience accuses us of wrong, let us turn from the sin with all haste.”

“If we walk around feeling all the time like we are a failure as a Christian, a failure as a parent, and a failure as a pastor, we have not grasped the gift of the gospel. This is not what it means to have the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our life.”

“A conscience is not only indispensable to living a life pleasing to God and enjoying peace with God; it is essential for living as the human beings God made us to be.” 

“There is a close connection between the work of the Holy Spirit and the operation of the conscience. John Flavel, a Puritan clergyman and author, observed that the conscience “is God’s spy, and man’s overseer.” 

“When the Holy Spirit shines a light on what is bad (or good) in us, it is then the role of the conscience to appropriate the work of the Spirit (John 3:20–21).”

“The Holy Spirit works in tandem with the conscience to produce in us a life of godliness and peace.”

How to Create an Instant Digital Christian Library Without Breaking the Bank


Previously I posted on my Facebook an article from Tim Challies blog that made theology geeks everywhere shout for joy. The title of the article is “A Secret Way to Kick-Start Your Theological Library” in which he gave tips on how to create a digital library without breaking the bank. Tim listed links of free downloadable theology journals from different seminaries or organizations. He even  includes a link on how to use Evernote to save and catalog those fine resources. I already checked those journals and I can attest that they are great resources considering that they are free. So if you don’t want to buy expensive theology book, this article will give you the best alternative.

I do however have my own tips on how to create a digital library of Christian books. Like what Tim Challies gave in his article, it won’t hurt your wallet. In this way, you’re digital tablet will turn into a Christian library that will enhance you Christian walk and create a habit of reading.

But first you need to have an e-book reader. Here’s some that I recommend:

Kindle – Some tablets and phone have this app on default but you can get one for free over the Apple Store or Google Play. After downloading, create an account over Amazon. This is useful not just in opening e-books but also when you stumble upon a free ebook over Amazon (or getting a free e-book alert in your e-mail that I’ll share later) .

UB Reader – Another free app that is so versatile because it reads almost all digital format of a book.

Moon Reader – Basically it’s like the UB Reader and  but if you go for the paid one, its a totally different story. I highly recommend you get the its premium app.

Now to dig to some free books….

Desiring God– This website has almost all John Piper’s book for free download. I recommend you download Don’t Waste Your Life, Spectacular Sins, Five Points and Finally Alive.  Aside from books written by John Piper, there are books by Tony Reinke, Jon Bloom and David Mathis that are worth reading.

The Gospel CoalitionSome basic Christian doctrines are featured here. Books that are author by Kevin DeYoung, Tim Keller and others that guarantees that it will be an awesome read.

C. Sproul’s “Crucial Questions Series” – These booklets are free forever and it’s from R. C. Sproul. Nuff said! Come back for often because they add new booklets in the series.

Also if you sign for Ligonier Ministries e-mail update, they might have a free e-book offer (scroll down below to find the e-mail upate box). Don’t forget to create a free account so you can save the free ebook (or audio or video offer) on their site for later enjoyment.

D. A. Carson – A theologian and an prolific author, Carson generously has a couple of free books uploaded in the internet. Haven’t read all of the books in the list but Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor is a great read.

Mongerism – Now if you’re into classic stuff from authors, preachers or theologians, get your fix here. Features A. W. Pink, J. C. Ryle, Martin Luther, John Calvin and some unfamiliar but great personalities that are waiting for you to discover. And you’ll be the first to know their latest e-books by subscribing to their e-mail alerts.

Log College Press If past American Presbyterian works are your thing, go to their website and dive in to old but great books. I have interviewed LCP here on my blog and they listed some must read free books. They also sell books in digital and physical format.

Wany more free reformed e-books? Click on this link for other links.

Try free e-mail subscriptions…

E-mail accounts exist not to just to log you on your favorite social media accounts, but to receive e-mails (duh!?). Make use of it by subscribing to these e-mail list. Be warned though that you should be cautious to some of the free books they post (specially Gospel E-Books) . Dont forget to put on your discernment caps on.

Cross-Points – Just by signing up, you’ll receive a massive list of free e-books. Plus you’ll receive some free, great deals and discounte e-book alerts.

Crossway – From time to time, Crossway gives away free e-books on special events or through surveys. Sign up to their e-mail updates and enjoy their stuff.

David C. Cook – This big publishing company caters to books of Warren Weirsbe and John MacArthur. As much as they give out other books, those author I mentioned are worth it to sign up because DCC occasionally gives their ebooks for free.

10 of Those – This UK based publishing company gives away free e-book weekly once you sign up to their mailing list.

The Good Book Company – This book company has a “Free Book of the Month” worth checking out.

Gospel E-Books – Excellent site for daily discounted e-books. Sometimes they include freebies.

Faithlife – Like The Good Book Company, they have a free e-book of the month that you might want to try.

Other ways to get free e-books…

Sign up for a book blogging program- If you’re a blogger or have accounts on Amazon or Goodreads, why not sign up for a blogging program? Publishers do need promotions from bloggers that’s why they will give away free e-books (or sometimes physical books) in exchange for a review of their available titles. One good example of this is from Crossway books.

Another is Tulip Publishing. It’s a small non-profit publishing that is commited to Reformed theology. You can enroll or find additional information by clicking here.

Join a book launching team – Your favorite author sometimes need a helping hand in launching his book. So keep your eyes peeled on Twitter or Facebook on his or her latest post. I suggest you follow up and coming authors. What so neat about this is that you can get to read in advance the book and have a digital copy first.

Now for some shameless plug…drum roll please!!!

Follow my blog of course specifically the Freebie Round-Up because sometimes it has free e-books for your digital library.

I hope you like this post. If you benefited on this post, why not share your story by commenting below.