The Freebie Round-Up # 52


Controversy spilled over a transgender woman who was not allowed by a janitress to enter a women’s bathroom. So news outlets picked it up and its all over media. Then the SOGIE Bill is on the spotlight again. Please pray for the us Christians who stands against this bill that will trample our religious and academic freedom.

Anyways, here’s a list of great freebies that are waiting to be downloaded. And if your new here to this post or you missed out other freebie round-ups, check the links to those post at the end of this article.


Free audio teachings on “The Book of Romans” by C Michael Patton- Credo Courses is giving this digital audio download of this teaching for free. Make sure you have an account with Credo Courses (which is also free).


FREE sample of “Contemplate” Bible Magazine- Get a free sample digital copy of Contemplate, the Holy Bible in magazine format with beautiful photographs.

FREE e-book “Sermons Upon the Eight Chapter of Romans” by Thomas Manton- Monergism has this superb streak of giving out free e-books this past weeks. So I have to pick out only one for this weeks freebie post.


FREE live stream of Sing 2019 with free 20 songs download-  Dont miss this conference with awesome line up of speakers by signing up this live stream notification. Once signed up, you’ll receive 20 songs free.

FREE audiobook of  “Spending Ourselves in Christ” – As a “thank you’ for supporting Grange Press, they’re making their new audiobook for free download. To support this small press, please sign up with their email list.

FREE e-book “Love the Least (A Lot)” by Michael Spielman – From the founder of is this free ebook. If you want a physical copy, you have to shell some cash.

FREE e-book “The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Jeremiah” – On this week’s David C. Cook’s free e-book is the Bible study series of Warren W. Wiersbe titled Jeremiah: Taking A Stand for the Truth. Get it while it’s still free.

By the way, to my Pinoy friends do you want to learn how to self-publish your book? Here’s a step by step video from Loida Bauto an AVM survivor and a PWD vlogger:

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The Rebel’s Dictionary: Snoremon

The Rebel’s Dictionary injects humor and satire to made up words. TRD’s goal isn’t to poke fun on individuals or use these words to label a person or entity.  By using funny words as jump off point, TRD aims to discuss issues concerning Christians, the church and Christianity at large. At the end of every entry, TDR includes biblical and practical answers. 

The Rebel’s Dictionary Entry #2

Snoremon (noun) – refers to a sermon that induces sleep to the hearers. It might not be the message itself that pushes the snooze button to the listener because of the different factors involve. It might be the way the sermon is delivered or the length of the sermon (commonly in long messages). Regardless, because of a snoremon, rather than becoming a worship service, the Sunday program becomes a sleep over fellowship.


Reality Check: The problem with snoremons is a two way street. It’s not just the pastor’s part but also the pew. A pastor may do the best of his skills to craft and deliver a sermon.  However he can’t control the listeners in other weak areas he or she might have. The best solution is a pastor should diligently polish his messages and the listeners should be a diligent receiver of the message.  Here are some tips that might will help you fight snoremon:

Book Review: Preaching With Passion by Alex Montoya (The book is available at PCBS)

5 Reasons Why Your Sermon is Boring (and 5 Ways to Fix it)

5 Essential Things to Prepare Before Sunday Service 

If you’re a member consider praying for you pastor and for yourself 

Church members should consider practicing this to avoid falling asleep.

Desiring God: Listening to the Word Preached 



The Quotable Round-Up #111


The travelling book sale is here in the Philippines for it’s second year. Big Bad Wolf serves every Pinoy bookworms craving for some thing to read. If I have the time and budget I might have visit it.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from Flip Michaels book Five Half Truths. If you enjoyed these quotes, please do purchase the book by clicking this link.

“To be confronted with the wh ole truth about the love of God is to become aware of who God really is. Yet, many go about their days without any sort of God-awareness. Is this you? It will be evidenced by the decisions you make, the priorities you place—how you choose to live your life. Remember, we live out our view of God every single day. The knowledge of God is foundational to everything you and I do.”

“..Scripture will never contradict Scripture. Reading this Book (or any book for that matter) in its true context will always help to bring clarity. Often verses are cherry-picked with no regard for the author’s audience in an attempt to misappropriate them and abuse God’s Word. Again, this tactic is an easy one to refute. Read your Bible.”

“It is one thing to declare the whole truth, but altogether another to do the heavy-lifting and unpack its meaning. Rhetoric without reason is a poor attempt at persuasion. Simply stated, it is manipulation.”

“The great preacher of old, C.H. Spurgeon, defined this search for truth as ‘knowing the difference between right and almost right.’ Reread that quote. Take notice of the disparity between the two, as it is profound. You might
say, ‘Well, at least you’re close,’ but close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades! No, we must get this right. It is the disparity between ‘the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error’ (1 John 4:6).”

“Semantics has no sway on Scripture. The culture cannotchange this phrase’s meaning. ‘God is love’—but it is a holy love. It is a love that infuses and permeates the entire character of God. His love and holiness are not mutually exclusive attributes. They co-exist, work in tandem, influencing one another. The whole truth is that God is love and holy, holy, holy.”

“Like two sides of the same coin, God’s love not only includes a common grace for all mankind indiscriminately, but also a saving grace specifically for those who come to faith in Christ. This greater love results in a soul being saved from
eternal death and hell.”

“We must consider the full array of God’s love as it is presented in the Bible. The whole truth equates to possessing a right understanding of God. When rooted in Scripture, our thinking on the love of God will move us from the shallow end to the deep end of the pool.”

5 Reasons Why God is Good

zexqjzkChristians in these times of special seasons (Thanksgiving and the coming Christmas and New Year), should look back and see that God is rich in goodness towards His elect. I think you will agree with me that you can’t say that God hasn’t been good to you. And if you list down all those good things that you received from God, it will take a year to thank each blessing. So Psalms 116 list down five of them so we can awe to God’s overflowing goodness.

God hears our voice and petitions (vs. 1-3) – If you take a glance at Psalms 115, we can see that David was mocked by the heathen because of the God he worships. He replied to these unbelievers that their god is an idol (115: 4-8). Neither these idols can speak, hear, smell, touch or walk. Compare them to the God of Israel which is the true and living God. We can read all throughout the Psalms, God hears David in times of crisis. That’s why in Psalms 115: 9 – 11, we see David admonishing Israel to trust this God who hears his voice and supplications. Will you also trust this God that inclines His ear to His precious children?

God response by delivering us (4-5)- It’s one thing that an Almighty God listens to you and declares that act to be good, it’s another thing that He response to your situation. Imagine a God who is not under obligation to save us because of His rich mercy, does something for us. Think about the times God had rescued you in trials and temptations. In doing so, isn’t He worthy to be called good?

God preserves/ upholds us (vs. 6) – David in his exploits, calls unto God, and God acts to deliver Him. But it didn’t stop there. God preserves David. He upholds him. David was brought low but God lifts him up.  Like David we were low. Sins drag us to that low point. However God picks us up. He encourages us. We emerge as victors in these trials we face if we trust the good God of the Bible.

God gives us rest/peace (v. 7-8) – If peace can be bought in the drugstore, I think we’ll be all falling in line to get one. In this demanding and stressful world, who wouldn’t want peace. However God’s peace goes beyond that. Its starts when God saves us (Romans 5:1) and as His elect we can surely call to Him, rescue us and gives us peace. Our daily pursuit in this planet gives us no eternal assurance. Only the Prince of Peace can give that lasting peace even if we are in the midst of chaos.

God gives His favor to us as we walk before Him (v. 9) – Being delivered from sorrow, God wasn’t done with David yet. David wasn’t left after that crisis by himself to figure out what to do next. God brought David back in track with full assurance that God’s favor is on him. Like our earthly father, we do look to them for affirmation on the things we are doing. We want to do what’s pleasing to them with their “stamp of approval”. As we pursue a holy surrendered life to our Creator, God will always give us that “stamp of approval” that we long for. Even if we stumbled, He will make sure He will bring us back again and His favor is upon us. Now isn’t that a good God?

Knowing these five reinforce ourselves to look upon a God of goodness and will desire to cling to Him. My prayer is that we’ll get to know Him more in more as the year’s passes by.

The Freebie Round-Up #17

fpx4utrHello guys! It’s another fun filled weekend and I hope all of your are still energized because of the Reformation Day celebration. May that day always remind us to stand firm on the Scriptures no matter what. Anyways, here are some fresh freebies you can get. Dont forget to share this stuff to others. Praying that these resources will point you to Christ goodness and to prepare you to serve others.

FREE audiobook download “Foxe’s Book of Martyr” by John Foxe – A classic Christian works about how Christians strive through persecution is now free all this month at Christian Audio.

FREE audiobook download “The Things of Earth” by Joe Rigney – Another one from Christian Audio courtesy of  Cross-Point E-books. Click this link to get the coupon code to avail the freebie.

*In case you missed these : 5 Christian Podcast You Should Be Listening Right Now7 Awesome Ways to Learn Church History Online for Free, 7 Short But Excellent Christian Books I Have Read, 5 Important Things to Do Before Starting to Read A Book3 Essential Reasons to Re-Read Your Favorite Book.  

FREE “Classical Me, Classical Thee” by Rebekah Merkle – A story book about classical Christian school in America written for students. Make your Kindle happy by downloading this free book.

FREE e-booklet  “My Times Are in Your Hands” by Alistair Begg– Drawing from the wisdom of Psalms 31: 15, Alistair Begg, in this free e-booklet, gives the believers 6 truths to cling in times of trials.

*In case you missed these: Collecting the Past: Delighting Grace Interviews Caleb of Log College Press,  Accessible Apologetics: Delighting Grace Interviews Jason L. PetersenSquad Goals: Delighting Grace Interviews Theron St. JohnTested by Time: Delighting Grace Interviews Dr. Isabelo Magalit.

FREE e-book “God and the Gay Christian? A Response to Matthew Vines by SBTS Press – Featuring Albert Mohler, Denny Burk, James Hamilton etc., this freebie tackles the controversial statements of Matthew Vines.

FREE ebooks Protestant Reformation written by 19th Century American Presbyterians – This is one awesome freebie in celebration of Reformation Day! Log College Press collected free excellent biographies and historical accounts of people, places and events surrounding the Reformation.

New must read post: The Quotable Round-Up #100, A Trip to Boosale (Revisited and Updated), 5 Questions A “Bible Only” Proponent Should Ask, 5 Questions A Biblicist Should Ponder,

FREE e-book “Excellent Preaching: Proclaiming the Gospel in Contexts and Ours by Craig Bartholemew – Get this freebie about preaching just by subscribing to the Lexham Press blog.

FREE audio MP3 of “The 29th Scottish Reformed Conference 2018” – Featuring Steven Lawson this are free audio messages delivered in the recently concluded conference.

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A Trip to Booksale (Revisited and Updated)

w9kren8(OK you might be thinking that this blogger is getting old. Having a full article introduction to another article written long ago is just pure sentimentalism. If that’s you and you want to skip all of this, don’t fell guilty not reading this post. Click here to go straight to the updated version of my first ever blog post on Delighting Grace. That will save you some pain 🙂 )

A few days ago I received a message from FB Messenger. Someone read my post and was wondering if she can buy books of a certain author that I have. I don’t recall selling stuff on my blog (which I never do) nor still follow the author since I became a Calvinist. Then it hit me, she was referring to my first ever blog post here on Delighting Grace. I wrote that post 7 years ago and still people are reading it. So I think it over then decided to revisit and updated it for the readers.

I wrote the post on October 2011 because for the love of books and Booksale. I named it after the book about script writing by Ricky Lee titled “Trip to Quiapo” . It was previously posted on another blog that I didn’t want to continue. So the article is a guide on finding Christian books on  popular second hand bookstore here in the Philippines. If your a bookworm you know this store. Well the post garnered 4 views in that year and 31 views for all time. A bit disappointing isn’t?

Many changes happened in my life since I wrote the article. I had a permanent job, got married, had a daughter, had a new church. As a reader I expand my taste by including to my reading list children’s books, non fictions and comicbooks. I extent my love of reading through literacy advocacy with my wife named “Heroes 4 Kids”. I also found maturity in blogging and learn some tricks along the way.

As of now my three go-to Booksale stalls (Citimart Batangas City, Orange PC, and Citimart Bauan) are closed. The only Booksale branch near my place is Robinson’s Lipa (which will take me 23 km. to reach that mall).

So that’s what I can say to a post that is near to my heart. Now I present the updated version of  A Trip to Booksale: A Christian Guide in Finding Christian Books from a Pre-Loved Bookstore. I hope you’ll enjoy and share it to your friends.

The Digital Round- Up (Freebie Edition #6)


Booyah! Freebie fanatics unite! Here we are again for another freebie edition of “The Digital Round-Up”. So gather up and delete some space on your gadgets and make way for these free stuff that will help you walk with God.

Free “Eternal Prespectives” Magazine – From the ministry of prolific author Randy Alcorn, you can read the latest updates of his ministry and some great articles. You can subscribe to it by e-mail or postal mail.

Free “The Doctrine of Grace” lecture series – Collected mp3 podcast of B.R.I.D.G.E. Ministries featuring Jeff Durbin, John Frame, John Samson, James White, Tim Trumper and Joel Beeke.

Free audio sermons of Mark Dever for his latest book – Here are the audio compilation turn into Dever’s new books are The Message of the Old Testament: Promises Made and The Message of the New Testament: Promises Kept.

Free “Directions for Daily Communion with God” by Matthew Henry – The famed Bible commentator wrote a bunch of books too. Here’s one that you’ll surely love.

Free 10 Steps to Becoming a Writer –  free ebook from Write Practice.

Free audio of “21 Servants of Sovereign Joy” by John Piper – an audio mp3 compilation of biographies that is now in book format.

Free “Essential Reading on Leadership” – from the folks of SBTS, here’s another great book for you to enjoy.

The Digital Round-Up # 21

q5fmhucHey folks! Prepare for another round of the “The Digital Round-Up” as we serve you interesting articles, freebies and videos. And if you’re enjoying this stuff, please do tell us on the comment section. So buckle up and enjoy the thrill.

FREE ebook “Proverbs” by Charles Bridges – Bridges looks at 22 key proverbs in his book, helping us understand and apply these portions of God’s Word.

The Moral Question Behind Infinity War – As the dust of this history making movie subsides, let us ponder about the moral issue surrounding the movie. Sean McDowell gives us 3 things to think about this superhero movie by Marvel Studios.

One Thing I Hope to Learn from John Piper in Preaching – We know John Piper is one of the best preachers around. We want to be like him. But how does it take to be like him specially in the area of preaching? Wonder no more and read this article.

The Do’s and Dont’s of How to Use Hastags – Here’s a list on how to be savvy and  not to overkill the use of hashtags.

Why Christian Blogs Aren’t What They Used To Be – An alarming thread in the blogosphere that some blogs are throwing the towel. However there is hope.

Singleness Is Not Singular – Noel Espinosa lays down what it means to be single biblically.

7 Key Elements of the Doctrine of Scripture – A simple summary of why the doctrine of Scripture matters.

The Digital Round- Up (Freebie Edition #3)

zkorsnz…Aaaaand its back folks! This post will over flow with the best freebies Delighting Grace can find. So gather up you freebie junkies and splurge on this vat of free stuff. If you find these cool stuff useful, please share it on Facebook or any social media you have.

Free audiobook “The Deeper Christian Life” by Andrew Murray- this freebie is uploaded at Libri Vox which houses lots of audiobook of public domain books. I thought the recording was bad but it turns out its super awesome.

Free “Paperback Bible” – SermonAudio provides Christians every books in the Bible individually downloadable that is more portable and usable with ample margins for you to write something.

Free “Why Do the 5 Solas Matter Today?’ booklet – this free e-booklet from Free Presbyterian of Ulster tackles the question “How a sinner can be accepted by God?”

Free album download “The Weight of Glory” by Heath McNease – as you browse the title of the songs on this free album, you’ll realize that this folk album is inspired by the works of C. S. Lewis.

Free “Beautiful Word” coloring pages – if its coloring is your thing, you’ll find this collection worth it.

Free album download “Songs from the New City Catechism 3” – a fresh new album to download for your kids.

Free Adventure of Superman Radio Program – as we anticipate the release of the landmark issue which is Action Comics #1000 (Action Comics #1 was Superman’s first appearance in 1938), Delighting Grace would like to celebrate it by posting the complete radio program of Adventures of Superman. This 11 minute radio show was aired in 1938-1951 is not just an nostalgic gem but a legacy of Superman on that new form of media back then.

The Digital Round-Up # 7

zkorsnzHello there! I hope you’re enjoying my new and improved “The Digital Round-Up. What do you think of it? Eclectic? Weird? Interesting? I want just want to know. So please, please, please do me a favor and post your comments about this post at the comment section. Thank you and God bless!

Free ebook: A Christmas Question by Charles Spurgeon – Just in time for the Christmas season, let the Prince of Preachers deliver a message that will make an impact to your life.

Four Self Refuting Statements Heard in College Campuses Across America –  An interesting and helpful article for apologetics. These arguments arent limited in the US, but on campuses here in the Philippines.

Book Review: Private Iris by Jamie Bautista and Arnold Arre – Aside from reviewing Christian books, I also review children’s books and comics. So here’s my second review for Bookbed.

Why Church Shootings Wont Intimidate the Church – A powerful article from Russel Moore about the shootings that happened a month ago in Texas.

Strong Enough to Be Wrong by Joshua Harris