Book Review: “The Registered Church in China”(Wayne Ten Harmsel)

The decade of 2010’s ends with news of how the Chinese government is persecuting some unregistered Christian churches in that country. Not that it’s something new because persecution is always been there specially from a communist country. What made this quite a shocker is that it’s more aggressive by closing churches, bringing down the cross symbols and getting pastors jailed. Added to that are videos of the arrest and various ministries asking for prayers for these believers spilled.

But the truth is, that’s just a side of the story.

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Pinoy Reformed Recap (June 2021)

Here are my top ten favorite social media highlights of Reformed/Calvinist individuals and ministries this June. These includes upcoming events, news, blog post, podcast, books and anything that is worth checking out. In case you miss out some of my post on this blog and on other website I contribute, I have that too here. Enjoy and see you after 30 days!

Iniskwela Podcast – Pastor Joseph Mangahas of Cubao Reformed Baptist Church has a new podcast. It has a couple of episodes on Youtube and Spotify.

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The Prayerful Leader in Times of Adversity (Part 1)

In times of adversity leaders especially Christians shine the most. This is where the rubber meets the road. And as Christians face the cold truth of a crisis, problem or conflict, here we can see also how he will hold on to His Creator. Will he stumble or stand? Will he compromise or conquer? Adversity will be the standard of it all. Before we go to the Scripture let me remind you some nuggets of truth on being a Christian leader:

1.                   Christians are leaders whether they like it or not.

2.                   Christians are leaders that should lead others or others will lead him.

So let’s keep that in mind as we see another leader, well a king in the Old Testament. I’m referring to Jehoshaphat a great king with an amazing kind of leadership that Christians should follow. Our text starts with verse 1 of 2 Chronicles 20:

“It came to pass after this also, that the children of Moab, and the children of Ammon, and with them other beside the Ammonites, came against Jehoshaphat to battle.

Then there came some that told Jehoshaphat, saying, There cometh a great multitude against thee from beyond the sea on this side Syria; and, behold, they be in Hazazontamar, which is Engedi.

And Jehoshaphat feared, and set himself to seek the LORD, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Judah.”  2 Chronicles 20:1-3 

As you can see that King Jehoshaphat and his kingdom is in an impending crisis. Their enemies came to make war. Here we see how Jehoshaphat respond to something that will make or break his leadership. Not only his leadership but his kingdom and His God. How about you? What will you do in times like this? Have you been in a crisis or problem? Adversity is always around the corner in your Christian walk. Now let’s see how Jehoshaphat faces adversity and get wisdom from it as we also deal with adversity:

  1. Adversity not only shapes us as humans but tells us that we are humans. Notice the line “Jehoshaphat feared”. We always hear something like “experience shapes us or mold us.” That is true. But before it can shape us it tells us something about us. We feel different emotions on every experience we go through. Jehoshaphat feared. He feared the army that will attack them. It is normal to fear. It’s normal to cry, doubt, be angry and feel guilty. It is a human thing. We just can put on a face and tell the world outside that everything is ok when deep inside we hurt. We can’t put a “business as usual” sign around our neck when we are in the edge of some crisis. Adversity tells us we are humans. We are limited. We are weak. We need some help. We need God. Let adversity launch us before God’s throne to seek divine help on a predicament we are in.

(To be continued next week…)

Church News Update as of March 19, 2012

Blessings to all who are reading this update! Our church, Good Shepherd Baptist Mission had two memorable events last week.

First, a surprise birthday bash for our beloved pastor, Joberth Hernandez. He turned 44 and still fulfilling his calling from our Lord. The program was held last Thursday March 8. We had special numbers and games. Everyone got their turns to give our pastor their special message. We made his birthday unforgettable. Include our pastor in your prayer as God give him more years as a servant of God. Check the photos by clicking here.

Lastly, our mission church turned 14 last Sunday. Our theme for the year is “God Above All” and we filled our mission house with guest and fellow believers. In the morning service, our guest speaker Bro. Angel Francisco gave an evangelistic message that is soul stirring. Then we cap of the day with the afternoon service with Ptr Ding Dipasupil, our 2nd guest speaker addressing the members of the church and admonishing us to make God above all our lives. Truly it was a blessed day for us. Thank you to all who prayed and supported us! God bless you! Check out the Anniversary photos by clicking here.

This coming March 31 we will be having our Youth Revival with different Baptist Churches involved please continue to uphold us in your prayer.

Church Updates as of February 28, 2012

1. Our Love Sunday last February 19 was a blast. We had a joint fellowship with young people of Faith Baptist Church and some church visitors. Our mission house was filled with love and laughter as everyone participates on our special numbers and games. We are also blessed as our guest speaker Ptr. Rommel Manacop preaches about the greatest love of all and that is from God. Thank you for praying and supporting us. Our next activity will be our Youth Revival on March. Again please include us in your prayers. Click here to view photos of our Love Sunday.

2. We launch our lot fund campaign by introducing bamboo coin banks. Each of our members are eager to have his own for a great cause of the church. The coin banks will be open on December. Please intercede for us.

3.This first quarter of the year is about to close and we will have our meeting next Friday to plan for our next quarter. And the topic will be discipleship. Help us in our prayer that this meeting will bring spiritual fruits to every member of our church.

Thank you for reading this updates. May God bless you more!!!

Church News Updates

This post is a collection of news from our church, Good Shepherd Baptist Mission San Pascual as of February 11, 2012:

  1. One of our new member Sister Estelayn Cayetano followed Christ in baptism last January 29, 2012. Ptr Ceasar
    Hernandez baptized her at our mother church Good Shepherd Baptist Church Batangas City. Please continue to pray for her as grows in Christ and be used in for God’s glory.
  2. We had our monthly meeting last February 3, 2012. We check how we are handling the programs and activities of our church. It’s a blessing to know that we are making progress. Please continue to intercede for us that our church will be strong and go further for the gospel.
  3. Our Young People and Young Stewards attended Love Sunday of Good Shepherd Baptist Church. The topic is love and courtship. The guest speaker is my friend Ptr. JR de Guzman. The message was very encouraging and our YP&YS were truly blessed. We also invited Ptr. De Guzman and his Young People to our Love Sunday coming this February 19. Please pray for us for this God glorifying program for our YP&YS.
  4. We are pushing sports and the gospel every Saturday morning as our pastor lead our basketball fellowship. As of now we have shared the gospel and some hoops to 11 people at a public covered court. We are now in the process to have a game match between our men and police officers where our pastor conduct Bible Study.
  5. This coming week we will start building a children’s department section at our church. Also our bulletin board will have a makeover to serve our Young People and Young Stewards.

In behalf of our pastor, Joberth Hernandez, I would like to thank everyone who has been praying and supporting us through the year. God bless you more!






Church News Round up: As of January 16, 2012

  1. Last January 6, we had a meeting for this year’s theme and lessons we will teach throughout 2012. Present in the meeting are the YP leaders, Sunday School teachers and our pastor to discuss this important matter. Kindly consider praying and supporting us as we grow to know Christ and be used in the church.
  2. Some of our YP members participated in a seminar last Saturday January 7, 2012 titled “How to Have a High Grades” hosted by Faith Way Baptist Church and New Life Christian Church. The seminar aims to help students from any school level to increase their grades. Our church was so thankful for Ptr. Neri Marrik for inviting us in this seminar. Please pray for us as we participate in these activities and learn new things to be used in school and church.

  3. After the seminar we visited our children’s Bible study over Villa Jem Subd.,. Its so great to see these kids and be able to teach them the word of God.
  4. Our January celebrants gave us a treat after our gospel hour last Sunday. Everyone enjoyed ice cream and cake from Sis Mai and Chariz (our pastor’s daughter) birthday blowout. Happy birthday and we pray that God will grant you more years in serving Him.


Church News: Christmas Fellowship 2011

The Sunday of December 18, 2011 is something for us to mark. It is our Christmas Fellowship for this year and we are sharing it the less fortunate. The morning service opens with a special service for kids of Villa Gem where we conduct our weekly Bible-Study.

I preached Matt. 1:23 with the title “God with Us”. It’s my first time to deliver a sermon to children. At first it’s a little bit hard to preach because the kids are very noisy and restless, but thank God it went well.

Then it’s the members turn to be fed spiritually. Bro. Kim continued his Sunday School lesson about Christian Victory which got a surprise applause. Our pastor, Joberth Hernandez preached about the Love of God.

I on the other hand go in and out of the church to take pictures of the ongoing children’s Christmas Fellowship.

After the worship service, we ate lunch. We enjoyed the food prepared by our pastor. Our exchange gift went next. All of us got surprises that made the fellowship very special.


Thank you for praying and supporting us through the years. To all our members abroad you’re always in our prayers.

The celebration will be more special if you were here. See you guys in 2012!!! May God bless you always!!!Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!!!

Church Round up News: December 2011

  1. It’s a great privilege to handle these youngsters for quite some time now but it time for somebody’s turn to handle it. Ptr. Joberth Hernandez gave the baton to Bro. R-Jay to handle the young people group. Me on the other hand will be doing some preaching on our Gospel Hour service. Bro. Kim will be preaching on our Sunday school and Bro. Renar will handle the Worship service. We will take turns on every Sunday services. Please pray for us as we minister to our mission house.
  2. Christmas is around the corner so we will have our Christmas Fellowship on the 3rd week of December. Please intercede for us.
  3. Gift giving is not just for members but to less fortune kids. We will have our gift giving program to children in one of our B.S. in Villa Gem. The Young People group and leaders of R.O.C.K.If God moves you to help give present to these children (our pastor decided it will be school supplies) please contact me and I’ll give you additional details of it.
  4. Please include Sis. Stella in your prayers. She wants to follow Christ in baptism. We hope and pray that, if God willing, before the year ends she will be baptized.
  5. Praise God for a new contact for our book drive ministry. After posting a picture on Creation Moments FB group someone replied and commit to send us used books periodically for us to donate in schools here in San Pascual and Batangas City are. As of now, we have 3 colleges, 4 universities, 2 public libraries and 2 national high schools that benefited with this book drive. We hope and pray that you can pray and support this ministry.