(Videos) Unboxing Evangelistic Graduation Gifts for My Daughter and Her Classmates

It’s graduation season and as parents, it will be our first time to experience it as (other than ourselves) our daughter moves up from kindergarten to Grade 1. It has been a year of helping her along with her auntie and a tutor as she learned how to read and write. We thank God that those fruits of labor (with much prayers) for our only child are now a reality. We want this milestone to be memorable by being there as she goes on stage and by giving her gifts. And only for her but for her classmates too. Seeing them and their parents when I picked up my daughter after school, gave me some insights from them as I interact and observe them. I believe this is a evangelistic opportunity that we shouldn’t miss.

I bought seven copies of the children’s book “I Belong” by Joyce Holstege from Daniel Kleyn, here in the Philippines. It took one day (so so fast!) to arrive and I really love what I have received. I intend to give these books to my daughter’s kindergarten classmate on their graduation day along with some souvenirs (a gospel coin and a personalized hand towel) for them to remember my daughter. Here’s my unboxing and flip through video so when you buy it you’ll know what to expect. This book is published by the Reformed Free Publishing Association.

These books are hardbound and cost 150 PH Pesos (that’s a whooping 80% discount) with LBC free shipping. You can get a copy by emailing Daniel Kleyn: d.kleyn@prca.org

By the way, here’s my interview with the author of this book, Joyce Holstege:

My other purchase is from NeedGod PH via Lazada . The item is a pack of 10 Commandments coin tracts from Living Waters . The parcel includes a pack of 50 coins tracts and a “money bag” pouch. The coins are made of aluminum and the words are readable. Compared to a 5 Philippine peso coin, it is way bigger. It looks really cool and something different from the usual printed tracts. These coins are perfect for evangelism and can be given as a gift or souvenir. Check them out in this video:

You can buy these evangelistic coins and other great tracts over here:

I’ll throw in some hand towels which I brought at Surplus Shop and had it personalized with their names on it.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and gave you gift ideas that will help them get to know Christ.

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