The Freebie Round-Up #147

It’s been a busy week for me because of my father’s surgery. I’m on leave from work and I have to be on standby near to the hospital if ever my parents need something (there are still COVID-19 restrictions here). Nevertheless, I was able to be there for them and had to review my biblical counseling course at a nearby park and public library. Kindly pray for the full recovery of my dad.

Anyways, enjoy these freebies!

FREE “Core Doctrines” videos and discussion notes – This free six video curriculum tackles key doctrines of the Christian faith is produced by Fellowship Bible Church. You can download the video (or request a DVD) and discussion notes for your church groups.

FREE e-booket “3 Views of Baptism(Core Christianity) – A brand new free booklet that highlights 3 different views of baptism held by Lutherans, Baptist and Presbyterians.

FREE e-book “The Dearth of Conversions: Awakening the Church to a Great Need” (Andrew Murray) – Make you Kindle with this latest free e-book from Aneko Press.

FREE e-booklet “Why Pastors Are Burn Out, Want To Quit and What To Do About It” (David Murray) – Another Murray in the list 😁 but this time it’s about the pastor’s well being. Written for Focus on The Family, this is a free e-booklet you wouldn’t want to miss.

FREE e-book “The Heart of Anger” (Christopher Ash and Steve Midgley) – Just fill up this simple survey from Crossway and you’ll be able to snag this free e-book.

FREE digital download “Apologetics Boot Camp” (C. Michael Patton)– Download the videos of this title from Credo House for free.

FREE e-book “The Amen in Public Prayer” (Abraham Booth)– This the book of the month of Chapel Library. Download this booklet for free in three digital formats or order a physical copy for free. De

Now for some e-mail list from these publisher:

10 of Those free ebook weekly

Wipf and Stock e-mail subscription

Mytrelfield House

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