5 Free Helpful Apps For Your Quiet Time (Aside From A Bible App)

“There’s an app for that.”

That’s the popular Apple slogan made known in their I-Phone commercials. It’s a promise that in every need, there’s an app that will help their users. A decade and a half later, it still rings true today. The abundance of apps now for smart phones and tablets confirms this and it’s not slowing down.

For believers it’s an opportunity to help them grow spiritually. So if someone ask What apps can I use for my devotional time with God? we can confidently say: There’s an app for that! Here’s some of the app that really help me in my quiet time. I do struggle in this area and these apps really are heaven sent. If you check my phone, you’ll find these five apps:

Daily Readings – I think this is an underrated app and you can’t easily find it when you search Google Play. Nevertheless, the features are lit and extremely helpful in your devotional time. It has an ESV Bible, Spurgeon and Ryle morning and evening devotions and prayer prompts. The awesome sauce of this app is that it has hymns complete with music and lyrics at the end of every devotions, so you can have an option to sing along to finish off your time with God. So so cool!

Every Moment Holy – This app gives you daily excerpts from the best-selling book with the same title by Douglas McKelvey. The daily entries are new liturgies in prayer form. What’s awesome with this is that it gives you prayers for a specific moment or ordinary event in your daily life to reflect upon. You’ll be surprised by each prayer that you’ll read everyday and find that there are things we usually miss to pray for. This app is a great prayer prompt to help you to pray when you can’t find words or something to pray about for that day. You can share these daily entries over your favorite social media account and if you want more you can purchase additional liturgies.

Prayermate – Definitely my most favorite app on the list. A must have if you want to itemize things you want to pray. While the Every Moment Holy app gives you prayer prompts, Prayermate helps pray by remembering what you should be praying and helps you focus talking to God. It’s your prayer assistant in your pocket. Prayermate can help you pray for things that you would usually pray about like ministries that you haven’t heard about. Stay organized and revolutionize your prayer time with this app.

Redeeming Time – This app is from the developers of Prayermate. This is helpful for those busy folks who want to read the Bible. The app will ask you how many minutes you have (or want) for your Bible reading and with a simple push of the button, it gives out a list of chapters of the Bible that you can read in the amount of time you gave. Perfect for those who want to snuck in a brief Bible time in their busy day. It comes with a Bible plan too based on the minutes that you want and tells you how many days to complete a book of the Bible. Amazing!

VerseLocker– If you want to memorize Scriptures (and you should!) in your quiet time, this app will be handy. It features a Bible verse that you’ll memorize by reading the text, listening to the audio and various quizzes or games so you can hide “your word in my heart…” (Psalms 119: 11, NIV) and to “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful (Joshua 1:18, NIV).”

What apps are free and useful that you have been using for your spiritual nourishment? Let’s discuss that on the comment section.

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