Children’s Book Review: March and April Releases of The Good Book Company

Here’s some books that your kids might enjoy and get to know our Lord from The Good Book Company. Click on the titles of the book to order your copy.

“Helen Roseveare: The Doctor Who Kept Going No Matter What” – (Laura Caputo-Wickham and Cecilia Messina) – I read this one to my daughter and she liked it. The story might be brief but it feels like you have gone reading a big bio of this saint. It touches the highlights of her life without the having that feeling the story is rushed. It’s interesting to tell stories of contemporary notable believers and doing a common job that kids will be familiar with. It has a bit of suspense injected into it. This book drives an encouraging push to children.

The artwork is spot on on every page. Cartoony but not cringy. Messina sends a clear message whether it’s a dramatic scene or suspense. Bright and enjoyable to look at. The illustrations did a great service driving the story.

I like the finishing touch of this book by providing a timeline and a photo of Dr. Helen. It creates an impression on kids that the story they’re reading is true and God works for real people. My daughter enjoyed this one.

My verdict:

5 out of 5

“Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know…” (Keepsake Edition) (Melissa Kruger and Isobel Lundie) – The story is good but I don’t know the Keepsake Edition part since I only got the digital version. Nevertheless, I love the message though it’s a simple story. It really compliments the Keepsake part of this book. It’s really touching what our kids might be when they grow up and what circumstances they will face. But the ending is the most important thing every parent wants for their little ones. It’s that we want them to love Jesus.

The art by Isobel Lundie pure gold here. Melissa Kruger’s gentle words paired with Lundie’s illustrations, it’s inseparably good. Lundie lavishly gives her best by busting your mind with fitting and creative ways to convey every word in this book.

Despite not having the physical copy of this book and probably drooling over the Keepsake part, this should be in your kid’s reading list.

My verdict:

5 out of 5

“All About: Bible Animals” (Simona Piscioneri and André Parker) – This is so cool. While you’re reading a “DK reference book for kids” quality book for your kids it tells the bits of the biblical narrative through animals mentioned in the bible. Piscioneri was able to tell amazing, fun and sometimes weird facts of the animals while connecting it to some biblical truths. Sometimes she points readers to the Bible. This book is a fun way to introduce kids to the Scriptures.

The photos in this latest installment are superb. I like how Andre Parker designed the book and the choice of pictures are great. The animals are alive in every page. I can’t wait to have my copy of this hardcover book.

My verdict:

5 out of 5

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