Comicbook Review: “Displaced #1” (Brannon Hollingsworth and Duh Dude)

Summary: In Displaced #1, a coach potato got into a some sort of space war and he discovers he is fated to save the multiverse. The problem is that he doesn’t know how and what the heck is going on!

Storytelling: The plot of the story is a bit comical if you read the description and if you look at the protagonist facial expression on the cover. When you open the comic, Hollingsworth transports you to the heat of the action. White hot stuff! Alien looking insects are invading and attacking the ship of some sort of space fighters. In the midst of the commotion, Hollingsworth was able to deliver clear dialogues as a way forward for the story. He leaves us some hints along the way of what this mess is all about without the wholesale reveal.

The cruise is “edge of your seat” are satisfying but I’m looking for some spiritual stuff. Not super explicit but nevertheless something that will point you to Christ. Perhaps in the succeeding installments we will see that.

Artwork: Don’t know who is Duh Dude but he really gave a superb art in this comic. It compliments the rush Hollingsworth is flooding the readers. I like how he drew the characters that stresses what’s happening on the ship. Weapons are OK. The aliens are hideous looking. Interior art is lit. Basically, your usual comic book art for this type of story. Still it delivers on every page.

Lettering and Coloring: Shout out the letterist and colorist of this comic. Love how you rain some of your awesomeness on this issue. You turned on the light of the vibrancy to each panel.

My verdict: The adrenaline kicks and the enjoyable art are the driving force of this 12 page comic. Other than that, there are lots of things this comic didn’t tackle. So before you can figure it out (which you can’t by the way) it ends with a cliffhanger. If Norm is lost of what is really happening, the reader also is. But unlike Norm, all these gave us a great rollercoaster ride. Nevermind what’s going on,(maybe they’ll clear it all in the next issue) enjoy Displaced #1 for the rush.

4.5 of 5

Buy the comicbook here.

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