8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “The King, The Cross, And The Meaning of Easter” (Jonathan Griffiths)

Thank you for all your prayers! My family is well now and we’re back to the usual thing we do. I do have another prayer request. I covet your prayers for my wife for her upcoming breast operation. Praying that God guide the doctors and fast healing of my wife after the surgery.

Anyways, here’s some quotes from a recent book I have finished. The King, The Cross, And The Meaning of Easter by Jonathan Griffiths published by 10 Publishing. Get your copy in digital or physical format by clicking this link.

“Jesus the Messiah did not come into the world wielding a sword or a sceptre, but proclaiming a message of truth. He spent his earthly life telling others that message—that humanity stands guilty of ignoring and side-lining God, and that only he can bring forgiveness and life to this needy world.”

“The price of our rebellion has been paid at the cross and forgiveness is freely available. We could never pay the debt ourselves, but we can receive the gift of the finished work of Jesus on our behalf.”

“The great surprise and paradox of the cross is that what looks like terrible defeat and crushing disappointment for Jesus’ followers is actually the great culmination and victory. The cross was the completion of Jesus’ mission, not the moment when it was ruined.”

“Jesus came that he might die that way to bear the curse of God for the people. That was his plan. That was his intention. Despite the ugly machinations of the crowds and the dithering of Pilate, everything was unfolding in order that the word that Jesus had spoken would be fulfilled.”

“God’s plan for his saving King was not so meagre as for him merely to bring about a political or military revolution. God’s plan was far greater. His Son would come and liberate humanity from its deepest bondage and address its most profound need.”

“Jesus is the prisoner on trial, yes, but at the same time he is the ruler who reigns. He came to earth to die—and to die in that particular way. It was no cosmic accident. It was the will and intention of the cosmic ruler, the Son of God himself.”

“Jesus can carry us through the grave to eternal life. Having died on the cross, Jesus appeared to eyewitnesses and showed himself to be alive. He offers the blessing of eternal life to those who believe. That is the real hope that we all need.”

“Jesus is the one in supreme control, even at the very moment when things seem most out of control.”

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