Top 10 Best Books I Read in 2022

Another year another reading journey reached its destination. In 2023 I look forward to reading, enjoying and growing for Christ through new books. As always my reading list is diverse. I have theology books, YA fiction, children’s book and comicbooks. So happy to share with you what’s in store on this coming new year.

“Balik Tayo sa Church” )Collin Hansen and Jonathan Leeman) – A fitting open for the year and as we gradually recover from the havoc of COVID. Read some of my favorite quotes from the book here.

Read This First” (Gary Millar) – Millar delivered something unique for first time readers of the Bible. Want some sample quotes from the book. Go here.

“The Serpent Slayer and The Scroll of Riddles” (Champ Thornton and Andy Naselli) – My first fiction book of the year and it’s a great read. Here’s some quotes I like from the book.

“5 Things to Pray for Your Spouse” (Michael and Melissa Kruger) – Short and simple but really indispensable book for couples. I love these quotes from this book.

“The Gospel of Mark: Word for Word Bible Comic” (Simon Amadeus Pillario) – The Gospel of Mark in comic format that is big in execution!

“Chronicles of Faith: David” #1 (Ivan Anaya and Brannon Hollingsworth) – The sequel is better in storytelling and artwork.

“How The Church Fathers Read the Bible” (Gerald Bray) – I’m all hands down on how Bray made a difficult subject understandable to lay readers. Enjoy these quotes that stand out in this book.

 “The StoryChanger” (David Murray) – A book everyone should read. Probably the best this 2022. The quotes from this book are truly quotable.

“Redemption: The Church in Ancient Times” (Luke H. Davis) – Fact or fiction? Church history or historical fiction? Well both are here and Davis is lit!

“The Biblical World of Gender” (Celina Durgin, Dru Johnson, Editors) – Haven’t reviewed this one nevertheless a book that has everything and an appetizer for reading other books with the same topic.

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