Children’s Book Review: First Word “Creation” and “Christmas” Board Books (Julie Clayden and Angela Jolliffe)

Board books are meant for young children to help grasp stories by serving them itsy bitsy parts. Of course you can tell them the story using usual story books but obviously it won’t appeal to them. Board books give a simpler way to connect them with the story.

The First Word series by 10 Publishing, allows kids specifically toddlers to enjoy Bible stories by combining the right amount of pictures and words. So what I mean by words, concerning the two books I’m featuring here, are not words that make up a sentence. The key words (i.e. names, places, things, events, descriptions etc.) are on every page of this book. These words are recognizable if you’re familiar with the story (and I bet you do). The creation or the first Christmas stories are too complex for your little kids. This latest installment of this series will help you to instill them these important stories.

This would be a quick read if you just went through the words then the Bible verse at the end. LOL. These board books are meant obviously as an aid to tell them the creation or the nativity story. So put your story telling hat here. Key words (and pictures) in portions help our little ones remember the whole narrative.

Angela Jolliffe’s illustrations are good and kids will easily recognize what the pictures are. Nothing extraordinary but Jolliffe is on point on every page.

These two board books are different from the other in the First Word series. While the rest focuses on the heroes of the Bible, these two center on biblical events. Probably they will release more of these kinds and I think they will have an Easter book as well. In the meantime, consider getting these board books.

My verdict:

4 out of 5

Get your copy of these books and the rest included in the First Word series by clicking this link.

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