Children’s Book Review: “I See Jesus” (Nancy Guthrie and Jenny Blake)

We all know that the Bible is one book made up of two parts, the Old and New Testaments. However, it seems that we view the Bible in terms of those two parts. That both are different in many ways. Sometimes we think that we see two different Gods in those divisions. We sometimes think the God in the OT is an angry one and in NT we see Him as a God of love.

But the truth is, the Bible has one redemptive narrative that keeps both OT and NT intact. These stories point not just to a big picture but a big person. That person is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are not left alone even our kids on how this truth can be understood. The Bible gives us details on this. In this latest book from Bible teacher, Nancy Guthrie, the Bible uses a bridge for the Old Testament stories to Christ. The Bible calls it a shadow.

I love how Guthrie hooked me at the start using shadows as a jump off point of the story. Kids are fascinated with their playful shadows. Kids will easily relate and makes the connections. She connects the stories of the Old Testament to the New Testament story of Jesus giving it a biblical twist. So we technically have two stories in every chapter. If your kids enjoyed the OT stories, then it’s time for the sequel.

This book covers a lot of shadows in the Old Testament from the familiar to the. Obviously this is not a one sitting read well at least for the kids and doesn’t cover the whole story of the character. Guthrie sums it up superbly highlighting the part where these shadows point to Jesus. I would love to share this book with my daughter every night once she has already heard some of Old Testament stories. I think this book would be an excellent follow up to kids who loved Bible stories.

The artwork of Jenny Blake is good. The first two pages didn’t strike me though. But the following pages got me specially the foliage, objects and backgrounds that are lit for me. Her creative interpretation ranges from the usual to exemptional. Still she offers colorful and eye-catching two page spread of her work that kids will love.

Stories in the Old Testament are not an end of itself. Narratives of redemption, heroism and even epic failures points to the ultimate story that is in the person of Jesus Christ. The Scriptures when explicitly tells it to the readers. I See Jesus shares this truth through words and artwork that will engage kids.

My verdict:

5 out of 5

Get your copy of this book by clicking this link.

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