8 Favorite Quotes From The Book “The Dark Star” (H. R. Hess)

Hello! Here are my favorite quotes from a Christian fantasy book I read, The Dark Star by H. R. Hess. But first I would like you to watch out for the interview of the author on this blog coming this October. For now, you can grab a copy of The Dark Star and pre-order The First Skyrider, published by Reformation Lightning.

“One of the vows of new riders is that they will forgive injury, rather than seeking vengeance. And if they have a serious claim to wrong, they will bring it to a senior rider, or to me. I want you to demonstrate that you are willing to keep this vow.”

“A bit of a fool,” Elior agreed. “But at least you know you have been a fool. There are far too many who live their whole lives in foolishness while thinking themselves very wise. That is far more unfortunate. You have a great opportunity to step out of foolishness into wisdom”

“Evil out there … I can fight that. I can use a sword; I can use my mind. I’d even fi ght Lur himself if it came down to it, though I know I should lose. But the evil in me, in here …” Zaphreth pressed a hand against his chest, where the core of him ached like an ember. “It’s too big. However much I want to do right, however much I want to be good and whole and true like you … I can’t.”

“It is human prejudice, human greed, human selfishness, anger, desire, pride … these are the things that damage the world.”

“Most would hold out to you the honour and prestige of being the ruler of a nation, however small. Most would offer you wealth and titles to entice you. I offer none of that. To be a good ruler means to deny oneself, to give up all rights to one’s own freedom and happiness. A good ruler lives for the good of his people, not himself.”

“..the stars find their places in the Fields of Light by no accident, but are placed carefully, by a loving hand. And no less is true of those who look to them for light.”

“King Mabrigas’s face clouded over, and his voice became heavy with concern. “Lur is a darkened star,” he explained. “But he has a heart like a human, for he craves power and honour and glory, and cares only for himself.
“Before this world began, he led a revolt in the Fields of Light, seeking to overthrow Elior and claim power and position for himself. His place in the Council of Light was blotted out, his star darkened, and he was cast from his position. Since then, his bitterness and rage have grown, nursed inside his resentful heart. He continually seeks to conquer Elior, but if he cannot have that then he does all in his power to undo any good he fi nds, or to warp what is straight and true.”

“But, Sir, what if Lord Lur wins?” Zaphreth asked.
Runa stared at him with surprise.
“King Elior always wins,” she said, a trace of scorn in her voice.”

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