Book Review: “Redemption: The Church in Ancient Times” (Luke H. Davis)

For the past years, I’ve been devouring books on church history. It’s not just out of curiosity nor being a marites that makes me want to pick up a book on this kind of topic. I received review copies that have this topic and this year had interesting new releases of church history. The treatment of the authors varies, but I usually get historical fiction and factual narratives. But in Redemption: The Church in Ancient Times brings the best of two worlds that will make kids open the book and dig in.

Authors approach church history, at least in my reading experience, in two ways: giving a historical narrative or historical fiction. I was able to read good books on both approaches. However, both can be a disappointing read. If the historic account is just a clump of cold facts that can be a bad read. On the other hand, the fictionalized narrative can be a bad read of the author employs a generic story, sort of a template that equates to lazy writing. Nevertheless, Luke Davis gifted writing shows us how both can be done superbly in one amazing book.

Redemption: The Church in Ancient Times, provides the facts and the “gaps” between those by providing a fictional sketch of the lives of these men of God through the ages. What I like about Davis treatment on these two approaches in this book is that he didn’t stick to one particular delivery of the fiction and historical account. So no template, generic or over the top stuff here that will give a redundant read. Both approaches will engage you till the very last page. The only rant that I could give here is that since this is geared for kids, the artwork is cool (just look at the awesome cover) but there are a few of them inside the book (which is sad).

Elevator Pitch: Redemption: The Church in Ancient Times brings out the best of historical fiction and factual narratives that you’ll enjoy and know church history. Well it’s for older kids but hey, we are kids at heart, aren’t we? It’s hard to put enjoyment and facts in one book unless you’re a hardcore church history nerd. However, Davis gives the reader a great book that accommodates both. Highly recommend!

My verdict:

5 out of 5

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