Catechizing My Daughter

Last year I shared a post on Driven By The Gospel on Scripture songs album that your kids might want to listen to. It’s a short list but these are albums we play from Spotify in our car. But what I didn’t share in that post is that there is an album that stands out and what my daughter (and of course our family) really loved. We play that every time we go out together especially going to church on Sunday. My daughter likes it a lot and sings along with it. In fact, she memorized some of it already and the message that these songs carries that are important in her spiritual growth. She might find this fun and entertaining but I pray that these songs will open for more biblical truths that she should know and stand for when she gets older. She easily picks up the song and catechizing her with the actual catechism for children speeds up the process of memorization.

Dana Dirksen’s Songs for the Saplings, has this album that is a combination of Scripture songs and catechism that we enjoy listening to. The catechism is based on the Westminster catechism. Catechism is a series of questions and answers on essential doctrines found in the Bible. The format (Q and A style) is for easy memorization. Put some music and some Bible verses and you’ll get a great tool to help your kids know biblical doctrines. I provided the album (Spotify, Youtube playlist and MP3 downloads) below this post along with free resources that I mentioned in this article.

Recently I started doing devotions with her using A Catechism for Boys and Girls by Errol Hulse. My aim is to instill her the importance of having a devotional and also review her with what she learned in listening on the Songs for the Saplings. I do this after I help her with assignments from her tutor (and eventually in the few days, from her schooling). We open it with a prayer, then read today’s question and answer. Right off the bat, when I asked her the first question in the catechism ( Who made you?) she replied “God made me…” singing and ending it with the line “I know God made me…” (which is not part of the catechism but lifted off the song from Dana Dirksen’s album). That really puts a smile on my face. Then after that I open the Bible and read to her the corresponding verse for the answer. I’m praying that this will help her be familiar with the Bible. We finish off our quiet time with a prayer.

I think her devotion lasted about 1 minute. We already had two devotions (as of this writing) and were planning to do it often squeezing it after her assignments. We are still on what I call the “baby steps stage” and I don’t want to rush her into it. I make sure she enjoys play time with her family and friends. I’m also thankful for her involvement in our church’s weekly Sunday school. Then it’s a good move for us as her parents to send her off to a Christian school (she’s on kindergarten level). Flipping through her text book I can see how this school incorporates the Bible in every subject. Another thing I like about her school is that she has this weekly Bible verse to memorize and to recite in front of the class.

I know those are great advantages that God gave to us as we raise our daughter. But our top priority is not just leave the Bible stuff to church and school, but as parents we need to be hands on too on her spiritual growth. I know there will be changes or adjustments in the coming weeks because of our schedules. So I need to constantly pray to God to give me opportunities and methods to shape her mind with the gospel. I praise God and celebrate these momentary windows of opportunities to teach her biblical doctrines. I want to give her the most precious gift, God’s Word and may it lead her to salvation.

God willing we will consider listening to volume 2 of the album after she already memorized the songs in the album. There are still parts of the album that she can’t grasp, so I think I’ll create a playlist just for those songs.


Dana Dirksen on Bandcamp. To download for free, put zero (0) on the price.

A Catechism for Boys and Girls by Errol Hulse on Kindle. Click here for the PDF, epub and mobi format or you can order physical copies of the catechism for free (yes free even the shipping fee) on that link.

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