Rabbit Holes

Many folks (me included) are complaining of the entertainment content they’re consuming. There is too much woke-ness or SJW on social media, TV, movies and comics they usually indulge. While some parts of these movements do have some good things we should consider, the problem is that mostly they have the bad stuff that sometimes goes against our Christian conviction. So as a pop culture nerd myself, I have to stop reading and watching when these things pops up (aside from the profanity and violence it has). I know there is still good and clean content out here but I need to consider Christian content first. So the question is, what stuff will I consume and where would I go when all of these unnecessary and ungodly agendas permeate to those I’m currently enjoying?

Recently I fell into two “rabbit holes”, indie Christian comics and indie Christian punk bands. I never knew that these creators do exist and I’m glad they’re dishing out content online. Thanks to Twitter and Bandcamp they do strive and have a community waiting for you to discover. They may not be Reformed in theology but they do profess being a Christian. Content wise, straight forward Christian and not promoting stuff their church or denomination diverse belief that we usually disagree upon.

I have been reading and reviewing Christian comicbooks for years now and I thought I have seen everything. But I was so wrong. Facebook groups and Twitter has helped me find comic book creators that fall under Christian indie comics. Early this month, I found a secular indie comics community over Twitter. Secular as they are, they don’t succumb over woke-ness doctrines. They might not be as big as Marvel or DC but they do deliver. Artwork and storytelling are good and worth your time and money. I love how they support each other by promoting their work and sometimes backing up their campaign over Kickstarter. Among them, I met a few professing Christians. One generously gave me a digital copy of his book for free and the other one I talked about faith. I checked his stuff over Gumroad and I’m eyeing to buy his comic and review it on the blog.

Like the Christian indie comics, I’m into Christian indie rock. I enjoy metal with a biblical twist. I have been listening to them and finding them over Facebook and Spotify for years now. Then I found Thumper Punk Records from Facebook. It has a link over Bandcamp. It’s a sampler album so I get to enjoy plenty of different kinds of punk music from various punk bands. So so stoked about it How they deliver a positive and Christian message through this loud music amazes me. I send a message through Facebook and ask for bands that are Reformed. So I got some recommendations and their link over Spotify (thank goodness because Bandcamp is not my turf). Glad to know that there is a Christian punk bands community. Then lastly, I asked for band recommendations that have a style of MXPX or New Found Glory which David gladly gave me. Now I’m enjoying them on my Spotify.

So what are some tips that I can share with you so you can find your own ‘rabbit hole’? For starters, I think Christians should look hard and do some research. Don’t get lazy about doing that. Go dig to other social media platforms (Twitter, Bandcamp, etc). Try those suggestions from Spotify and Facebook. Join Facebook or Viber groups. Wear your discernment caps. Participate and ask questions. Share and promote their stuff. As you can see, social media can work and give you Christian stuff.

I know you guys have rabbit holes that you fell into recently. I know the joy of finding and enjoying them. Can you share it on the comment section?

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