Comicbook Review: “A Reign of Beasts” (Andrew Carman and Jared Boggess)

Summary: The prophet Daniel wakes up from a vision that is filled with horrific imagery. A prophetic dream (or nightmare) which shows Titans or kaijun emerging to battle humanity in the near future. Then as he nears the end of his, then comes a “Son of Man” to do a rescue mission.

Cover Art: This is just a foretaste of the art that you’ll experience inside the comic. And just by the cover (without giving away the details) you’ll find this is not the usual comicbook artwork. The monsters are scary looking and brooding over Daniel. It gives you that vibe that they’re menacing Daniel in his dream. The purple or maroon (color blind on digital copy) color instead of black still delivers that insidious feel to the reader.

Storytelling: The story flows like what is written on the 7th chapter of Daniel. You can enjoy verses 1 through 28 of the chapter here. So the story was based in that portion of the Bible. However, if you’re  looking for what Bible version they have used, for sure you can’t find the specific one. As indicated in the comic, the script is a collection of paraphrases of different translations of the Bible. So aside from the author’s paraphrasing in his own words he also liberally chooses which translation to be used. This is to help the readers find clarity of this story because it’s full of symbols as being a prophetic passage. On one hand, it’s a good thing because this comic is not a Bible. It gives that assurance that the reader will readily assess what the story is all about. On the other hand, it only works to some parts of the story and a bit of the prophetic vision or the “mystery” will suffer. But readers should not fret because there is an explainer part of what the dream meant at the end (which is part of Daniel 7).

The creative team made a great choice that this is not merely a comic featuring some kind of apocalyptic narrative but it points to the story of Christ in His redeeming mission. Readers will not just get the awe of the vision of Daniel but the truth that God wins in the end. Add a gospel presentation and this will be a great witnessing tool for Christians.

Another notable thing is, all throughout the story, Daniel was narrating it. So there are no conversations that happened in the comic. This also means there are no speech bubbles. There is an interaction at the end but again it is through Daniel’s narration. This might be boring for some who want those interactions but nevertheless it is not. Considering how fascinating Daniel’s dream is, that thought of being boring will fade. Especially the artwork, which we will turn to now.

Artwork: Usually when it’s about horror we associate it with the color black. So having a dark story means using a whole lot of black. But not for this comic. Horror can be in any color. What can be otherwise a black and white driven comic gets a peach or maroon shade that really gives that ethereal vibe. Rather than have this elaborate effort to show that this is a vision or a dream by making it dreamy or foggy looking, those peach and maroon shades did the trick. The two page throne room artwork is pretty dope. Indeed, you can say this is a unique take on visualizing prophetic visions in the Bible.

Another thing that I like with this interpretation of Daniel’s vision is they have turned it into a horror genre. Not the hack and slash nor the gorefest stuff but more of Lovecraftian. A blend of horror and fantasy. The monster designs here remind me and notably the last beast, of kaiju. If you’re into that then you’ll love this take from Fish Coin Press.

My verdict: Fish Coin Press was spot on. Daniel 7 is a chapter often missed out in terms of . Also they really delivered a illustration driven comic that it might be We miss out on a great story that points to Christ. It’s an excellent move for Fish Coin Press to seize this story and tell it in comic form. Brace yourself and get your mind blown with the story and artwork. In terms of the vibe, if you like kaiju genre with a mix of Lovecraftian horror then Daniel 7: A Reign of Beasts  will give you that. Highly recommend!

5 out of 5

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